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Vaping 101: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Start Vaping

20th Mar 2021

Vaping 101: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Start Vaping

Basic Vaping resource for beginners Vaping is a powerful and effective tool in helping smokers to quit smoking – but it can also be intimidating when first starting out

That is why we have put together this series of beginner guides to getting started with vaping .

The guides take you from the very beginning (what to expect when switching to vaping), through to buying your first vape kit and how best to vape.

The topics cover everything you need to know to start vaping. 

View Our Full List of 101 Vaping Topics

If you speak to any seasoned vaper they’ll have a story about the first time they visited a vaping website or walked into a vaping shop and the overwhelming feeling that washed over them. With rows and rows of vaporisers, batteries, mini tanks and charging cases on offer, it’s difficult for beginners not to feel intimidated. That’s before you start trying to decide which of the many flavours of e-liquids you’d like to vape - tobacco, vanilla, peach pie, bacon (yes, it exists!) are just the beginning.

More often than not, those who have made the decision to start vaping feel a little hesitant in the early days. It’s a huge life change that can conjure up feelings of uncertainty and the desire to run back to an old habit. With so much to learn about vaping and a plethora of gadgets and technology to get to grips with, it’s easy to understand why one of the most commonly asked questions from new vapers is ‘so where on earth do I start?’

V2 - Vaping Basics

At V2 we pride ourselves on connecting with our customers and it’s important to us to help vapers at all stages, whether you’re just looking into the idea of vaping or you’re a veteran who’s looking for a new cutting edge piece of vape technology. That’s why we’re excited to launch this brand new series on our blog: Vaping 101.

So what exactly is our new Vaping 101 series and how is it going to help you?

Aimed at those who are taking the first steps on their vaping journey, Vaping 101 is a monthly feature that will take the confusion out of vaping and explain things in an easily digestible series of posts, tackling everything from how to choose your perfect e-liquid strength to the history of vaping.

As well as discuss the basics of vaping, we also want to bust some of the vaping myths and misconceptions that you might have come across. Wrongs we want to right will cover topics like nicotine, e-liquid ingredients (transparency is key) and the TPD (no, vaping isn’t going to be banned).

Our hope is that, by the time the series is complete, you’ll have every bit of information you need to leap headfirst into the world of vaping with all the information you need to form healthy habits for life.

The first instalments in the series are listed below with links to the relevant page. Let us whet your appetite by sharing just a few of the basic Vaping 101 posts you have to look forward to in the coming months through 2021.

Vaping 101: Topics Covered

Glossary of vape terms 101

Sub-ohm vaping, atomisers, cloud chasing…the world of vaping is packed full of terminology that can leave a beginner’s head spinning, which is why we’re going to put together a handy glossary you can bookmark and refer back to whenever you hear a vaping term you haven’t come across before. We’ve gathered together sixty five vaping words and phrases and provided simple definitions for each one.  Read more>>

The history of vaping 101

As we all know, the beginning is a very good place to start so we’re going to kick things off with a look back at how vaping came to be, where it originated and how it’s changed over the years. As well as looking at the evolution of vaping technology, we’re also going to discuss the way attitudes and laws have changed since vaping first hit the market.  Read more>>

Choosing the right vape device 101

Once you understand how vaping works, it’s time to choose your first bit of kit. At V2 we offer a huge range of starter kits so every new vaper can find the set up that best suits their needs. We’ll also discuss how to choose the best e-liquid strength and flavour, based on your existing preferences.  Read more>>

Decoding e-liquid 101

So what exactly is in your e-liquid and which ingredients should you steer clear of? In this instalment we’ll be breaking down the full list of ingredients you’ll find in our V2 e-liquids and discussing the importance of transparency, as well as letting you know how you can check the date your e-liquid was made using our batch testing function on our website.  Read more>>

What to expect when transitioning from smoking to vaping 101

Vaping is used as a nicotine replacement therapy or a quitting aid for smokers, it can have massive benefits for the health of both smokers and their loved ones. How difficult is it to make the transition and what benefits should you expect once you stop smoking and start vaping.  Read more>>

Vaping 101: All About Inhalation

The important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to your inhalation method. You just need to remember to inhale more slowly than you would with a cigarette. Whether you favour mouth hits, lung hits or one of the less common techniques, whatever works best for you is the correct choice. Different techniques offer different results...  Read More >>

Vaping 101: Vaping With Nicotine

To begin with, we want to state that we wouldn’t advise you to start vaping unless you’re using it to quit smoking. That’s its purpose as a cessation tool. Although it’s got a unique following of ‘cloud chasers’ hoping to create crazy shapes with tricks, the majority decide to vape for the sole purpose of replacing cigarettes with vaping nicotine. In this guide, we explain how the two are linked by taking an in-depth look at nicotine, how it works as an addictive substance, exploring whether it’s safe to use and how to pair it with e-liquid...  Read More >>

So that’s a sneak peek into some of the posts you can enjoy in our Vaping 101 series and we hope any new vapers reading this can take away valuable information that helps to make their vaping journey even more enjoyable. See the full list of guides and tips for beginners covered in our 101 Series below.

Now we need your help! What do you wish you knew when you first started vaping? Are there are tips or pieces of advice you’d like to pass onto new vapers? Is there a particular topic that you think should be required reading for beginners? If so, please send us your suggestions on  Twitter and we’ll be sure to include them in a future instalment in the series. 

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