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Vape Kits

We offer a selection of our best vape kits for those wanting easy to use prefilled pods and vape devices, and for those who prefer open system vaping (use your own e-liquid) we offer a wide range of options to suit your vaping style.

Starter Kits give you everything you need to start vaping, quickly and cleanly right out of the box: batteries, charging options and a choice of great tasting e-liquids flavours – from tobacco to menthol, sweet or fruity. The easiest way to switch from smoking to vaping. Suitable for all vapers including those new to vaping.

E-Liquid Kits offer a flexible, reliable, rechargeable vaping experience, delivering clouds of delicious vapour – all thanks to some of the best tanks & e-liquid you can buy.

The versatile PRO 3 Series is amazingly good value, easily beating any comparable vaporiser on the market and you’ll enjoy masses of rich vapour and long battery life.

Types of vape kit
  • Simple

    Simple Starter Kits

    Starter Kits

    Our prefilled & refillable cartridge ranges offer all you need for genuine vaping satisfaction in one convenient package.

    Starter Kits
  • Stylish

    E Liquid Kits

    E-Liquid Kits

    Take a look at V2’s unique refillable vape pens and premium e-liquid kits.

    E-Liquid Kits
  • Versatile


    Vape Pens

    This revolutionary line of vape pens has redefined vaping standards.

    Vape Pens
  • High Quality

    xeo vaporisers

    XEO Vaporizers

    High quality e-liquid vaporizers from XEO. Known for their great design and ease of use.

    XEO Void
  • Advanced

    vape mods

    Vape Mods

    Higher powered vape devices (Mods) with advanced features, adjustable temperature and higher vapour production.

    Vape Mods
  • Sleek Pod Devices

    Slim Vape Pens

    Pod Kits & Pods

    Small, light, easy to use pod kits with prefilled and refillable replacement pods.

    Pod Kits