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V2 Classic & EX Batteries

The real power behind great vapour production

Unlike many other e cigarettes, V2 batteries deliver a powerful 4.2 Volt output and come in a choice of two sizes: Standard and Long. The Long battery gives you more puffs from one charge. And all our batteries work with prefilled V2 Classic Cartridges, EX Cartridges and EX Blanks (mini refillable tanks).

Simply decide whether you want your battery to be manual (you press and hold the button when taking a puff) or automatic (the battery senses when you take a puff). There’s also a stylish range of cool colours and designs to choose from.

V2 batteries

Vapour2 Power Cig

The Power Cig has a USB adapter making it the ultimate vapour machine that does not need recharging. It's ideal for use when you are sat at your desk, PC or in your car. It is a 5.1 volt device and it comes with a 1.3 metre cable. We call it the...


V2 EX Series Battery

V2's premier battery gives you many more puffs than other batteries of the same size. And its LED lights indicate battery charge level. A really useful feature. Introducing the V2 Cigs EX Battery! Our most powerful and best E-Cig battery to date. The...

£22.75 £19.25

V2 Long Classic Battery

A quality battery at 380 mAh and 4.2 Volts, this is the best battery to use with EX Blanks and for a Shisha experience. Delivers over 300 pleasing puffs. The V2 Extra-Long battery is a whopping 380 mAh to last all day. Please note, that this battery is...


V2 Standard Classic Battery

Our top-quality battery at 250 mAh and 4.2 Volts, this is our most popular e-cigarette size battery that delivers over 200 puffs per charge, so you can vape for longer. The Standard Length V2 Cigs battery is the most popular battery we sell and the best...