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Can You Take E-Liquid on a Plane?

12th May 2021

You’ve packed your suntan lotion, sandals and at least three books ready for your time on the beach. Or maybe you simply need a laptop, work attire and your thinking cap on for a reluctant business trip. Packing and getting ready for a flight can be stressful. But what about your vape juice? Is this even allowed on board your flight? With so many restrictions at not just UK airports but international ones too, the laws and etiquette surrounding vaping and whether you can take e-liquid on a pl
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What Is The Best Tobacco E-Liquid?

5th May 2021

Quitting smoking and switching to vaping can seem like quite a daunting task, especially if you're unfamiliar with vaping devices and e-liquids. Depending on how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day, your body will expect a certain amount of nicotine per day and it can make quitting smoking even harder if you don't get the right amount. Fortunately, there are plenty of tobacco e-liquid options available, both with and without nicotine, from a variety of brands and manufacture
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How to Use Less E-Liquid When Vaping

28th Apr 2021

Being able to tune your vape device's settings to use less e-liquid is a handy skill and one which will save you more money in the long run. While you may think this is counterproductive if you like to rinse your tank to achieve large clouds, there are definite positives to reserving your e-liquid stores. Being able to take your vape out, without a backup e-liquid bottle and have it last, is something everyone looks for when vaping on the go. Carrying extra e-liquid around or having
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Understanding Vaping Coil Wire Basics

21st Apr 2021

If you’re happily vaping along with a premium yet simplistic vape kit that’s easy to set up and use, this guide isn’t essential reading. Nevertheless, whatever your stage is in the vaping journey, knowing the basics such as the different vaping coil materials and each unique quality they possess is useful. If you’re interested in rebuilding your atomiser and all that they can do for you, these basics are a must. After all, any vapour device we use will have one.The Purpose of a Vape Coil Wire
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What is a Mesh Coil?

14th Apr 2021

If you didn’t know already, coils play a vital role in the function and performance of your vape. Their key purpose is to heat the e-liquid stored in your tank or cartridge to turn into vapour for inhalation. But did you know you can get different types, made from a variety of materials? Coils created from Kanthal, Stainless Steel or Nichrome are now formed in one of two ways. Traditionally you have ‘standard wire’, which is how many coils are still shaped today. This wire wraps around the wi
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How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

7th Apr 2021

Dry Herb vaporizing is similar to vaping with an e-liquid, but not quite the same! If you’re fairly new to the world of vaping, the chances are that you’ll only have seen dry herb vaporizing used with varieties of hemp, but what many people don’t know is that there are loads of different flowers and leaves you can vaporize with, including traditional tobacco leaf. Many people use different herbs and leaves for their therapeutic benefits, and they can be used in the same way as
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Vaping 101: Choosing Your Starter Kit

31st Mar 2021

Of all the decisions to make when you first try vaping, choosing the right starter kit is the most difficult. There are so many different options available that it can feel overwhelming and leave you feeling a little lost. In today’s post we’re going to take things back to basics and go over some of the main questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase your first V2 Cigs starter kit. While we hope this post will give you all the information you need, if you have any other qu
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Vaping 101: All About Inhalation

31st Mar 2021

Welcome back to another instalment in our Vaping 101 series, which is designed to arm new vapers with all the information they need to learn the basics of vaping and set themselves up with the right equipment and methods to enjoy their vaping journey without feeling overwhelmed. This month we’re looking at inhalation. You might think it’s a funny topic to focus on but inhalation can revolutionise the way you vape and it’s something that we don’t think is discussed enough. When it
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