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What's the difference between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

3rd Jul 2020

Need a hand navigating your way through the world of pods and mods? Whether you're a veteran vaper or want to stop smoking and start vaping, the choice presented to you when it comes to vaporizers, e-liquid and the array of accompanying accessories can at times seem a little overwhelming. As the numbers of different devices are made available, let's take a look at the key differences between Pods and Mods, as well what the best e juices to use with each device are. The critica
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​Covid-19 Stress and the Risk of Smoking

26th Jun 2020

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Covid-19 crisis is causing an upspike in stress for people as they deal with quarantining and the risk of exposure to friends and family.So, how has the current situation affected public health and what resources are available to help in a difficult time?What is the current situation?Since the start of the UK, the world has been gripped with the threat of Covid-19 management – with the population finding the last six months especially trying.Start
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MTL vs DTL Vaping - What Is The Difference?

18th Jun 2020

For those of you new to vaping, it can sometimes seem like a whole new world when you delve into it! Hearing terms like vape pens, pods, mods, shortfills, nic salts, nic shots, grinders, VG, PG and more thrown around when you’re new to vaping can seem like a whole new language to learn, and can be pretty intimidating for new vapers. However, despite the way it might seem for newbies, it’s pretty easy to get your head around it once you know what you’re looking for. In this post, w
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​How To Dispose of Pods and Cartridges Responsibly

10th Jun 2020

If you vape as a way to quit smoking, then you, like the estimated 3.2 million vapers in the UK, will know how they have benefitted your lifestyle and helped you on your way to becoming smoke-free. But where it was once easy and relatively simple to dispose of your extinguished cigarette responsibly, how do you dispose of vape pods and cartridges in an equally responsible manner?In the days that you used to smoke, getting rid of your finished cigarette was simple. Stubbing out your cigarette and
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​How Old Do You Have To Be to Vape?

3rd Jun 2020

If you vape, then the likelihood is that you're doing so to help you quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. But how old do you have to be to vape? And what are the consequences for the vendors who sell to those who are underage? Does the UK have an underage vaping problem? Let's take a look.What Is The Legal Age to Buy Vape Products in the UK? A relatively new way to quit smoking, e-cigarettes have increased in popularity in recent years. While there were no such regulations in place whe
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Is Nicotine Preventing Coronavirus Infections? Round-Up Of The Scientific Studies

27th May 2020

For many of us, COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown has changed the way we live, and the way we think about our health in general. Wearing masks when out in public is becoming a common sight and social distancing remains absolutely vital to stop the spread of the virus. The international medical community has been working tirelessly to find out how the virus works and what can be done to combat it, reduce symptoms, create vaccines and hopefully eradicate Coronavirus for good. There is a hu
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How to Quit Smoking Before an Operation

13th May 2020

If you’re awaiting an operation at the hospital in the not too distant future, there will usually be a few things you need to do to prepare for the day. Whether it’s forgoing food for anything up to 24 hours before, or ensuring that you’ve packed your bags with everything you need for a potentially lengthy stay; if you’re a smoker, the most important thing you can do before an operation is to quit smoking. Let’s find out how vaping can help you make the transition to a non-smoker as smooth as po
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How Vaping Can Help You Overcome The Menthol Cigarette Ban

30th Apr 2020

If you smoke cigarettes, then you may well be aware that as of May 20th, menthol cigarettes will be banned and removed from sale, along with several other tobacco products throughout the UK and EU. Worried about what you will do once you can’t get your hands on your favourite flavoured cigarettes? Let’s take a look at how e-cigarettes and vaping might prove to be a savvy alternative for you as we get ready to wave goodbye to the days of menthol cigarettes.The Why and When of the Menthol Cigar
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