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Are Vaping Products Regulated In The UK?

21st Oct 2020

There are a lot of misconceptions out there around the world of vaping, which leads to a lot of questions about the safety of vaping and e-cigarettes. Fortunately for UK vapers or those purchasing their products from UK-based manufacturers and suppliers, the European, and by extension, UK vape markets are highly regulated to ensure the safety of both users and those around them. UK laws around vaping and e-liquids are put in place by the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations, or TRPR, and com
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What Are Some Alternatives to Juul?

15th Oct 2020

When it comes to vaping, it’s almost impossible to avoid Juul branded products. First launched in 2017, the company has quickly set out its stall as a lifestyle brand that offers a one-size-fits all-vape product. But with reviews criticising the battery life, usability, and overall cost of the product; it’s easy to find yourself turning to other brands on the market. Juul is particularly popular in the US, where it has made a splash with young people in particular, due to its small size,
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Can I Quit Smoking With E-Cigarettes?

7th Oct 2020

There are so many different options available to smokers looking to kick their habit, and vaping is one that has really come into its own in the last few years. Smoking is, as we all know, incredibly detrimental to your health, as well as the heath of those around you through passive smoking, and around 7 in 10 current smokers report wanting to quit, so there’s certainly plenty of demand foreffective quitting aids. Traditional nicotine replacement therapies like nicotine gum,
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Do E-Cigarettes Have Side Effects?

30th Sep 2020

Everything around us seems to have a cause and effect. If you spend your money in one place, you won’t have any left to spend somewhere else. If you don’t study for an exam, you likely won’t perform very well. Yet sometimes we get so wrapped up in our love for vaping, that we forget that it too has side effects. There are real side effects to vaping. Some have already been discussed in this blog, and others haven’t. We’ve accumulated the most important ones for you below.Vaping AllergiesAllergie
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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

23rd Sep 2020

There are many reasons you may choose to quit smoking, whether it’s for health reasons, to protect your loved ones or simply to save money. In fact, some estimates show that 70% of smokers say that they want to quit smoking, and more than half have tried to quit in the past year. Quitting for good is tough, and most smokers who try to quit cold turkey won’t make it, which is why there are so many nicotine replacement therapies, like gums, patches, lozenges and sprays available to help you on
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Can Vaping Spread Coronavirus?

16th Sep 2020

More people than ever are sitting up and taking a long hard look at their health during the coronavirus pandemic. For many smokers, this means looking into quitting - in fact, the vast majority of smokers trying to quit cite health factors as their reason for doing so, even before the coronavirus outbreak. Advice from all the major public health experts, both in the UK and internationally, is clear - if you’re a smoker, you should look to quit as soon as possible in order to keep yourself and
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Temperature Control vs Variable Wattage - A Guide On Modes

10th Sep 2020

If you’re used to beginner vapes, you might not be aware that the majority of more complex or advanced vapes actually have different modes which affect the overall vape experience and allow you to tailor your vape experience to your own personal preferences. There are a few big differences between Temperature Control and Variable Wattage mod kits, which we’ll go into in this guide. At a very simple level, however, it’s worth thinking about Variable Wattage as comparable to a manual car,
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What Is In The Vapour Produced By E-Cigarettes?

4th Sep 2020

Today, as vaping becomes more and more popular, the thick, fluffy plumes of smoke you see vapers exhaling are becoming increasingly familiar to both vapers and non-vapers alike. But what is that vapour? Is it harmful? And where does it come from? We’re all aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke, which contains more than 4000 different chemical compounds, some of which are highly toxic and even carcinogenic. Cigarette smoke, of course, isn’t just dangerous for the smoker, but also for t
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