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Vaping Myths: Do E-Cigarettes Explode?

14th Aug 2020

E-cigs causing popcorn lung to vaping being as harmful as smoking tobacco, we've discussed numerous vaping myths here at Vapour2 over the months, overturning the wildest of whispers and naysayers nonsense. Yet, what about the suggestion that e-cigarettes can explode? Fact or fiction - let's find out more.Do E-cigarettes Explode? E-Cigarettes, as the name suggests, are electronic, which means they have a relative amount of electricity flowing through them either when in operation or when th
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Does Vaping Cause Second Hand Smoke

8th Aug 2020

The dangers of secondhand smoke are well documented, and the impact smoking can have on the people around you is one reason many smokers decide to quit, to help protect their loved ones. With so many severe health conditions made more likely not just by smoking, but by being around smokers, there is a lot of incentive for smokers to look at nicotine replacement therapies to help them quit. Traditional methods like nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges can be effective at helping smokers cut dow
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How To Clean Your Vape Tanks & Coils

5th Aug 2020

One question we often hear is how to keep your vape in top condition, and the answer is a very simple one - keep it clean! You’ll get an increased device life, better experience and get far more value out of a regularly cleaned, well-maintained vape than a “set it and forget it” vape! So whether you’re an experienced user and want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vape, or a newbie looking to get into best practices, keep reading for the best ways to keep your e-cigarette in top c
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Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

27th Jul 2020

For many years, we’ve been aware of the many health risks of smoking regular cigarettes, including the significant risks to our oral health posed by regular, long term cigarette usage. Vaping has often been positioned as a healthier alternative to smoking, as vape juice contains far fewer ingredients and is missing many of the toxic chemicals associated with regular cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes or vapes are an excellent way for smokers to cut down or quit traditional cigarett
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Vaping 101: The History of Vaping

23rd Jul 2020

For the first instalment in our brand new Vaping 101 series, we wanted to take things back to basics and start with the history of vaping. After all, what better place to start is there than at the very beginning?E-cigarettes are often thought of as a cutting edge technology that only sprung up in recent years, so you might be surprised to learn that the modern e-cigarette gets its roots from a patent that was filed almost 90 years ago in New York. Though vaping has increased considerably
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​China’s Vaping Billionaires and the Rise of the Online Vape Store

12th Jul 2020

If you’re used to buying your vaping products from your favourite online vape store, then you’ll know just how easy it is to vape happily and stay smoke-free at the same time. If this is the case, then it might not come as much of a surprise to learn that the popularity of vaping as a way to stop smoking, coupled with the continued growth in vaping technology and products, has recently led to China’s first vaping billionaires. Let’s find out how popular vaping actually is, as well as why, more t
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What's the difference between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

3rd Jul 2020

Need a hand navigating your way through the world of pods and mods? Whether you're a veteran vaper or want to stop smoking and start vaping, the choice presented to you when it comes to vaporizers, e-liquid and the array of accompanying accessories can at times seem a little overwhelming. As the numbers of different devices are made available, let's take a look at the key differences between Pods and Mods, as well what the best e juices to use with each device are. The critica
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​Covid-19 Stress and the Risk of Smoking

26th Jun 2020

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Covid-19 crisis is causing an upspike in stress for people as they deal with quarantining and the risk of exposure to friends and family.So, how has the current situation affected public health and what resources are available to help in a difficult time?What is the current situation?Since the start of the UK, the world has been gripped with the threat of Covid-19 management – with the population finding the last six months especially trying.Start
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