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EX blanks

Vapour2 EX Blanks (3 Pack)

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Further Information

Designed for use with the market's top E-Liquid V2 Platinum this 3 pack of quality EX Blanks could give you up to 45-60 refills before buying another.

V2 Cigs EX Blanks Refillable Tanks

V2 EX Blanks are now part of the V2 Cigs cartridge line up and can be used with all V2 Cigs Classic, EX Series batteries and Shisha Kits. This Mini Tank style transparent cartridge/clearomiser has a screw cap and gives a lovely rich taste.

EX Blanks are designed to be filled with V2 tested e-liquid. It is important that you use the best e-liquid which has pure and tested ingredients, V2 e-liquids are all laboratory tested and you can get your own online ingredient report.

Features of this powerful little clearomizer mini tank include:

  • Screw-on cap that eliminates leaks and allows easier refill
  • Streamlined design
  • Improved e-liquid efficiency
  • Refillable up to 15-20 times before you will need to replace it
  • Drip gauge labelled in millilitres
  • Clear design shows your e-liquid levels
  • Much lighter and less bulky than large and ugly vaporizer & E-cig "tanks".

How to get the best use from a Refillable Tank

To get the best usage from your EX Blanks we recommend that you keep the tank regularly topped up with e-liquid because this will keep the wick permanently moist to give you the best taste and vapour.

Pair your EX Blank with any of our mouth-watering V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquid & Shisha flavours! Indulge in the rich, tobacco flavours of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress. Cool off with V2 Menthol, Peppermint or Mint Tea. Need to satisfy that sweet tooth? Indulge in Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla or Coffee. All e-liquids are available in your choice of 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% or zero nicotine strength.

Try a selection of our best e-liquid flavours with a V2 E Liquid Sample pack, 6 great flavours in one handy selection pack.

V2 E Liquid Sample Pack


The V2 Testing Process

All V2 e-liquids and cartridges have a batch code identifier that can be used to obtain a full online laboratory report of ingredients. The vast majority of e-liquids providers do not offer this safety net. V2 e-liquid is designed and tested to ensure purity and consistency and optimised to work with our Ex Blanks and V2 battery specification outputs for a clean and optimum vaping experience.

V2 E-Liquids - Individually lab tested for purity.

“Do you know what’s in your E Liquid?”


How to fill a V2 EX Blank

Watch this short video to see the best way to fill V2 EX Blanks.


Customer Reviews

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  • V2 by any other name...

    Posted by Midge Witt on 28th Sep 2019

    The only difference between the Vapour2 EX blanks and the V2 EX blanks is the name stamped on the side. Am so glad I have found the best alternative for the US V2 brand I used prior to Juul shutting them down.

  • V2 Vaping

    Posted by HCL Ryland on 10th Aug 2019

    In my experience the classic V2 Vaping system is unmatched in its design, efficacy, performance and flavour. Highly recommended as a pleasurable alternative to tobacco smoking

  • Ex Blanks

    Posted by Sally de waal on 14th Jun 2019

    These together with the E liquid are the most economical way of substituting smoking. They last a long time.

  • Brilliant product, even more brilliant customer service

    Posted by Corina Craciun on 30th Apr 2019

    These cartridges are very good value for money, one of them can last me for ~2-3 weeks using it every day - a tip that goes against the guidelines is to push through the burnt taste when it occurs about a week in, because usually it goes away in a few days, and then it keeps going for much longer. Do it at your own risk, though, since the company isn't responsible if you're unhappy with that.
    What's better though is the customer service. They've consistently resolved any problems I've encountered, even about older orders. They're brilliant, and if you speak to Tracey-Jayne, you'll be sure to get 100% customer oriented service. Congratulations on an amazing customer service department and policy! You can buy with confidence!

  • Update of former review

    Posted by Valerie Keating on 29th Mar 2019

    Thanks for your excellent customer in response to my last review. You replaced my EX Blanks with the "old" version and they are perfect. Will continue to use these.

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