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What are the Top 10 Best Nic Salts of 2024?

21st Mar 2024

What are the Best Nic Salts for 2024?
  1. Lost Mary Maryliq
  2. Elf Bar Elfliq
  3. Nyx Juicy
  4. Elf Bar P1 Pods
  5. Vsavi Nic Salts
  6. Dinner Lady Nic Salts
  7. Doozy Salts
  8. IVG Nic Salts
  9. Hangsen Bar Fuel
  10. Pod Salt

Nic salt juice has quickly made a name for itself as the go-to e-liquid for new vapers fresh from switching to smoking and those seeking the smoothest throat hit and delivery. Thanks to the rise of disposable vapes, which often contain high-strength nic salts, nic salt vape juice in 10ml bottles delivers nicotine just as quick for a fraction of the price. While disposables can cost anywhere from £3 to £6 and contain 2ml of e-liquid (roughly 600 puffs), you get better value with nic salt e-liquids and a smoother delivery in contrast to traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids.

For former smokers in the UK, nic salt vape juice is the closest sensation as a vaper you’ll get to cigarettes - in terms of throat hit, nicotine strength comparable to cigarettes, flavour and nicotine rush. As disposables are seen as more expensive in the long run, we’ve tested and evaluated the best nic salts available in 2024, with the list continuing to grow as household names such as Lost Mary and Elf Bar, in addition to quirky niche brands like Nyx and Pod Salt offer lots of different options for the four million plus vapers in the UK.

Lost Mary Maryliq Vape Juice

Lost Mary Maryliq

Lost Mary has very quickly established themselves as one of the best brands for nic salt e-liquids. Following on from their popular range of disposable nic salt kits, including the BM600 and the QM600, they’ve quickly adapted to the news that disposables will be banned in the UK from 2025.

The Maryliq range is a fantastic mix of flavours (24 in total), that are a combination of fruit-inspired concoctions blended with smooth nicotine salts at the base. This at 20mg creates a high-strength option for heavy smokers who are looking to quit cigarettes but require greater flavour variety.

Examples include Cherry Ice, Sour Red (apple flavour), Pineapple Mango and Blueberry Sour Raspberry. With a 50/50 ratio of Propylene Glycol, which creates the throat hit sensation, and Vegetable Glycerine, which creates the cloud performance, Maryliq is a well-balanced combination that vapers love already.


Elfliq E-Liquid by Elf Bar

Elf Bar Elfliq

Elf Bar has been the biggest brand of the past five years in the vape industry. Starting off with the well-known Elf Bar 600 disposable, they’ve grown exponentially in a short space of time. Fast forward to 2024 and they’re still producing fantastic nic salt vape juice options like the Elfliq range of 10ml e-liquids, in a similar trajectory to Lost Mary Maryliq’s (it’s no surprise based on the two names that the two brands are linked).

The Elfliq flavours are high-quality nic salt juice in not just 20mg but lower strength 10mg too, to appeal to not just heavy smokers but those who are further along in the quitting smoking journey – by dropping their nicotine levels gradually.

Sweet choices like Apple Peach and Pink Lemonade will get those taste buds activated, while they have also continued the popularity of their disposables by offering the most popular flavours in a refillable format, such as Kiwi Passionfruit Guava! Which is your favourite?


Nyx Juicy 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquid

Nyx Juicy

As well as the likes of Elf Bar and Lost Mary, there are niche brands such as Nyx that go under the radar but still offer excellent flavour and smooth nic salt juice delivery.

Inspired by the popular flavours of disposables fanatics love, Nyx offers 14 different options in 10mg and 20mg strength at an even more affordable price than the more established brands.

Flavours like Red Grape Ice and Blue Razz (raspberry) lemonade offer refreshing combinations of tangy notes and punchy fruit which are compatible with many pod kits and vape pens. Produced in the UK, premium e-liquids of the nic salt persuasion are never too far out of reach when you’re running low or seeking great value.


Elf Bar Mate 500 Nic Salt Pods

Elf Bar P1 Pods

For a smooth all-around vaping experience, from firing up the kit to exhaling, you can’t beat the delivery and performance of the Elf Bar Mate 500 device with the Elf Bar P1 Pods containing nic salt e-liquid.

UK vapers will revel in the simplicity of this pod system, which is very similar to the popular Elf Bar 600 disposable series but more cost-effective. The same great flavours such as Blue Razz Lemonade, Energy and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava create a cooler mouth-to-lung hit that’s delicious with every inhale as you savour the different options from the eight prefilled P1 Pods. It produces a mild amount of cloud which is ideal as the 2% nic salt is a popular option with heavy smokers looking for a similar sensation.

Regardless of whether you prefer traditional freebase nicotine or nic salts, you have plenty of options for both in the UK. While some vapers opt for the freebase nicotine because it’s a stronger throat hit in a more synthetic form, nic salts present an alternative that’s less harsh on the throat and produces a milder draw with each inhale and exhale.


VSAVI Nicotine Salts 20mg

Vsavi Nic Salts

If you want to top up your vape kit with the smoothest nic salt e-liquid, the premium range of different flavoured bottles from Vsavi work fantastically well in any pod kit. What you get is a range of choices from Coffee Latte to Juicy Lemonade that’s smooth throughout the inhale and exhale process. Also, it pairs perfectly with a range of devices that are compatible with nic salts.

Vapers often wonder whether nic salts are better than freebase nicotine and it’s certainly evident to many with Vsavi’s 50PG/50VG Nic Salts. Easy on the intake, a faster delivery of nicotine in seconds using benzoic acid to increase the speed time of absorption, for vapers it’s a quicker way to get a hit or ‘nicotine rush’ without needing to vape as often.


Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-Liquids

Dinner Lady Nic Salts

Next up we have renowned creative brand Dinner Lady, who kicked off their business with a bang when they produced the innovative Lemon Tart range, inspired by iconic desserts we’ve known and loved for years.

Now they’ve turned their attention towards fans of nic salt vape juice, with a fine mix of sweet and sour e-liquids that will satisfy not just nicotine cravings but a desire to step away from tobacco cigarettes.


Doozy Salts Nic Salt Vape Juice

Doozy Salts

For wonderful eclectic combinations of flavours that are unique, and not the standard kiwi passion fruit guava that most brands seem to follow, you can’t go wrong with Doozy Vape!

Their nic salt juice collection is something new, with intriguing blends such as Fiji Salts, with a mix of apple and watermelon, Malibu – which is banana, slush ice and tangerine, or Tahiti, a swirling tropical tantalising combo of citrus notes, grapefruit and passion fruit.

Check out their page below where we list the best flavours (15 in total), from either the 10mg or 20mg range!


IVG Nic Salt

IVG Nic Salts

IVG is a UK-based brand that has been in the e-liquid manufacturing business for a few years now, perfecting its craft to offer vapers some refreshing vape juice flavours. Their nic salt range is oh so smooth, with some cool flavours to pick from, including their ice-cool Sub Zero collection of flavours, such as Arctic Berry and Frozen Grape.

In addition, there are very sweet options like Cola Ice and Exotic Coo Lush to tantalise those taste buds. What would your ideal nic salt flavour be?


Hangsen Bar Fuel Nic Salt E-Liquids

Hangsen Bar Fuel

Hangsen is an easily recognisable brand that has produced high-quality e-liquids over a sustained period, as well as vape kits. Their latest focus is the nic salt market, with the Bar Fuel range not only looking neatly packaged but providing excellent throat hit and delivery for vapers who prefer high-strength e-liquids that are less harsh than freebase nicotine.

As it states on the box, the Bar Fuel range is roughly equivalent to five 2ml disposables, so each bottle will last you considerably longer and involves less messing about carrying around multiple devices should you run out of juice! Flavours include sweet Pomegranate Plum Ice, Triple Mango or even Pina Colada!


Pod Salt Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Pod Salt Nicotine Salt

Made in the UK, Pod Salt produces ground-breaking vape juices at high nicotine strengths offering a silky-smooth e-liquid experience. What’s great about this brand is the widely assorted bunch of flavours at the disposal of satisfied vapers. And better yet - they’re able to create wonderful, tasty blends such as Strawberry Kiwi Lime in partnership with other top brands like Pacha Mama in the Fusion collection.

Other examples such as Blueberry Jam Tart and Yogi Peanut Banana Granola are some of the most creative and sweet-tasting bottles to top up your device you can find. And because the PH level is lower, like in all nic salts, the throat hit is less intense, easier on the throat and better for smokers looking to adjust to vaping in fewer intervals. This contrasts with freebase, where vapers will need to vape more often to get the sensation they’re used to with smoking.


Now that we know that the UK government is planning to ban disposable vapes, naturally, the four million vapers (with a high proportion loving the convenience of disposables) still want to vape the same smooth experience as they would get from the nic salt single-use kits.

Above, we have highlighted some of the best options around to try a refillable e-liquid that will taste just as great and offer the same type of delivery as cigarettes and disposables, with tons of flavours to choose from! Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about any of the nic salt juice brands in the UK that we offer.