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V2 Vapour2 Red Tobacco E Liquid 50ml

V2 Vapour2 Platinum E Liquid 50ML

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Further Information

If you know which e liquid flavour you like to vape then this 5x10ml bottle pack is definitely the best value for money option from V2.

E LIQUID - 5x10ml Bottles of V2 Platinum E Liquid

V2Cigs are widely respected for making some of the best tasting e-liquid flavours for use in vaporizers, e-cigarettes and box mods.

You need the confidence that you are vaping top quality laboratory tested e-liquid and that's why V2 carry out regular batch tests and also publish their e-Liquid ingredients factsheet  online.

E LIQUID - It's all about Taste & Flavour

There are fourteen V2 Platinum E Liquid flavours, each has a distinctive taste you will love.

  • V2 Red Tobacco
  • Gold Tobacco
  • V2 Congress Tobacco
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Bold Leaf Menthol Tobacco
  • Sahara Tobacco
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Mint Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Cola
  • Grape
These child resistant bottles comes with an easy-to-use dropper. Made with a special V2 Cigs e liquid recipes, V2 Platinum is specially formulated to our exacting standards, giving you the flavours and taste you love in a convenient and affordable way. You can be sure that you'll get the same great taste and flavour every time you choose V2 e liquid.

 Why should you consider using E Liquid instead of prefilled cartridges ?

  • E-liquid is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through prefilled cartridges quickly.
  • E-liquid is less expensive than pre-filled cartridges so it saves you money
  • It can give you more vapour, better taste and throat hit when used with V2 EX Blanks and V2 PRO Vaporizers.

Please note: 0.0% (no nicotine) e liquid may occasionally be supplied in 2x25ml, 1x50ml or 5x10ml bottles depending on availability.

The expiration date on batch VSLN  of 10 ML Vapour 2 E-Liquid was misprinted and reflects the manufacture date. The correct expiration date for these batches is July 2019.

Please call V2 customer services if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Write a Review

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  • Sahara flavour

    Posted by Mark Bysouth on 19th Nov 2018

    I’ve been vaping Sahara for sometime now it is extremely enjoyable and I really believe it is the best on the market

  • Excellent reliable product

    Posted by Christopher Ryland on 3rd Oct 2018

    I have been using V2 products for some time and they have managed to create an alternative smoking system which is consistently reliable, stylish and excellent:

    Team Vapour2 Response: Thank you very much . We are always delighted when our customers are happy!

  • The closest thing to a cigarette

    Posted by Habib on 3rd Aug 2018

    There are so many e-liquid out there and I have tried many of them. What separate V2 from other brands of e-liquid is the taste. I usually go for tobacco flavours and in my opinion, nothing out there is comparable to V2 for V2 e-liquid is the closest thing to a real cigarette.

  • No comparison

    Posted by Natalie Aldam on 3rd May 2018

    I've been vaping v2 for 3 years, half way through I tried to find a alternative I could buy locally without post, just pop in and pick up, a expensive exercise but none lived upto the smooth flavour & I tried from cheap to expensive but there were none that compared. I now live abroad and I get my order within a week, you really do get what you pay for with this product and worth every penny, I use a different battery/tank from a different company but v2 is the best for there oils. Smooth flavour and I use red 12 on mouth to lung vape

  • V2 Congress worked for me - not used "real" tobacco at all now for nearly 2 years.

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2018

    This liquid is great for providing the necessary replacement for having smoked tobacco for too many years. My preference in the past was for middle strength cigarettes and Congress did the job. Not keen to experiment - more keen to remain tobacco free. My only complaint with V2 products more generally is that a proportion of V2 Pro cartridges leak far too quickly than other V2 Pro cartridges despite equal treatment of both from the user. The bumph suggests one cannot return what the user considers are faulty cartridges if they have been used - or am i wrong about this. It can take a couple or 3 days before the unfortunate effect comes to light (sorry for the pun - unintentional initially). I do like the V2 Series 3 kit and liquids that go with them but i am getting a little frustrated about the number of cartridges i am having to dispose of very early in their life and am increasingly considering trying other "kit" once i get the time to investigate. In the meantime i am just very keen to remain off tobacco. This is the only reason for the 4 rather than 5 stars. Your service/delivery etc are consistently excellent otherwise.

  • Peppermint all the way

    Posted by anon on 8th Apr 2018

    Tried a few e cigs and i have to say V2 Is the best. The peppermint flavour you can't beat.

  • Very smooth and satisfying

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Mar 2018

    I have tried other menthol but this one is the best and smooth, no after tasteIOJA

  • Good Vape

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2018

    Having smoked for over 50 years I have found that V2 products are a great alternative. I have a V2EX and a V2 Pro Series 3.X .
    Both give me a good hit and a good amount of vapour. The pro giving most vapour due to it various settings. Battery life is good and recharge is quick.
    I use V2 Sahara e-liquid as to me it is the closest to tobacco.
    All in all V2 supply good products and service. I received a faulty atomiser with the V2Pro and it was replaced immediately.

  • Very smooth and satisfying

    Posted by J Wenman on 7th Mar 2018

    Very good product, excellent service and an excellent customer service.

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