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Vaping FAQs

Answers to Some of the Top Vaping Questions

Electronic Cigarettes (also known as vape or vaping devices) are seen by millions of cigarette smokers and ex-smokers as a smarter alternative.  It can save thousands of pounds by comparison, and is widely acknowledged by qualified clinicians as being less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

For many people, making the switch to e-cigarettes and vaping is still a step in to the dark. Twelve years of experience has shown us that informing and educating our customers about vaping is the best way to help them start and succeed on the journey to quitting smoking.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, or you would like to speak to someone for help and advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer services team in the UK on 01733 555 555.

      • Are all electronic cigarettes the same?
        All devices used for vaping have certain basic ideas in common: They all have a battery, a tank to house the e-liquid and charging devices to charge the battery. In principle the container which houses the e-liquid is attached to the battery. These devices are referred to by a few different names: An e-cigarette, e-cig, electronic cigarette, vape pens, shisha pens, vaporizers, mod boxes. They are all basically a battery powered vaping device that converts nicotine containing e-liquid into a mist or vapour that the vaper inhales. These devices do not produce smoke because they don’t burn like traditional tobacco cigarettes do. e-cigarettes produce vapour. The e-liquid is heated to produce a vapour that feels, looks and satisfies like smoking, but it is smoke free, tar free, carbon monoxide free and odour free. We are of the opinion that V2 Vsavi proprietary e-liquid is one of the best in the business.

        Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. Beware of cheap imitations that will leave you with broken parts, poor vapour production and a bad taste in your mouth. V2 products are continually upgraded. We offer one of the only 4.2 volt batteries in the business. This means thicker, richer and more pleasurable vapour production.

        V2 eCigs offers a choice of battery styles, colours and sizes so you can find the perfect e-cig to fit your needs.
        There are different devices for vaping so we suggest that you do a little research and find the device that will suit your needs.

        View our Vape Kits here to help you decide.

      • Who can use V2 E-Cigarettes?
        V2 Cigs are intended for use by smokers of legal smoking age or 18 + years. V2 should not be used by children or anyone under the age of 18. It is not recommend for use, without prior consultation with your Doctor, by pregnant or breast-feeding women, people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes or people taking medication for asthma or depression. This product is not sold for therapeutic use or smoking cessation.
      • Can I use my e-cigarettes in places where smoking is banned?
        You can use electronic cigarettes in many places where-cigarettes are banned. This differs by country, county and retail property. Electronic cigarettes don't give off smoke and don't burn. But they are at the centre of a social and legal debate over whether it's OK to "light up" in places where regular cigarettes are banned. Despite big differences between cigarettes and their electronic cousins, some workplaces and localities across the country have explicitly included e-cigs in smoking bans. A lot of people are still unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes and the best way to get the word out is by educating others about it. With the rise in popularity of vaping and “cloud chasing” it is important for the vaping community to be mindful of non vapers as we want to avoid a backlash from the non vaping and non smoking community. The old saying “when in doubt: ask” is good advice.
      • Can I fly with my e-cigarette?
        You can travel on a plane with your electronic cigarette, but just like tobacco cigarettes, you may not use your electronic cigarette aboard any commercial airliner, whether on the tarmac or during the flight. We recommend that you do not fly with pre-filled cartridges or tanks attached to the battery as change in the cabin pressure may cause them to leak. Charter and some International carriers operate under a different set of rules and may allow the use of e-cigarettes. Some even sell them on board!
      • Are electronic cigarettes safe?
        V2 and Vsavi UK takes quality very seriously. All the devices are rigorously tested and are compliant with safety standards. However like all electronic devices they do not perform well after contact with liquid. It is always best to use the charging leads, wall plugs and charging devices provided by the manufacturer for the specific device you are using.

        Over 2 million people have successfully used e-cigarettes all over the world and their main ingredient has been tested since the 1950's. You can find an in depth information comparisons of e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes on the ASH web site.

      • Will I develop any symptoms if I use e-cigarettes?
        When you make the switch to e-cigs you might experience a few symptoms associated with your body ridding itself of thousands of chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke. Some of the common symptoms experienced are coughing, congestion, phlegm, sputum and throat clearing. You may also get a sore throat for a while. This is all quite normal and is part of the process of changing over. Quitting smoking itself produces many symptoms which are well documented.

        This is a useful article to assist you: CLICK HERE

        The symptoms you experience may well be nicotine withdrawal symptoms rather than symptoms due to vaping. If in doubt stop vaping. There are a percentage of people who are intolerant to e-liquid that is PG (Propylene Glycol) based. We suggest that you try e-liquid that is VG (Vegetable Glycerin) based: CLICK HERE

      • What are the benefits of vaping and electronic cigarettes?
        Electronic cigarettes are smoke free, ash free, tar free and odour free. No longer will you have to worry about "smoker's" breath. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes and will help you save a lot of money! In addition, they do not pollute the environment with ash and butts and have no fire risk. You can pull out your electronic cigarette and use it almost anywhere!

        We found that this article from Public Health England was very useful for anyone in doubt or with concerns: CLICK HERE

      • What are Vape Pens and Shisha Pens?
        A Shisha Pen or Vape Pen are one and the same thing. They are a slim line battery with a mini tank and are designed for those who like filling their own tanks. Have a look HERE.
      • Can I put my electronic cigarette in my pocket or loose in my bag?
        We really do not recommend doing this. We also recommend separating the tank or cartridge from the battery when not in use. Best practice would be to use a carry case to protect your clothing from accidental leakages. Have a look at the SOFT CARRY CASE.
      • Is there a warranty on the e-cigs and PRO Series?
        You have a Six Month warranty on your Pro Series 3 from us when purchased from V2 Cigs UK. Please note the warranty is not intended to be a rolling warranty.

        The warranty also covers defects in material and workmanship under normal use but does not apply to cartridges warranty. For a full explanation of the warranty please refer to our Returns Policy: CLICK HERE

      • What are Cloud Chasing devices?
        They are Sub Ohm devices which simply put is vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. The reason some advanced vapers “sub-ohm” is to increase the power output of fixed voltage devices like mechanical vape mods and non-variable regulated devices to create more vapour or flavour.

        Want to see some: CLICK HERE

      • Which device is suitable for using with cloud chasing e-liquids?
        The Pro Series 3 is a device that is suitable for "Cloud Chasing". Most vapers really want device to deal to assist with and satisfy nicotine cravings. The amount of "cloud" produced does not necessarily mean that you are getting a better nicotine hit or a more satisfying vape.

        Still want to see some: CLICK HERE

      • Batch Reports and what ingredients are in e-liquids?

        In May 2016 the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was passed into UK law. This means that standards and limits have been set on the strength of nicotine and the contents of all e-liquid that is available in the whole of EU. This will continue to apply in the UK unless the law is repealed by Parliament at a date in the future. All retailers have until May 2017 to sell their “non compliant” goods but after the 19th of May 2017 everything sold in the UK and the rest of the EU will have to be TPD complaint.

        In order to be TPD compliant all e-liquids that are intended for sale in the UK and the rest of the EU were required to undergo stringent emission and toxicology tests and if found to contain any substances that are contra indicated then those-liquids either had to be fully withdrawn from the market or reformulated and retested. From the 20th of May 2017 it will no longer be possible, and will in effect be against the law, to sell any e-liquid that is NON TPD compliant.

        V2 Cigs e-liquid contains a tested mixture of nicotine and various food flavourings in a propylene glycol base (used in fog machines, asthma inhalers, food and toothpaste). Zero strength e-liquid contains no nicotine.

        Other ingredients include flavouring found in fruits, nuts and bakery goods, among others. This is the preferred mixture of ingredients for optimum flavour, smoothness and vapour production enjoyed by over 2.5 million e-cigarette users worldwide.

        V2/Vapour2/Vsavi UK have fully complied with all the TPD requirements.

      • What is e-liquid?
        This is the-liquid that contains the flavour, nicotine and propylene glycol (which makes the vapour) and is is called e-liquid or e juice. The-liquid is simply the vehicle for carrying the nicotine and the flavour. e-liquid is housed in 2 ways: via a pre-filled cartridge containing your choice of flavour and nicotine strength or in a bottle. If you buy a bottle of e-liquid you will need to refill your own cartridges. So think of it as: “DIY” do it yourself or someone else does it for you. It depends on you, your needs and life style. You may find the pre-filled cartridges far more convenient than having to fill up a mini tank or tank with your favourite e-liquid. You may start with pre-filled and then graduate onto the “DIY” approach.

        For help watch this video. Visit our VIDEO GALLERY for more videos.

      • What flavours can I get and which flavour is most similar to my brand?

        Flavour and taste is all very subjective so we recommend that you try a few before you make a final decision. V2 Cigs offers a total of 15 delicious vapour flavours MAKE THIS A LINK PLEASE to choose from. Re recommend that you try them all and then choose your favourites. Try our sampler packs before you buy: We do e-liquid Sampler Packs and Pre-filled Cartridge Packs.

        E-Liquid Samplers              Classic Cartridges Sampler

        We recommend this investment at the beginning as the vaping community has realised it is better to have more than one flavour for daily use.

        Here are descriptions of all our flavours: CLICK HERE

      • Does the e-liquid contain PG and VG?

        Your e-liquid will always contain either PG or VG, or more likely a mix of both. This is the vapourising agent in the e-liquid. What are PG and VG? The technical names are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and they make up the base of what you are vaping. Regardless of the type of vapour device and the type of e-liquid, you can be sure there is PG and/or VG in there. All e-liquids with the exception of 100% VG based e-liquids contain a combination of PG and VG .

        VG is recommended for people who are intolerant of or who are allergic to PG. VG produces more "cloud" than PG based liquids. So it is often the e-liquid of choice for the "cloud chasing" community or those vapers who love lots of "cloud ".

        For more info see:

        Here's What's in Your E-Liquid

        Vaping 101: PG vs VG E-Liquids

      • Are VG liquids compatible with all V2 eCig devices?
        Not all of the 100% VG range of e-liquids are recommended for us with V2 Cigs devices. We have however found a range of 100% VG e-liquids that you can use with V2 eCig devices: CLICK HERE
      • Can I mix e-liquids?

        Before you begin, something to bear in mind is the nicotine levels that you’re going to mix together. For the most consistent results, choose two (or three, if you’re feeling adventurous!) liquids that have the same nicotine level before you create your e-liquid cocktail. It’s also worth noting that you’ll always get a better result if you mix e-liquids from the same brand, as each company uses a slightly different ratio of ingredients that can impact the taste of your e-liquid blend.

        So, where do you start? We suggest starting off by choosing flavours that you know will blend well together. It’s best to start off simple, so a 50/50 blend of two e-liquids is an easy way to get used to creating your own flavour.

        A Guide to Mixing Your Own E-Liquid Flavours

      • Can I use e-liquids from another company?

        Of course! However you may find that your V2 Cigs device does not function as described if you are using another brand of e-liquid. All our Vaporizers were developed using our own E-Liquids and have been tested for performance standard using V2 Vsavi Platinum e-liquids.

      • What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?

        Deciding between our automatic and manual batteries is an issue of personal preference. Some customers love the automatic, while others prefer the manual.

        V2 Cigs automatic batteries operate the same as a traditional cigarette. All you have to do is puff. When you puff you are activating the atomizer and producing vapour. Automatic batteries create the thickest vapour when primed. To do this, take a few short puffs and then a long slow puff. This will heat up the-liquid and create the thickest possible vapour on subsequent puffs.

        In contrast, the V2 Cigs manual battery has a small button which you must press to activate the atomization process. Like a stick shift car, Manual batteries offer a greater level of control over the heating element inside the cartridge, because you can heat up the-liquid before you actually take a puff. They require no priming like the automatic batteries, and can produce thick vapour more quickly than the automatic. Manual batteries actually produce more vapour. So if the quantity of vapour is important to you then we suggest the manual battery: SEE HERE

      • How long does a battery last?

        A fully charged battery can last anywhere from 4-5 hours for very heavy use, to over a full week for a light user. This depends entirely upon how often you use your e-cigarette and your vaping style. The V2 Standard Automatic battery is designed to last at least 250 deep puffs. The extra-long battery can last up to 450 puffs. We also recommend that you look at the Ex Series Battery which has some really great features for the modern vaper.


        As a battery's power diminishes, you will notice a reduction in vapour volume. It is always recommended to have a spare on hand, and to charge your batteries nightly.

        In order to increase the life of your battery and your cartridge between charges we recommend that you remove the cartridge or mini tank from the battery while it is not in use.

      • Do I need to charge the battery the first time?

        Yes. V2 Cigs rechargeable batteries are shipped with a 50% charge. Although they may work without charging, the vapour volume will be reduced. For optimal performance you must fully charge your V2 rechargeable battery before the first use.

      • How do I know my battery is charging?

        This depends on which device you are using. Each of V2 Cigs’ devices are slightly different. We do recommend that you refer to the Customer Information Leaflet sent to you with your order or you can view it online HERE.

        Our Classic batteries: Your battery is charging when the LED turns red. When your battery is fully charged it turns to blue. With a sophisticated internal chip, the new V2 Smart and Express Chargers charge your battery twice as fast! Incorporated smart feature means you never have to worry about overcharging!

        The Ex Series: The LED lights on the side of the battery will be all be glowing

        The Vapour2 Pro Series 3 and Pro Series 7: Device is charging when the bottom perimeter LED light is glowing red. Once green - the device is fully charged.



      • Our EX Battery doesnt work. Why?

        Is your battery a manual one? The manual batteries have a locking you need to unlock them before you can use them: 3 rapid clicks to unlock the battery and 3 clicks to lock the battery when you are finished vaping. If it is an automatic battery please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICES on +44 (0)1733 555 555 or

      • How do I reset my Vapour2 PRO 3 and PRO 7?

        Following these instructions for resetting the PRO Series vaporizer. The information is the same for both the Pro 3 and the Pro 7

        If you find that you Vapour2 PRO is not responding properly when you press the button for any number of its commands:

        First ensure the Pro is fully charged by leaving it on charge overnight - detach the cartridge.

        1. a.        Connect to mains via charging cable. Cycle the device on and off by pressing the button 3 times in quick repetition. Do this twice so that it cycles on and off twice leaving the device in the on mode. Replace the cart and check it works.
        2. b.       If that does not work – whilst the Pro is in standby mode ( ie device is on but button is not depressed yet) briefly hold the button down in the “vape” position whilst at the same time dropping in the e-liquid cart so the cart connects to the power whilst it is on.

        Note when vaping loose leaf or herbs no combustion takes place and vapour is virtually colourless so you should not experience plumes of vapour – this would just be a waste of active ingredients. (when “smoked” the old fashion way combustion takes place causing smoke – this is not what happens during vaporization). The active ingredients are not clearly visible when vaped but you will taste and certainly feel the effect.

      • How long does one pre-filled e-liquid cartridge last?

        One V2 flavour cartridge provides a comparable number of puffs to what you get from 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes. How long a cartridge lasts depends on your vaping style. You will know when a cartridge needs to be replaced when the vapour diminishes and begins to taste a slightly burnt in flavour. Simply screw off the old cartridge and replace it with a fresh one. In the beginning this may be a bit “hit and miss” as you develop you vaping style.

        As a smoker you will start off being a mouth-to-lung vaper (MTL) as that is most similar to smoking. The other vaping style is known as direct lung inhale (DLI) and is most similar to puffing on a shisha pipe or bong.

        We found this article really helpful: READ HERE

        How long the cartridges last also depends on the quantity of the e-liquid in the cartridges:

        • V2 Cigs Classic Pre-Filled Cartridges hold 0.9ml
        • EX Cartridges hold 0.8ml
        • Ex Blanks hold 9ml
        • V2 Cigs Classic Blank Cartridges hold 1ml
        • Your Pro Series 3 Cartridge holds 1.6ml
        • And the Pro 7 Cartridge holds 2.0ml
      • How should I store my pre-filled cartridges?

        Typically, cartridges should be stored in a cool, dry place. You can even keep them in the refrigerator. To prevent exposure to moisture in the refrigerator, you might want to put the cartridges in zip-lock bags or keep them in their foil seal. It is important to note that you should let the cartridges return to room temperature before you start to use them again. Leaving then in a hot place is not recommended as the-liquid will evaporate. So never on the dashboard of your car especially in the summer, not on top of the radiator or near any heat source!

      • What can I use in my loose leaf cartridge?

        You can use any leaf material that you choose. It is important to note that different leaf and herbs vapourise at differing temperatures. It is up to you to choose the optimum setting. If you intend to use solid substance with a Pro 7 it is recommended that you use the wax cartridge instead of the loose leaf.

        Here are some other useful Tips

        Make sure you grind loose leaf/herb down and do not pack too tight or too full

        Start at the first temperature setting for the first cycle and vape till the device stops – for the next cycle, mix the semi-vaporized cart content and set at the next temp level and vape again. Repeat for the 3rd temperature setting. Depending on the product that you are vaping and its characteristics e.g.. moisture content etc. you should find which temp suits you best.

        The amount of vapour will vary between vape mediums i.e. dry herbs, loose leaf because of their characteristics and the degree of moisture they contain.

      • How many times can an EX-Blank be used?

        The Ex Blank is refillable up to 15-20 times before you will need to replace it. Please also consider that if you are using another supplier’s e-liquid that this may change the performance depending on its viscosity.

        See more HERE


      • Can I wash the EX-Blank?

        We understand that you may like to do this, and have tried a few methods for cleaning the Ex Blanks.

        So far we have not discovered one that we can recommend, though we would like to mention that if you do attempt washing your cartridge that it should be thoroughly dry before being refilled and connected to a battery.

      • Do I really have to replace my PRO Series 3 and PRO Series 7 e-liquid cartridges and how often do I have to do it?

        Yes, you will need to replace your Pro Series cartridges.

        We recommend that for best performance that you do this at the latest after 15 to 20 refills. This is a guide and can be affected by a variety of things: Your vaping style, the viscosity of the e-liquid, the ideal temperature for heating the e-liquid.

        Part of keeping your device working optimally is keeping it and the carts clean. An old cartridge can also stop the device from working.

      • Where is the full line on the PRO 3/PRO 7 e-liquid cartridge?

        There isn’t one on the outer cartridge. Please us the line that you can see at the bottom of the chrome strip under the black mouthpiece.

      • Where can I see the status of my order?

        Customers can log in to their accounts to find their tracking number and see their order status.

        If you have created an account with V2, you can check your order status at any time by simply clicking on “My Account” and logging in with your information. The “My Account” link can be found at top of every page.

        Customers can also find their tracking number in the email sent to them when their order is shipped. In the event that you do not receive your tracking number, you should check your spam and junk folders thoroughly. If you still cannot find it, call or email our CUSTOMER SERVICES: +44 (0)1733 555 555 or

      • WEEE Compliance

        WEEE Producer Regulations

        Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment [WEEE] Regulations are UK law.

        The quantity of WEEE goods being sent to landfill needs to be reduced because the amount of landfill space available in the UK is decreasing. Keeping WEEE out of landfill sites means there is more available landfill space for non-recyclable waste goods. Many WEEE goods can be reused and/or recycled. WEEE items may contain hazardous substances. If placed in landfill sites the hazardous substances in WEEE may pollute soil and contaminate water supplies. Producers and Distributors of new Electric and Electronic Equipment have a part to play in reducing the amount of WEEE going into landfill sites.

        Take back scheme

        Everyone at V2 Cigs is trying to reduce our impact on the environment, which is why we offer a take back WEEE service for our customers on a like-for-like basis. This means that if a customer buys a new charger from BuyV2Cigs, we will take back their old charger to prevent it going into a landfill site by disposing of it safely. Customers must return the old item within 31 days of purchasing the new item. If you would like to return your WEEE please contact V2 Cigs UK at this E-mail address: or telephone 01733 555 555.

        Customers are required to pay the cost of posting their items to us.

        The WEEE Regulations state that all new electrical goods need to be marked with a crossed-out wheel-bin symbol as shown on the packaging. Goods are marked with this symbol to show that they were made after 13 Aug 2005 and need to be disposed of separately from standard household waste. Electrical products can also be recycled at many local Recycling Centres.

      • Do V2 Have a Disclaimer on Vaping and Smoking Cessation Content?
        At V2 UK it is our belief that content relating to vaping and complies with The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) codes on vaping and references to smoking cessation.

        Our vaping products are not licenced as medicines and their efficacy in smoking cessation has not been conclusively demonstrated through rigorous clinical trials, although is widely acknowledged by qualified clinicians as being less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

        Claims made on vaping compared to smoking cigarettes are based on current research and expert opinion, which may be subject to change as new evidence emerges. Wherever possible, we always aim to include information or links to professional healthcare websites to offer the best, most accurate advice at the time of publishing.

        Except for Nicotine Free Products, all vaping products contain a level of nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

        It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions about using vaping products as a method to stop smoking cigarettes, as individual health conditions and circumstances vary. The use of vaping products carries its own risks, and they are not completely without harm.

        When seeking a safe alternative to smoking, we would urge individuals to consider all available options and seek professional advice for smoking cessation. This information is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For accurate and personalised advice, please consult with a qualified healthcare provider.