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Nicotine Shots

Choose from a range of nicotine shots in different PG and VG ratios. Created to compliment shortfill bottles which are nicotine free, unflavoured nic shots are ideal to top up your vape and find your ideal nicotine strength. 

For example, if you have a 50ml shortfill bottle, it’s designed to leave enough space for adding nicotine shots, so you’re able to carry around more e-liquid should you need it. A 50ml shortfill bottle> with 18mg 10ml nic shots will create 3mg e-liquid ready to vape. This is the ideal amount for a casual smoker wanting to quit and vape the same amount of nicotine.

Plenty of options are at your disposal, whatever your VG or PG preference.Should you want VG only nicotine shots, Flawless hits just the right spot with your shortfill. There are also nic shots available with a small portion of PG too. It all comes down to personal preference. However, if you’re after something stronger as a beginner vaper, nic salts absorb easier at higher strengths without needing to mix yourself.

Nyx Ice Nic Salt Shot

Discover an even cooler vaping sensation when you add a 10ml ice nic salt shot made by Nyx to your 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottle. Take ownership of how you vape and discover a lower nicotine strength hit. As a new exciting way to vape, you can...


Nyx Nic Salt Shot (50 VG/50PG)

With the smooth texture of nic salts and a 50 VG-50PG balance, the new 20mg nic salt shot from Nyx delivers excellent results when balanced with a shortfill e-liquid. Available in a 10ml bottle, it can be used as a top up for a 50ml or 100ml bottle of...


Nyx Nicotine Shot 18mg [50 VG]

A convenient 50/50 VG/PG nicotine shot from Nyx for use with Shortfills to give an amazing vape experience. Nyx 50VG Nicotine Shot 18mg 10ml In this 10ml bottle of premium quality unflavoured nicotine, you get 18mg strength which you can mix by adding...


Flawless Nicotine Shot 18mg (10ml)

Flawless 100% VG Nicotine Shots are premium quality. The difference between Flawless Nicotine Shots and others is that there's no PG in them, meaning you retain the maximum flavour from your e-liquid. Flawless Nicotine Shot 18mg (10ml) Flawless 100% VG...