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V2Cigs UK have launched a selection of what we think are the best Shisha Pen kits for vapers looking for a reliable, high quality rechargeable Shisha Pen or Hookah Pipe experience. Our mini tank EGO style devices are small and light but deliver excellent power, taste and flavour.

How to choose the Best Shisha Pen

Each Shisha Pen Kit contains a high quality V2 Cigs battery. You to choose either a medium or long battery length which can be a manual or automatic battery. The kits also contain a V2Cigs EX blank, our lightweight EGO style mini tank that stores and vaporizes your e-liquid.

If you want a small lightweight mini Shisha Pen then select the medium battery in your Shisha Pen Kit.

V2Cigs now have over 2.5 million customers worldwide. Give it a try, join the movement to Vaping!



V2 Electronic Shisha Pen Range

V2Cigs make high end Shisha pen batteries with cutting-edge specifications. This includes the powerful 4.2 volt e-cig battery in a convenient size, giving 350 puffs, enough to last all day. V2Cigs use up-to-date technology so there is no need for large, cumbersome or unsightly batteries.

A good option is to order a V2 EX Series 6 Cartridge Sample Pack alternatively go for our E-Liquid samplers which offers 6 juicy e liquids for you to try with your Pen to see which flavours or taste you prefer most.

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  • V2 Platinum 10ml e liquid Cherry

    10ml will soon be the largest bottle of e liquid (containing nicotine) you can buy due to TPD regulations which become effective 20th May 2017. V2 e liquid comes in tamper evident bottles with an easy-to-use dropper. V2...

    £6.99 £5.99
  • Vapour2 Platinum E-Liquid - 30ML

    E Liquid is the fuel for your Vaporizer and E Cigarettes. Get 3x10ml bottles of top quality e liquid from the V2 e liquid range. Just choose your favourite flavour and nicotine strength. E Liquid For ECigs and Vape Pens 3...

    £19.99 £17.49
  • Vapour2 Platinum E-Liquid - 50ML

    If you know what e liquid flavour you like to vape, then this 5x10ml bottle pack of E-Liquid is definitely the best value for money you can buy. E LIQUID - 5x10ml Bottles of V2 Platinum E Liquid V2Cigs are widely respected...

    £29.99 £27.99
  • Vapour2 Platinum E-Liquid 0% Nicotine 25ML

    Get a 25ml bottle of top quality e liquid from the V2 e liquid range range in 0% nicotine (no nicotine). Just choose your favourite flavour. E Liquid For ECigs and Vape Pens The best e liquid flavours are: V2 Red...

  • Buy the Best E Liquid

    Feeling fruity or fancy something traditional? Choose between ‘Tobacco & Menthol’ or ‘Sweet & Fruity’ in 5 nicotine strengths. Watch the V2 eliquid video > 6 x 10ml bottles of our...

    £31.99 £28.95
  • Vapour2 EX Blanks (3 Pack)

    Designed for use with the market’s top E-Liquid – V2 Platinum – this 3 pack of quality EX Blanks could give you up to 45-60 refills before buying another. V2 Cigs EX Blanks Refillable Tanks V2 EX...

  • V2 EX Blanks for Wax - 3 Pack

    This top-rated EX Blank will do wonders for your favourite wax, oil, gel or similar concentrate. Replace after 10-15 refills. Not for use with E-Liquid. Pair your favourite wax, oil, gel or similar concentrate with this...

  • Shisha Pen Kit

    A cost-effective way to get your first Shisha vape pen with all the hardware necessary to start vaping. All you need is some V2 E-Liquid. Rechargeable Battery (Medium or Long, Automatic or Manual) EX Blank (e-liquid...

    £29.95 £26.75
  • Vapour2 Classic Standard Shisha Pen Pack

    Everything you require to vape in Shisha style – including 3x10ml of V2 Platinum E-Liquid – you choose the flavour and nicotine strength. Rechargeable Battery EX Blank (e-liquid tank) Smart Charger Wall...

  • Vapour2 Classic Shisha Power Pack

    This USB Shisha-style power cig is unique to V2. It’s ideal for battery-free vaping at your PC or with a car adapter (sold separately). Power Cig 3 EX Blanks (e-liquid tanks) 50ml Platinum...

    £58.89 £54.75
  • Vapour2 EX Series Shisha Pen Pack

    Shisha style meet EX Series vaping power in this introductory kit. The only other thing you’ll need to order is some Platinum E-Liquid. EX Series Battery EX Blank (e-liquid tank) Smart...

    £39.99 £36.49
  • Vapour2 EX Series Shisha Sampler Pack

    Want a kit that has everything you need to start vaping, but unsure which flavour you’ll prefer? Then choose this one. 6 x 10ml bottles Platinum E-Liquid (choose between ‘Tobacco & Menthol’...

    £91.87 £85.99

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