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Vapour2 Standard Classic Batteries All Colours

V2 Standard Classic Battery

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Further Information

Our top-quality battery at 250 mAh and 4.2 Volts, this is our most popular e-cigarette size battery that delivers over 200 puffs per charge, so you can vape for longer.

The Standard Length V2 Cigs battery is the most popular battery we sell and the best E Cig battery for normal everyday use. This is the same battery that is included as standard with all V2 starter kits and is available in manual and automatic versions.

V2 Standard E Cigarette Batteries

The V2 Standard Length Battery operates at 4.2 volts, 250mA/H. The battery is 79mm / 3.11 inches long (110mm / 4.3 inches with the Cartridge attached). It has a diameter of 9.25mm (0.37 inches).

Vapour2 Classic and EX Automatic batteries are activated as you draw air through your electronic cigarette. Puffing will trigger an internal pressure switch which activates the atomization process. Vapour2 cartridge may require a few quick puffs to warm the atomizer (this is known as "priming"). Optimal vapour will be produced on your third and subsequent puffs. With the Vapour2 Classic and EX Manual battery, you must press and hold down a button for the duration of your puff. Vapour thickness is regulated through the use of the button. Optimal vapour will be produced on your third and subsequent puffs.

The charge in the standard batteries is designed to last you at least 200 puffs before they need recharging (V2 automatic batteries will usually get around 25% more puffs between recharges, but with less vapour thickness than the V2 manual battery versions). V2 Automatic batteries are currently available in black, white and stainless steel colours.

V2 Battery Specification

  • Usage on Full Battery: 200 Puffs (approximate)
  • Voltage: 4.2 volts
  • Battery Rating: 250 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Length: 79 mm /3.11" (110 mm/4.3" with Cartridge)
  • Diameter: 9.25 mm/0.37"

For continuous vaping we recommend that you always have at least 2 e cigarette batteries so that you have one charging while you are vaping with the other. With the appropriate care the life expectancy of your two batteries should be between 6 and 8 month - batteries can also last lot longer than this.

Customer Reviews

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  • Reasonable bartery life but not for heavy smokers

    Posted by Mo on 27th Apr 2018

    Good quality no issues but for the real heavy smoker your gonna really need to upgrade to other kits ! Thankfully though I stopped with these kits after 30 years of 40 a day ! 3 weeks passed by and still haven’t touched a real cigarette! Quit ...About time to!
    TEAM V2 Response: Well done on quitting! And we agree that if you are a very heavy smoker you may need one of our other devices.

  • V2 Standard E Cigarette Batteries

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2018

    Prefer the automatic version which i find works well

  • Great E Cig

    Posted by Danielle on 4th Jan 2018

    Love these e cigerettes what a great vape the only thing was there was none of the pink colour

  • Love these

    Posted by Anne on 10th Jul 2017

    I really like these V2 cigs. which I have been using for over a year now and would not part with them and no real cigarettes since I started using them. However a word of warning. I ordered one for my sister which she used and left it on bedside table (a brand new battery) and during the night she heard a loud hissing noise coming from it. When she touched it it was red hot and finally burnt itself out. She reckons had it been in the bed it could have ignited the bed clothes. V2 replaced it but best not to leave these products lying around on flamable surfaces.

  • Great battery

    Posted by Pat on 29th May 2017

    This smaller battery is ideal for in my pocket or handbag.

  • Excellent E Cig

    Posted by Dimitrius Cauchi on 3rd Apr 2017

    Very pleased and satisfied with the classic battery!
    Feels good in the hand almost as if holding an analog .
    Great quality product .! Fully charges in very short time!! The only e cig that finally helped me stop smoking analog along with the V2 Red tabacco flavour. Highly recommended product :)

  • Good for the size

    Posted by Lawrence on 6th Mar 2017

    If you have an occasional puff or two throughout the day you could get a days use on 1 charge? I personally have. Charging time I have found is less than stated. I have also in the past had one which I considered a duff in that it lasted 30-60 mins with very few puffs and it would die. However I still have 1 battery which I have had now for at least 3 years and it's still as good as the day I bought it.

    Any item that doesn't work properly should be returned within a reasonable period and we are happy to replace.

  • Almost perfect

    Posted by Ryan on 19th Mar 2015

    Worked really well for me for nearly 6 months and would normally last me a day. Life of battery started to quickly fade after that. Have now replaced with a EX battery that doesn't appear to be as good? but that's another review...

  • Brilliant

    Posted by Norman Briggs on 6th Nov 2014

    Very good quality product that is weaning off the cigarettes that I have smoked for 58 years.

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