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Vaping 101: Handy Tips to Becoming Smoke-Free For Good

14th Apr 2019

Vaping 101: Handy Tips to Becoming Smoke-Free For Good

Vaper happy to be smoke free for good

As we we've made it to the end of April, we thought we’d stop in to find out how your VApril is went. If your month hasn't gone as well as you would have liked it to, fear not. We have a few handy tips to help you keep the momentum up and to stick with vaping beyond VApril.

Are You Getting Enough Nicotine?

First things, first – how’s your equipment? If you’re satisfied with your vaping experience to date, we would very much advise sticking with whatever you're using. There's no point spending money and upgrading on a device that might not meet your needs.

The nicotine strength of your e-liquid will play a huge role in managing your cravings, and therefore if you’re on lower nicotine strength and finding that you need to vape more just to get what you need, then the logical step is to go up a strength. Simple.

What You Can Do If You Still Feel The Urge To Smoke

Found your right nicotine strength but still hankering for a smoke? In the instance that your first device has been the recommended route of V2 Cigs, the  Standard E-Cigarette and you’re feeling the urge to smoke more often then you’d ought to, then perhaps you’re in need of some more e-liquid flavours. Continue to use your preferred pre-filled e-liquid strength but the vary the flavour to help keep you off tobacco cigarettes and vape happy.

We know how it is. The initial impetus and drive to quit the cigarettes and adopt vaping as your newfound source of nicotine can have the habit of fading if you haven’t got the support you need. It’s okay-ish to have the odd and occasional cigarette between vapes, but if you feel that you may be succumbing to the call of smoking that bit too easily - then ask friends and family for help.

How VApril Can Help Your Friends

Sharing is caring, and whether your friends and family smoke or not, they may know those that do, and can, in turn, share handy tidbits of information which may eventually save lives. Did you know that 44% of smokers think that vaping is as harmful as smoking? Set the people straight - keep it short, sweet and avoid the ‘preach’. 

You may be surprised at how many may not be aware how beneficial vaping is. This can lead to support from your friends and family around you on your quest to kick smoking and keep vaping - why not take the time to tell them about the benefits of  e-cigarettes

Key Facts About Vaping

With e-cigarettes and vaping circulating in the news more frequently, it's undeniable that there some rumours and  vaping myths amongst the nay-sayers. Whether one is for or against e-cigarettes, the vaping facts are as follows:

  • Public Health England, say that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking.
  • Vaping has the potential to help smokers quit.
  • Vaping is almost twice as effective as other nicotine alternatives such as patches and gums
  • Vaping is more affordable than smoking.
  • NHS estimate that vaping accounts for 20,000 smokers quitting every year.
  • How To Keep The Vape Momentum Going

    Have you found your favourite flavour yet? By now you may have had the time to sample a few of the flavours available to you in the  Classic Cartridge Sample Pack. If you’ve found something you enjoy then taking the next step and stocking up on multipacks of a couple of your favourite e liquids will be a great way to remind you to keep vaping once VApril is done.

    Not only will it help serve as a reminder not to smoke, but you'll also quickly realise just how much money you'll save in the future if you continue to vape. Need some more advice about vaping? See our  basic vape guide section or call our friendly team who will be more than happy to help answer any questions or queries you may have. Good luck and keep vaping.

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