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About V2Cigs

V2 Cigs, Vapour2 and Vapour Couture

In our view the Best E Cigarettes and Vape Pens in the UK

Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens have had a dramatic impact on the lives of smokers over the past couple of years. We are very proud to be involved in helping Vapers & Smokers along their journey.

V2 Cigs UK are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the UK. We are committed to getting your E-Cigarette and Vape Pen orders to you quickly whilst also delivering excellent customer service and support.

If we are doing anything right or wrong please tell us, we enjoy talking to our customers and listening to your feedback.


Customer Services / Contact information:

V2 Electronic Cigarettes UK

1111 EC Services Limited

1st Floor, 54 Broadway

Peterborough, UK


Telephone Orders: 01733 555 555 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm UK)

Customer Services: 01733 555 555 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm UK)

Customer Services Email:

Registered No: 7884780   VAT Registration: GB 128913011


V2 E Cigarettes is a Global Business

V2, V2 Cigs, Vapour2 and Vertx are part of the VMR Products LLC brand portfolio. VMR Products LLC is the USA's No 1 online E Cigarette and Vaporizer manufacturer, No 3 in Retail and one of the world’s most popular electronic cigarette and vape pen websites according to Alexa, it's been at the top of the Alexa rankings since December 2011.

In Europe VMR Products has rebranded to Vapour2 and we are launching further Vapour2 UK products in 2016 and we will be gradually changing the packaging from V2 e-cigarettes to Vapour2. It's the same products (plus some exciting new ones!) and the same staff who are focused on high quality customer service, just the label will change. Deliveries to Europe from the UK will be packaged as Vapour2.

V2 Cigs UK is one of the few electronic cigarette companies operating in the UK where the product manufacturer runs and owns its own manufacturing process. This ensures end-to-end control of the supply chain and product integrity. Many other companies selling e-cigarettes outsource production and manufacturing to a third party. With V2 Cigs and Vapour2 you can rest assured that we put quality control and high levels of customer service at the top of the list.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes Compatible with all V2 cartridges

  • Before launching V2Cigs UK in January 2012 we carried out an extensive E-Cigarette testing programme and in our view V2Cigs offered the best e-cig taste, throat-hit, battery life, vapour and reliability of all the e-cigs we tested. It was without doubt the best e-cig by far of the wide range we compared & tested.
  • V2Cigs have been voted as one of the best electronic cigarettes by a range of independent E-Cig review sites such as UK E-Cig Reviews scoring highly on taste, flavour and battery quality.
  • We have been supplying V2Cigs throughout the UK and Europe for over 3 years now and so far our choice has been vindicated. Customer feedback has been extremely positive. 
  • We are always looking to improve V2Cigs products and our service levels and we welcome your feedback both positive and negative to help us keep standards high and improve where possible.
  • If you are unhappy about anything at all please do let us know so that can fix the problem for you.
  • We also like to hear from you if you are happy !

V2Cigs and V2 Vapor Couture are manufactured by VMR Products LLC who are based in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. If you’re searching for the best electronic cigarette on the market here in the UK we think you have chosen the best. VMR electronic cigarettes are designed by real ex-smokers to ensure your success.


V2 Cigs - The Best Electronic Cigarettes

The V2 Cigs UK business was founded by a smoker who had tried a number of UK distributed electronic cigarettes and was unimpressed with their likeness to real smoking sensation and their reliability. 

Looking further afield he discovered VMR/V2Cigs in the USA - they were head and shoulders above the competition in both reliability and the satisfaction that they offered. The sensation and vapour was significantly better than anything he had tried before. He has been using them ever since. Currently he is down from 20-30 analog cigarettes to 1 or 2 a day. He uses V2Cigs as an alternative the rest of the time.

He says "I have my lungs back".

    Best ECig Cartridgesv2-eliquid-panel.png


V2 Vapour is Completely Smoke Free…
No Tar, No Ash, No Odours!

You’ll feel the difference in every puff. V2 satisfies like no other brand of e-cigarette on the market. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of satisfied V2 customers and they will tell you, “The difference is in our Vapour.” 

Do it for yourself, do it today, and start living life on your terms!

V2 electronic cigarettes use technology to electrically vapourize the nicotine you crave. Just because it feels like smoking, doesn't mean it is. You get the same sensation of filling your lungs, and the nicotine you crave; but with V2 your lungs can feel the difference.

Not only will you be cutting out the smoke, but you'll also be cutting the fat from your budget. Vapourizing your nicotine with V2 will cost you a fraction of what you're currently spending on tobacco cigarettes.

Give your lungs a rest, it's time to breathe again!

Electronic cigarettes and vape pens contain only the nicotine you crave, without all the dirty chemicals and tar you get with normal smoking. They cost a fraction of the price of traditional cigarettes and are almost odour free.

V2 Electronic cigarettes leave no nasty smells on your breath, hands, face, or clothes, they create no second hand smoke, and can be smoked [vaped] almost anywhere—even in many non-smoking areas! This is because the Electronic Cigarette is an alternative smoking device that is non combustible and contains no tobacco and therefore avoids the smoking ban whilst providing smokers with their desired nicotine fix. 

V2 electronic cigarettes come in a variety of popular flavours and strengths. Our most popular flavours include: Tobacco (V2 Red, Congress, or Sahara), Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Grape, Cola and Green Tea Mint. See our V2 Cartridges Page for more information. All V2 flavours comes in a variety of strengths, from zero nicotine to the full flavoured 2.4% strength.

Try the V2 electronic cigarette today!


OCB PRO (Europe) and E-CIG Vap (France) Vaporizers

The new line of OCB PRO and E-CG Vap Vaporizer devices are designed by VMR Products/V2 Electronic Cigarettes for the emerging large-scale open system vapour device category. Models will feature the ability to vaporize e-liquid, loose leaf tobacco, and wax. The multi-medium devices are expected to be one of the most disruptive innovations to enter the vaporizer category. In the UK the V2 PRO Vsporizer is currently available as the V2Cigs PRO Vaporizer Series 3, in the EU the product range will be branded as OCB and E-Cg Vap Vaporizers.


The Vapour2 Brand in Europe.

V2Cigs has rebranded to Vapour2 in Europe, the UK will be following soon. The same customer service oriented people will be looking after you, and delivering the same great products. Nothing has changed apart from the name.


V2Cigs UK, Vapour2 UK and BuyV2Cigs are trading styles of 1111 EC Services Limited who are authorised distributors of V2Cigs. 1111 EC Services Ltd own the licence to the exclusive Wholesale, Retail and Internet marketing rights to market distribute and sell V2 Cigs in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland together with the Channel Islands.



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