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How To Help Your Friends Take The VApril Challenge

5th Apr 2018

The whole point of VApril is to make smokers aware of how vaping could be helpful to help them quit, what products are out there for them and how best to go about things.

Many smokers have tried quitting over and over again but have not yet succeeded.

The VApril challenge is to engage existing smokers in Vaping possibilities.

We all know that giving up smoking is a sensitive issue with people so “help” is often not perceived as “helpful” and more likely to be seen as getting on “their case”.

How do you avoid treading on toes?
  • Do not nag
  • Do not preach
  • Do not make guilty or wrong

We also have to acknowledge that quitting is hard to do. Most people really want to quit but have failed too many times in the past of are afraid to start the process.

To many new people new to vaping it looks very complicated with all the devices and the od language: So we need to keep it simple for them.

All you need to vape isV2 Cigs Starter Pack
  1. A battery
  2. A cartridge that goes on the end of the battery which has liquid with nicotine
  3. A battery charger
The best reasons to quit?
  1. It is healthier
  2. You are reducing the harm done to yourself
  3. You smell nicer
  4. It saves you money

Here is what your family, friends and colleague could buy with the money they will save over a year if they change to vaping:

Save money vaping and get aCaribbean Cruise or holiday in Ibiza

On a pack of 20 per day you could have a 14 day cruise in the Caribbean with £800.00 spending money.

If you are rolling your own you could have a 7 night holiday in Ibiza for 2.

If 1.5 Million smokers have already quite through vaping it may work for them. What have they got to loose.

Become a vaping buddy for VApril.