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​Does Vaping Help Smokers Quit?

29th Mar 2022

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There are over seven million smokers in the UK, which is still a significantly high number for a population of roughly 67 million. With the government’s roadmap to make the UK smoke-free by 2030, smokers need a permanent distraction. In the past, nicotine replacement therapies like nicotine gum and nicotine patches have proved mildly effective, but in recent years it’s vaping that’s emerged as the key alternative, acting as a similar yet safer option. However, there is still a lot of fiction spread by media outlets and tobacco companies about the dangers of vaping, instead of sticking to the facts. Despite the positive press e-cigarettes get from health organisations like the NHS and Cancer Research UK, it’s recently been up to campaigns such as Stoptober and VApril, the largest in the UK, to share advice and knowledge from experts on why smokers should switch to vaping.

Why Swap Smoking for Vaping?

Currently, more than three million people vape compared to seven million smokers in the UK. As technology and the vaping industry has evolved, so has the awareness of vaping as a tool to help people quit smoking and prevent a relapse from happening. Below we explain some of the key questions and statistics around vaping that highlight its benefits as a cessation choice but also demonstrates why there is still work ahead to reduce the fear and misinformation surrounding e-cigarettes.

Benefits of Switching From Cigarettes to Vaping

Most vapers pick up a kit to improve their health and there is little doubt that it does, ranging from better lung capacity to blood pressure slowly returning to normal. In addition to that, benefits include lowering spending costs, offering vapers a wide range of flavours compared to tobacco-filled cigarettes and the opportunity to finally cut down your nicotine, giving you greater control over what you select in terms of strengths. You can discover more benefits by reading our blog below.

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Fewer Side Effects With E-Cigarettes

A wealth of studies and scientific medical research points toward the positive impact giving up smoking for vaping can have on the body, mind and health of those around you. It’s noted that in just one month, blood vessel health improves and we can also see there is minimal risk in vaping around others.

In fact, from the evidence so far, we can see there are very few side effects to vaping (read more about what those might be by clicking the button below) in comparison to smoking, despite the two products in most cases both containing nicotine. However, more needs to be done according to Public Health England to stop the spreading of misinformation.

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Vaping Better Than Other Alternatives

E-cigarettes are a smarter choice for smokers, not just because of how they improve your bodily functions but because vaping follows a familiar habit. If you take away the technical differences such as the coil, e-liquid, tank, heating via electrical battery power and the mouthpiece, the action of vaping is the closest you’ll get to smoking, without inhaling combustible tobacco, containing multiple dangerous toxins.

What’s handy about e-cigarettes is you can select an e-liquid without nicotine if you prefer, should you seek only the sensation of puffing clouds of vapour.

Plus, there are so many vape kits in various sizes boasting different power outputs, designs and features, vapers have so much choice to never feel bored or repetitive in the action. It’s no wonder millions are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking for good and local stop smoking services are reporting it's twice as effective a method, compared to other nicotine replacement therapies!

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Are Vapers Misinformed?

Unfortunately, although the evidence is clear about the benefits of vaping for your overall health, perceptions among smokers remain that vaping is harmful.

VApril statistics back this up with One Poll research done in 2019 suggesting 68% of vapers didn’t believe they would quit smoking once they pick up a vape. This kind of evidence and the strict regulations in place for e-cig use under the Tobacco & Related Products Regulations 2016 takes the shine off of a positive nicotine replacement therapy.

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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

There is also the stigma around vaping that it’s more expensive because you have to buy all the e-liquids, coils and other accessories to maintain your device long term. Wrong! It’s cheaper than smoking in the UK (which is estimated at 3.5 times more expensive). Click below for a comprehensive breakdown.

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Smoking costs the NHS billions of pounds a year, so it’s important to back campaigns like VApril to help everyone understand the power of vaping when you switch. Because the UK is becoming the first country in the world to prescribe e-cigarettes, this demonstrates the effort put in place to not just spread positivity about vaping as an alternative but again demonstrates the dangers of continuing to smoke. We've listed some useful resources below, offering tips, advice and support, which can help you on your journey to quit cigarettes for good:


If you seek further information about vaping, we have our vaping 101 content hub, which highlights everything needed to get started, including picking the best e-liquids and vape kits. Alternatively, our customer service team will be happy to chat for additional support and advice. We look forward to speaking with you soon and wish you good luck during VApril!