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​Top 10 Apple Vape Juice Flavours of 2024

6th Mar 2024

Collection of Apple Flavoured Vape Juice Bottles

  1. Nyx Juicy Green Apple Ice
  2. Lost Mary Sour Red
  3. Vsavi 100% VG Apple
  4. Elf Bar Elfliq Apple Peach
  5. Vuse Apple Mint
  6. Doozy Salts Apple & Grape Blast
  7. Pod Salt Apple
  8. IVG Salt Berry Medley
  9. Hangsen Bar Fuel Red Apple Ice
  10. Elf Bar Elfa Pro Apple Peach

Studies show that a large portion of vapers who quit smoking or want to give up cigarettes but haven’t started yet are eyeing up fruity e-liquids as their preferred choice of vape juice. This is in comparison to tobacco e-liquids, which are ideal for vaping if you don’t want to change your habit too much – at least initially. Recent studies have highlighted that 82% of vapers chose fruit over sweet, dessert, menthol or tobacco flavours.

Below, we sample some of the top e-liquids with one of the most popular fruits - apple – available to UK vapers for 2024.

Let’s check out the top picks and evaluate which offers crisp, sweet or sour apple notes that we know and love.

Best Apple Juice E-Liquid Flavours – 2024

Nyx Juicy Green Apple Ice

Nyx Juicy Green Apple Ice

New brand on the block, Nyx, has produced a range of nic salt e-liquids called Juicy to match the strong flavours expected by those who vape a high sweetened concentration formed in disposable e-cigarettes.

An obvious example of this is their Green Apple flavour with a hint of ice on the exhale. It has the sharp acidic notes from green apples any fan of the crunchy green fruit would enjoy.

Available in high strength 20mg and lower strength 10mg aimed at heavy and social smokers respectively, each Nyx Juicy vape juice has a ratio of 50/50 VG and PG, meaning medium cloud production and throat hit.


Lost Mary Maryliq Sour Red

Lost Mary Maryliq Sour Red

Tangy, refreshing and with a whisper of mild sweetness, Sour Red from the Maryliq range is a bold mixture of fruity flavours dominated by punchy red apple notes. The Maryliq collection is tailor-made for those who love the Lost Mary disposable range and are seeking a cost-effective similar 10ml vape juice.


Vsavi 100% VG Apple

Vsavi 100% VG Apple

This sweet apple-flavoured e-liquid from the well-known brand Vsavi is highly sought after by those who are; allergic to Propylene Glycol, also known as PG in vaping circles. It’s an ingredient commonly used in vape juice production, which is responsible for an intense throat hit to match the sensation of smoking.

With this apple vape juice, you can expect sweet notes, big clouds of vapour and a richer taste you don’t get from a mixture of PG and VG (Vegetable Glycerine).


Elf Bar Elfliq Apple Peach

Elf Bar Elfliq Apple Peach

Elf Bar is one of the biggest names in the vape business. They have delivered a high number of easy-to-use disposables, pod kits and e-liquids that are geared towards beginner vapers.

With smooth nic salt vape juice flavours, Apple Peach from Elf Bar’s Elfliq collection is one of the sweetest and best for vaping mouth to lung. Offering a 10mg and 20mg strength, it’s there for those who want to quit heavy smoking habits or simply to reduce the number of social cigarettes smoked by vaping a 10mg equivalent.

A fresh apple flavour may be the way to reduce nicotine strength and dependency. As the UK begins to move away from disposables, options like Elfliq will only increase in popularity, alongside other prefilled cartridges.


Vuse Apple Mint

Vuse Apple Mint

United States of America-based brand Vuse are renowned for their affordable and reliable e-liquids that pack a punch. Although there are more subtle flavours such as Smoked Whisky available, Vuse offers low-strength e-liquids with 6mg of nicotine per 10ml like Apple Mint.

This is a sweet and mild vape juice that provides a more refreshing flavour for mouth-to-lung vaping. With a combination of PG and VG, it’s the perfect way to vape less nicotine, and maximise the flavour in your tank or pod with some fresh apple and mint notes!


Doozy Salts Apple and Grape Blast

Doozy Salts Apple & Grape Blast

Sometimes one sweet fruity flavour isn’t enough. On occasion, you need double the trouble to create an effective experience when vaping. For instance, Doozy Vape has produced its nic salts range in a wide variety of rich flavour profiles.

One example of this is Apple and Grape Blast. It’s a combination of sweet punchy apple notes and a tangy grape throat hit. The two fruits blend together perfectly to offer a tasty e-liquid that can fill your vape kit multiple times for an affordable price.


Pod Salt Apple

Pod Salt Apple

Made in the UK, the award-winning Pod Salt e-liquids give a fantastic throat hit and flavour intensity that’s very difficult for other brands to rival. A wide range of choices are available including apple, which is a rich and intense option for vapers in 11mg and 20mg nic salt strength.

In 10ml bottles priced under £4, it’s a smart way to save money compared to cigarettes or even disposable vapes. With a mixed ratio of 50% VG and 50% PG, the throat hit and cloud production is on the fair side – not too much or too little! The crisp apple notes are sweet and punchy for any vaper to experience varying levels of nicotine.


IVG Salt Berry Medlet

IVG Salt Berry Medley

Not all e-liquids, disposables and prefilled pods need to be overpowered by the truly immense taste of apple (although we’re not complaining as it’s a lovely, sweet fruit with so many different types).

What you can get, like with IVG Salt Berry Medley, is a mixture of berries, as well as a hint of apple, to deliver awesome flavour with each nicotine salt throat hit.

That way it ticks all of the boxes for sweetness but doesn’t just rely on the taste of one fruit, but several mixed together instead!


Hangsen Bar Fuel Red Apple Ice

Hangsen Bar Fuel Red Apple Ice

As stated on the box, the Hangsen Bar Fuel range is the equivalent of five disposables in one 10ml e-liquid. Although this is standard for the industry, it still demonstrates the great value of refillable e-liquids vs disposables.

Awesome flavours from top brands like Hangsen including not just the delicately sweet red apple ice with a cooling sensation or ‘White Peach Razz’ unlock the door to your taste buds after the tasteless sensation and habit of smoking cigarettes.


Elf Bar Elfa Pro Apple Peach

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Apple Peach

Last up we have another user-friendly apple option from Elf Bar in the form of pre-filled pods. Their latest device – the Elfa Pro, which follows on from the popular Elfa, is not only easy to use but is packed with flavour potential from each 2ml pod.

Plus, because they’re prefilled, you don’t have to worry about filling the pods yourself or changing the coil. Just vape till it’s empty and swap it for another! This particular e-liquid pod features not just apple notes but a drop of peach flavour too, combining excellently to deliver a sweet and satisfying vape.