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​Elf Bar Elfa Pro Review – Better Than the Original?

27th Dec 2023

Collection of Elf Bar Elfa Pro and Elfa Vape Kits

Elf Bar by the looks of it is starting to prepare for a future without disposable vapes and beginning to work towards a future of mouth-to-lung refillable pod vape kits. The type of devices that provide better sustainability and are more affordable.

Along with the now-discontinued Elf Bar FB1000, the Elf Bar Mate 500 and the Elfa pod kit, Elf Bar has produced some fantastic rechargeable vape kits that are perfect for any level of vaping.

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro suits this line of products perfectly and could perhaps be the best yet for easy vaping on the go, with a few fantastic specification upgrades to vape with.

Let’s compare all of its key features in this comprehensive review, compare with the original Elfa pod kit and see which is rated the highest.

Key Specifications

  • E-liquid coil separation technology (first of its kind)
  • 500mAh battery capacity
  • 600 puffs per 2ml pod (max)
  • Auto-draw
  • Clear visible pods with QUAQ mesh coils (1.2 Ohm)
  • 20mg nic salts
  • 33 flavours in total (sold separately)
  • MTL device
  • Compatible with the previous Elfa pods

How Does it Compare to the Previous Elfa Pod Kit?

There are a few key differences from the original Elfa Pod vape kit, which are seen as certain upgrades. One of the notable changes has to be the ECS, which is short for the new E-Liquid Coil Separation technology.

This essentially keeps the liquid away from the coil until the point of activation.

With disposable vapes and prefilled pods, it’s always expected that the flavour will be more intense. And you get that great delivery of nicotine combined with a variety of different flavour options with the Elfa and the new Elfa Pro.

But the ECS design for the Elfa Pro pods takes the taste to another level and keeps the consistency going throughout the 600-puff life. And better yet, you can use the Elfa Pro pods for any Elfa pod kits you have lying round.

Highlighting the Elfa Pro New Pods

Another change is the introduction of QUAQ mesh coil technology, which maximises the flavour profile and longevity of your e-liquid. A very welcome feature addition and a certain level up from the previous Elf Bar Elfa pod kit.

The battery capacity of 500mAh, compact nature and throat hit are similar with both devices. From the Elfa Pro pods, you get a similar mouth-to-lung auto-draw activation that is nice because it’s not too loose and not too tight of a draw.

How to Use the Elf Bar Elfa Pro: Simple Setup Guide

Like with all Elf Bar reusable vape kits, which have quickly become popular after Elf Bar expanded beyond their disposable collection, the Elfa Pro is very easy to setup and use. Below are a few simple instructions to get you started:

  1. To prime the coil and activate the ECS technology, push the base of the pod up to allow the liquid to flow into the chamber, ready for heating with the pre-installed coil.
  2. Leave for a couple of minutes so the flavour is saturated.
  3. Once the pod is ready, pop the pod into the battery and screw to click into place via the magnetic connection.
  4. There are no buttons to press, so just inhale via the mouthpiece when you’re all set up.

Appearance and Build Quality Overview

We always love the design of Elf Bar pod kits. With some beautiful colour schemes, including Twilight Blue, Aurora Green and Twilight Pink, the look depends on the flavour you pick, as you get a free flavoured pod with whichever choice you make.

Wide Variety of Colours With the Elfa Pro Vape Kit

The two-tone looks fantastic and the overall build quality is lovely to hold and use too. With a small cylindrical shape, it is easy to vape and comfortably fits in your pocket or bag.

Each mouthpiece at the top of the pod is slightly curved and narrow, which creates a loose MTL draw.

The convenience of the lightweight prefilled pods is perfect for those who want to save a bit of money by switching from disposables and certainly, if you’re picking up an Elfa Pro following straight after cigarettes!

With no menu, change of features or settings to adjust, it’s a very straightforward device that is aimed at beginners but would suit all levels.

What are the Advantages of the Elf Bar Elfa Pro?

  • There are 33 different flavours to choose from
  • QUAQ mesh coil technology produces an amazing flavour that lasts
  • The ECS pod design ensures a fresh taste with each inhalation
  • It’s an affordable lightweight kit that supports beginners on their journey to quit smoking
  • High-strength nicotine vaping that’s effortless, with no buttons to press. A real minimum-fuss device with a flawless and practical design

Are There Any Disadvantages with This Stylish Pod System?

  • With plenty of flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone. But bear in mind some of the options, including raspberry watermelon and cherry cola are a little on the sweet side. But hey, that might be your sort of thing, with a strong candy taste!
  • The battery indicator doesn’t notify you how much is left to charge. Instead, the LED flashes continuously while charging and turns off when 100% charged.


What’s not to like about this little device! There are multiple plus points to getting a vape like the Elf Bar Elfa Pro. You have tons of different flavoured prefilled pods to pick from.

It creates a smooth and generous amount of vapour at a 20mg nic salt strength. A 500mAh battery capacity is more than enough for a full day of MTL vaping, which offers a loose draw many will appreciate.

If that wasn’t enough, you have the QUAQ mesh coil technology combined with ECS pods for long-lasting and excellent flavour at great value.

We think the Elfa Pro is one of the best pod kits released in 2023, and would be a welcome addition to any MTL collection!