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Flavour Fatigue & Vapers Tongue: What You Need To Know

15th Oct 2018

Got the feeling that your flavour’s fatiguing from your e-cigarette? You may be thinking to yourself that the e-liquid you’ve become accustomed to isn’t quite doing the trick anymore or that perhaps your e-cigarette device isn’t quite up to scratch. But before you get ants in your pants and pass the blame onto the products, we suspect it may be that you have a case of what some in the vaping community call ‘vapers tongue’. Let’s find out what it means to experience fla
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Stoptober: Will You Give It Up?

1st Oct 2018

Will you stop smoking for Stoptober? If you are looking to stop smoking, but haven’t quite managed to muster the energy to fit cessation into your schedule as of yet, then why not join thousands of like-minded smokers this October and take the Stoptober challenge? Led by Public Health England and the NHS, and supported by all here at Vapour2 , Stoptober is a nationwide annual event that encourages smokers to become  smoke-free for 28 days in October with a view to quitt
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Countries With The Most Lenient Vaping Laws

26th Sep 2018

Vaping around the world varies in its liberalism, legality, and leniency in law. Where one country may encourage the use of e-cigarettes, other may impose jail sentences for possession of such devices. It’s a strange world we live in sometimes. Some countries embrace e-cigarettes to abate burgeoning tobacco consumptions where others fear the unknown health implications and impose widespread bans. Similar in essence to their delivery of nicotine to the body, it’s an unfortunat
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Vaping Vitamins

20th Sep 2018

Vaping vitamins. Not something you hear every day. With health-conscious folk looking for more convenient and efficient ways to consume and get the vitamins they need for their bodies to operate at an optimum, we look at the rise of vaping vitamins and what it even means. For some, the need for an extra vitamin intake can seem negligible. For others, the demands of life, limited time and the desire to lead a healthy life, dictate that to get the vitamins you need to stay healthy, ma
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