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Vaping Can Help You Find Love

11th Feb 2019

Looking for love? We’re not sure it’s completely ethical or entirely within our remit to provide that kind of service here, but if you’re a smoker or you know someone that smokes - we may be able to help improve yours and your friend's chances of being romantically acquainted this Valentine’s Day with an e cigarette.Vaping This Valentine's Day For singleton smokers wondering why the dating scene’s been a little bleak as of late, you should only need to look as far as the cigarettes you smoke f
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When was the E Cigarette Invented?

4th Feb 2019

Beacons of modern evolution, invention and innovation are at the heart of our technological endeavours and serve as societal landmarks of progress and prosperity. Whether the invention of a product provides a convenience to the consumer or carries with it a hope for health and change, we salute the inception of e cigarettes and tip our caps to those who helped steer the course for smokers to rid themselves of their daily addictions and to potentially become smoke-free.The First Smokeless Ci
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Buying E-Cigs Online vs Vape Stores

31st Jan 2019

If you’ve ventured along your local high street recently, one sight that can almost be considered a certainty is that of a vape shop furnished with e cigs, e juices and accessories galore. Popping up here, there and everywhere, the exponential rise in popularity of e cigs is in plain sight with some 2000 and counting outlets in existence catering to an estimated 3.2 million vapers. But should we err on the side of caution when it comes to where we source our e cigs? Let’s look at the differen
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The Cost of E-Cigarettes in Scottish Prisons

28th Jan 2019

Back in September 2018, we reported on the news that smoking in Scottish prisons was to be finally banned and that prisoners would be offered the chance to get e cigarette devices for free to encourage the use of vaporizers as prisoners traversed the impending transition of becoming smoke free whilst inside. Let’s take a look at the cost involved and what’s changed since the ban’s introduction. Scottish Prison Service Go Smoke Free While public spaces countrywide have f
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What to Expect in Your First Week of Vaping

21st Jan 2019

If you’ve finally decided to quit smoking and begin to think about vaping then a congratulatory high-five is in order - go you. Now, there may be a few questions you have on your mind and you may well have heard some stories on the grapevine that you need pluck and pull apart. Or perhaps you simply need to know what to expect in your first week of vaping? Let’s find out what you might experience in the first few days of your journey as you stride purposefully toward a potential smoke f
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