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What is Nicotine Salt? Your Comprehensive Guide

11th Aug 2021

Nicotine salts, or ‘nic salts’ for short, are the naturally occurring form of nicotine deriving from the tobacco plant, in its purest liquid state. Many vapers prefer a much smoother but higher strength nic salt to get that rush previously experienced from cigarettes. Instead of freebase nicotine like in most e-liquids, nicotine salt enters the bloodstream at a faster rate for quicker absorption. We aim to debunk the myth and explain why they could work for you in an even more efficient
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What's the Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker?

3rd Aug 2021

We all know the dangers of smoking for your health and those around you. As the NHS states, your lung capacity will increase by up to 10% within nine months, your blood circulation improves within 2-12 weeks and stress levels are lower after you quit - despite the popular theory it helps to reduce anxiety. If you’re a heavy smoker, which is classed as inhaling 20 cigarettes or more per day, you will feel these effects even more. This is why health organisations like
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​V2 Vsavi Pro Series 3 Review - New and Improved

27th Jul 2021

We know at V2 Cigs that the vaping industry is ever-evolving and full of wonderful changes, innovative new devices and amazing e-liquids packed with flavour and opportunities to produce some huge clouds. But what about your favourite vape pens, pod vapes and mods that you thought were lost forever? What would you do if you found out an instant classic had returned, bigger and better than ever? Well, that’s exactly what’s happened with the V2 Vsavi Pro Series 3 vape pen back in the mix.Originally
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​Vaping 101: Vaping With Nicotine

21st Jul 2021

To begin with, we want to state that we wouldn’t advise you to start vaping unless you’re using it to quit smoking. That’s its purpose as a cessation tool. Although it’s got a unique following of ‘cloud chasers’ hoping to create crazy shapes with tricks, the majority decide to vape for the sole purpose of replacing cigarettes with vaping nicotine. In this guide, we explain how the two are linked by taking an in-depth look at nicotine, how it works as an addictive su
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​Best Disposable Vape Kits of 2021

15th Jul 2021

As the most recent report from Public Health England suggests, ‘using a vaping product is the most popular aid used by people trying to quit smoking. While a 2020 statistic highlights that 15.5% are using Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) over the counter, prescription (2.7%) and varenicline (4.4%), it’s often the technical knowledge required of vaping compared to the simplicity of smoking that proves the stumbling block. If you like the idea of vaping to s
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Innokin Coolfire Z80 Review - the Best Yet in the Coolfire Range?

6th Jul 2021

Over the years Innokin has continued to show why they are one of the big hitters in the vaping industry with a string of impressive pods and mods. Among those is the Coolfire range, including devices like the Coolfire Ultra, the Coolfire Mini and the impressive Innokin Coolfire Z50. Fast forward to 2021 and we now have the latest in that line - the Innokin Coolfire Z80 with fourth-generation technology and the Zenith 2 Tank. So, what do we
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GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 Review - A Comparison With the Original

1st Jul 2021

Durability meets style in the latest model from the GeekVape Aegis range, as the popular manufacturer announced the exciting Aegis Legend 2 to customers in the UK for 2021. As one of the most eagerly anticipated vape mods, there are a few noticeable differences including the reduced size of the new version. In keeping with the Aegis Legend, the user interface is unchanged and the shape is similar to other vape mods we have seen come to the market such as the GeekVap
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How To Prime Your Coils To Prevent Early Burning

28th Jun 2021

Experienced vapers are likely to be familiar with this already, but if you're new to vaping, you may not know how important it is to prime your coils before you use them. This is one of the intricacies of owning a vape device and ensures that you use it properly, preventing damage. Just like correctly adding in e-liquid and not overheating your device are important for safe use, priming your coils is important to ensure you don't burn it out before you've properly used it.
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