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What Are Some Alternatives to Juul?

26th Aug 2019

When it comes to vaping, it’s almost impossible to avoid Juul branded products. First launched in 2017, the company has quickly set out its stall as a lifestyle brand that offers a one-size-fits all-vape product. But with reviews criticising the battery life, usability, and overall cost of the product; it’s easy to find yourself turning to other brands on the market. So, here are four of our favourite recommendations for long-term Juul users looking to make a switch or new users searchi
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Does Vaping Affect Your Pets?

22nd Aug 2019

Everyone responsible pet owner loves their animals and would do anything to prevent them from coming to harm. While it’s easy to be aware of the potential risks of vaping, it’s important to know how vaping could affect your animals and where you could potentially make changes to ensure your beloved animals stay safe and sound.What are the risks of second hand Vapor? Since first appearing on the market in 2003, vaporizers have been subject to tests and studies in an effort to determine po
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Top E-liquid Tank Maintenance Tips

19th Aug 2019

When it comes to e-cigarettes, there are a few essentials that you’ll need to bear in mind in order to ensure that your vaping experience – both flavours, and vapour, are at a premium. Let’s take a look at some top tips for your e-liquid tank maintenance. Clean Your E-Liquid Tank Regularly Firstly, the key to maintaining your e-liquid tank’s life and longevity is by cleaning your vaping device regularly. It might sound obvious, but keeping the components of your tank free from
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How to Change Your Vape Coil in 4 Easy Steps

15th Aug 2019

Maintaining your vape can help your device maximise its performance while adding true value for money. But with so many makes and models available, it can be a struggle to change out your heating coil. So, when should you think about changing your coil and how do you go about doing it?What is a vape coil? Your device’s coil is used to create the vapour clouds from your chosen e liquid. Held within your device’s atomiser, these are wired directly to your battery and are activated when
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Where to Buy XEO in the UK?

14th Aug 2019

Renowned for their high standards and exceptional quality, XEO are a German-based manufacturer of vaping products that possess style, sophistication and some seriously great vapour. Let’s take a look at some of XEO's best products exclusively available online. Discover XEOXEO Clearomizer Starter Kit Are you new to the world of e cigarettes and vape pens? Looking for a quick way to quit smoking and start vaping? The XEO Clearomizer has a slim design similar to an e-cigarette but
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5 Reasons You Should Try a Vape Pod

9th Aug 2019

Thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping? Already vape but thinking about investing in a new device? With 3.2 million vapers estimated to exist in the UK, it’s no wonder that an array of vaporisers designed in a plethora of shapes and sizes are available for consumers to pick and choose from. From the simple e-cigarette and vape pen to the more robust box mods and the latest pod devices - how do you choose what might be right for you? Shop Pod Kits First, things first –
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Vaping Myth Debunked: the appeal of e-cig to kids and teenagers

9th Aug 2019

A common myth associated with vaping is that e-cigs are appealing to kids and teenagers. According to some of the reports you may have come across, this stuff of nightmares may lead to an apocalyptic-like underage vaping epidemic of epic proportions. Are the e-cigs kids a myth of fear, fact or fiction? Let's find out more.UK Restrictions on Underage Vaping Here in the UK and the E.U, e-cigarettes and e-liquid are regarded as tobacco products and fall under the same regulated guidelin
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Where and Where Not to Vape This Summer

8th Aug 2019

From staying up till sunrise on a Wednesday to eating your annual allocation of ice cream in a week – the summer holidays have the potential to present copious amounts of good times. But before you get carried away with the Pina Coladas, some rules are worth sticking to. Let‘s take a look at where and where not to vape this summer. Shop Premium E-liquids Sensible Vaping: 5 Places That You Should Avoid Vaping In 1. Vaping on Public Transport such as buses, trains and planes is str
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