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Best Disposable Vape Flavours of 2021

8th Dec 2021

Woman Vaping and Thinking About the Best Vape Flavours

The ‘best vape flavour’ is a tricky subject to tackle because everyone has different taste buds and thoughts on what they like the most. One vaper may love chocolate and seek only vapes that remind them of the sweet treat. While others may want and prefer menthol or a tobacco hit similar to their time as a smoker. Finding the right e-liquid flavour and knowing which to avoid is more a case of trial and error. You should often go with the respected brands with a long tradition of creating e-liquids as a starting point. However, reading the reviews of others and getting a solid opinion based on customer feedback can also help, before going out and trying it for yourself!

Below we have selected a handful of the best disposable vape flavours available right now, based on what we liked after testing. This is a subjective list and more of a round up to help inform you about common flavours if you're new to vaping or hoping to stumble across a new vape juice.

Which are the Top 12 Disposable Vape Flavours and Why?

GeekVape Geek Bar (500mAh)

Watermelon Ice Flavour

There's nothing better than the thirst-quenching taste of melon to remind you of a warm summers day. This summer fruit finds its way inside a neatly designed disposable e-cigarette that holds a 20mg strength e-liquid. With a generous 550mah battery and no charging port, it’s the perfect companion when you need a hit of nicotine that’s strong enough to satisfy your cravings and offers a cool tropical burst of ice on the exhale like you wouldn’t believe!

Peach Ice Flavour

Another well-liked flavour from the Geek Bar range of disposables is the peach flavour. With sweet overtones from this punchy vape, you’re in for a real treat. The nicotine strength is high at 20mg nic salt, so it’s ideally suited to heavy smokers looking to satisfy cravings when they strike. It could also be used as an everyday vape or casual vape while out and about due to the portable size. The Peach taste does not disappoint, reminiscent of the fruit and smooth on the draw.

Mango Flavour

If you like sweet yet intense flavours, this might be right up your street! A burst of ripe tropical mango creates a great option after your meal if you fancy something besides more food to satisfy the need to indulge. You can find a range of refillable themed ice e-liquids away from the disposable range, but we have gone for the delicious mango flavour from Geek Bar to round off this section.

Geek Bar Peach Ice Flavour Disposable

Elf Bar (550mAh)

Blue Razz Flavour

The only thing better than the delicious zesty refreshment of lemonade is when you add more fruit into the mix. That's exactly what Elf Bar did with Blue Razz, combining it beautifully with Raspberry - an emerging trend with disposables. Packed with fruit flavourings, it delivers excellent vapour and stands out because of the bright bold colour from the casing material to highlight the disposable to all your peers.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Flavour

Sometimes with a vape e-liquid that merges multiple flavours, you get one that overpowers the other. Menthol or banana spring to mind as dominant when trying an e-liquid with a mixture of different flavours. The Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava from Elf Bar is a unique example of the vaping industry using their imagination to create a tropical sensation packed with flavour to anticipate the vapers' desire for something new and different.

Pink Lemonade Flavour

If you love the refreshing zesty flavoured drink often sipped in the summer with a drop of ice, then why not try the Geek Bar disposable for a similar sensation in a nicotine format. What’s great about the vaping industry compared to cigarettes is the variety of flavours available to you as a vaper. You might have a favourite or prefer to mix it up by trying something new each day. With disposables, their a tad more expensive but even less management is required than with a refillable e-liquid and vape kit combo. Just pick it up, vape all the e-liquid out of it, dispose responsibly and then grab your next flavoured disposable vape.

Elf Bar Disposable Variety of Fruit Flavours

Geek Bar Lite (350mAh)

Banana Smoothie Flavour

One of the most popular flavours with the Geek Bar Lite is the bold banana smoothie flavour which tastes very close to the real deal you pick up in a cafe or supermarket. Plus, at a device length of only 95mm and containing a 350mAh battery, the Geek Bar Lites are ideal for carrying around a compact vape that doesn’t require refilling.

Blueberry Flavour

The innovation of vaping is demonstrated best by all the different fruity flavours available to e-cigarette fanatics. You have melon flavours, passion fruit, kiwi, banana - the list is endless. But one of our favourites for its sharp tangy notes is the blueberry flavour in the GeekVape Geek Bar Lite. It’s the ideal tasty treat after a long day at the office.

Green Apple Flavour

Draw activated, with a generous battery and stunning design, the Geek Bar Lite is everything you could want from a convenient disposable. When you add the tangy sharp flavours of green apple into the equation, it only gets better as your choice of which taste you go for becomes an easy one. As we all know, vaping is subjective and one person's opinion may not fit the other and that’s the beauty of the industry, with hundreds of flavours like Green Apple available. Give it a whirl and let us know how you get on in the review section. 

Geek Bar Lite Banana Smoothie Flavour Disposable

SMOK MBAR (280mAh)

Blue Raspberry Flavour

Another fruity mix you’ll certainly love from vaping giants SMOK - the Blue Raspberry disposable. Already demonstrating their prowess as a brand that knows how to create a quality MTL kit, such as the SMOK Vape Pen V2 with adjustable airflow, they’ve now branched out with a range of e-cigarettes you can throw away - so step forward the MBAR. The Blue Raspberry MBAR makes our list because of its refreshing taste, that’s not too overbearing or bitter like some raspberry flavoured e-liquids you can get.

Grape Ice Flavour

Grape is always a popular choice with vapers, whether it’s the flavours of the green or red variety! With the MBAR, they produce a subtle taste with a hint of menthol that’s close to the real thing yet still pleases your nicotine habits simultaneously, with a long-lasting effect flavour-wise. If you’ve tried grape soda before, it’s quite similar to that. The throat hit is solid from these 1.3ml disposables, so it’s a worthy option for any vaper seeking a fruity vape.

Menthol Flavour

Finally, we have the classic menthol flavour, which many smokers miss following the UK menthol ban on cigarettes from early 2020. Cool throughout from inhale to exhale, it’s a refreshing change of pace from traditional tobacco flavours you get from smoking and a palette cleanser if you want to switch between strong fruit flavours. The SMOK MBAR menthols are compact and easy to carry around while producing the best flavour, yet not remaining too harsh on the throat.

SMOK MBAR Disposable Variety of Fruit Flavours

Wildcard - Geek Bar Tobacco Flavour

A classic choice for any former smoker or someone looking to give up the habit, tobacco flavour is important (at least initially) for many who want to reduce the challenges and temptations that arrive at your doorstep when you decide to quit smoking.

Because the GeekVape Geek Bar is in a disposable format too, the shape and design (in terms of inhaling what’s in the product and then throwing it away) are very similar to smoking.

However, with GeekBars, they’re electrical products that are considered a safer alternative to cigarettes. Geek Bars contain a 500mAh battery, last throughout the day with an MTL vaper who doesn’t use it constantly. With a 2mg nic salt strength, it’s roughly the equivalent of a 20-smokes-a-day cigarette user, classed as a heavy smoker. Not everybody's cup of tea, tobacco as a disposable will work for some but not for others.


So there you have it. Twelve delightful flavours and a wildcard to pick from which could suit most fans seeking the best disposable vape flavours. You can find even more options through our platinum e-liquids page if you seek a refillable e-liquid for different types of kits. The flavour can change depending on the ratio of PG and VG within the vape juice. Regarding the list above, the majority are 50/50 balanced e-liquids, so it all depends on personal preference, which suits you best to maximise the flavour. Bear in mind there is not necessarily a flavour to avoid. Again, it's subjective - while one vaper might think all banana e-liquids are not pleasant, another may seek just that. 

V2 Cigs UK are here to help if you have any questions regarding the flavours you choose or thinking about purchasing. We would love to hear your feedback on the topic and get a discussion going on our social channels among fellow vapers. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, telling us and the community which flavours you like and why!