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Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?

20th Jan 2021

Nicotine gets a lot of bad press because it’s a chemical compound from tobacco plants used in cigarettes. On its own, the highly addictive substance is not what makes cigarettes harmful, contrary to popular belief. Instead the eight million deaths a year stem from the mixture of chemicals in tobacco. For instance, when tobacco burns, it's then inhaled causing a sticky tar substance to build up in the lungs, leading to a variety of smoking illnesses. Together with thousands of other toxic chem
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Vaping Tobacco: Everything You Need to Know

15th Jan 2021

When you think of vaping, what probably comes to mind is the traditional vape box mod device, big clouds of vapour and a bottle of e-liquid . However, what you might not know is that it’s also possible to vape without the e-liquid, and using dry herbs instead. In some regions, the most popular dry herb to vape with is marijuana, but there are actually hundreds of different dry herbs that can be used in a vaporizer, including traditional tobacco leaf.What is Vaping Tobacco and Is Va
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The Difference Between Nic Salts & Freebase Nicotine E-Liquids

11th Jan 2021

Particularly when you first get started vaping, the sheer volume of devices, vape styles and e-liquids in particular, can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different options and all too often vapers end up using all kinds of technical language, forgetting that lots of new vapers won’t have a clue what they’re talking about! Fortunately, there are lots of beginner-friendly guides to everything vaping if you know where to look for reliable information to give you a quality
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Will Vaping Regulations Change After Brexit?

29th Dec 2020

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been up for debate for almost as long as they have existed, with rules and regulations varying widely across territories and countries. With the UK officially leaving the EU on the 1st of January 2021, there are many people wondering whether vaping regulations will change, as the majority of EU vaping regulations come under something called the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) , which is a set of regulations that EU member states follow regarding the
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18650 Batteries: Everything You Need To Know When Vaping

22nd Dec 2020

As most vapers will already know, e-cigarettes, like any other electrical device, are perfectly safe when used as they should be and come from a reputable supplier who has taken all the appropriate precautions to make sure that their batteries are safe and secure. However, there have been several stories in the media of the batteries in vapes crackling, sparking and even exploding! Fortunately, this is incredibly rare, particularly when you take care of your vape batteries and sou
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What Are The Best Vape Mods For Beginners?

16th Dec 2020

When you first start vaping, the sheer range of brands, devices, styles of vape and e-liquids can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s very easy to see why. For this reason, lots of beginners are drawn to vape starter kits and “cig-a-like” devices, which emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette without continuing to smoke. These devices are great for lots of users as they are low maintenance, incredibly easy to use and can get you vaping straight away!However, as you become more experienced
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Which is the Best UK Vape Mod?

10th Dec 2020

The age-old question that we get from beginner and advanced vapers alike - what is the best vape mod ? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not an easy one, and you’ll probably get a different answer for every single person you ask! Vaping is very personal, and your preferences make all the difference when it comes to choosing the best vape mod, so the question you should really be asking is:Which Vape Mod Is Best For You? Like everything vaping, the right vape mod for you
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What To Do When Your New Vape Isn’t Quite Right

3rd Dec 2020

It’s always exciting choosing a new vape, whether it’s your very first foray into the world of vaping or you’re an experienced hobbyist. However, unfortunately, you might not get the perfect fit every time. After all, a lot of the process of finding the right vape for you (particularly as a beginner vaper) comes with trial and error. But don’t despair if you aren’t getting on with your vape - with so many different devices, e-liquids and vape styles available to you, there really is
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