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Vaping News & E-Cigarette Reviews

Is Vaping in the Workplace Illegal in the UK?

13th Dec 2023

Vaping in recent years has grown exponentially in the UK, increasing to roughly four million of the UK adult population in 2023, who see e-cigarettes as a useful tool to quit smoking cigarettes.Because we spend so much of our daily life at work, it’s natural that some of that time needs to be attributed to keeping up nicotine habits while you drop the levels gradually.But what are the rules for vaping in the workplace? Is it banned as smoking is in public places, or are there different laws i
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Is Vaping Better For You Than Smoking?

7th Dec 2023

Thousands of people search for the answer each month because it’s such an important question. Both e-cigarettes that you vape and cigarettes that you smoke contain nicotine and a bunch of other ingredients that create highly addictive products. Smoking cigarettes has been around for far longer than vaping (first created in 2003), and from decades of research, it’s clear the risks posed to anyone who lights up a cigarette. And yet, more than six million still smoke in the UK. Vaping in con
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Uwell Caliburn Explorer Review: Unique Dual Coil Pod Kit

29th Nov 2023

Uwell changed how people who vape perceive flavour, with their innovative Pro-Focs adjustment technology via the  Uwell Caliburn collection, releasing their first device back in 2019, and have not looked back since! The generational series has gradually evolved over time, with more than 20 different pod kits in the Caliburn range. Examples include the Uwell Caliburn Koko collection, with a box design, as well as uniquely styled pod kits like the  Uwell Caliburn Tenet, whi
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​Top UK Vape Juice Brands and Flavours You Need to Try

21st Nov 2023

The United Kingdom is easily one of the fastest-growing markets for vaping in the world. Common-sense UK vaping laws and regulations have helped to foster a thriving industry, which has stimulated the development of an almost endless variety of vape juice brands and flavours – all made domestically and crafted according to the highest quality standards. In addition, consumers also enjoy a wide variety of imported vape juice from other nations such as the United States, Malaysi
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​Vaping and Mental Health: Can It Help or Harm Your Wellbeing?

15th Nov 2023

It’s well known that smoking is strongly associated with a higher occurrence of mental health issues. According to the Mental Health Foundation, people with depression are twice as likely to be smokers than those without depression. Does smoking cause depression, though, or is it just that those with depression are more likely to self-medicate by smoking? If smoking does cause mental health issues, do all forms of nicotine use have the same effect? Researchers are still trying to answe
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Vaping in Schools: Studies and Statistics 2023

8th Nov 2023

Over the years we have seen concerns among parents in the UK regarding their children in secondary schools illegally vaping at their place of study. While it’s great that cigarette and drug use has dropped, vaping numbers are also on the rise. Should it lie with the UK government to tackle this problem, as they’re beginning to already with an e-cigarette consultation currently in place? Or does it rest with schools and teachers implementing policies and bans? We investiga
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​Best Vape Flavours for Beginners

3rd Nov 2023

Selecting the right flavour is vital to decide whether your attempt to quit smoking is successful or not. And with every individual, that will differ because we all have a mixture of preferences and requirements. For beginner vapers, it’s all about picking the right flavour profile that suits their journey and previous smoking habits. The type of vape kit chosen, the e-liquid nicotine strength and whether you have a sweet tooth all contribute to the final decision. Better yet, if sm
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The Benefits Of Using Refillable Pods When Vaping

25th Oct 2023

There are essentially three types of vape kits, each with their own advantages. Disposables are for beginners and those who like minimal effort, with everything set up already as a single-use device. Vape mods are for the more advanced who like to puff less nicotine, larger clouds, sweeter flavours and maximum warmth. Somewhere in the middle, you have two types of pods – refillable (with or without a fixed coil) and prefilled containing vape juice. Below in this complete guide, explore ever
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