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Vaping Related Lung Disease Debunked

16th Oct 2019

As of the 4th of October, 29 deaths have been attached to vaping by authorities in the United States with 1300 ‘injuries’ also officially reported. But with vaping deaths continuing to prove extremely rare outside the US, it’s important to take a look at our understanding of the issue and how our awareness has developed since the first reported cases. While it is vital to take every possible precaution when using vaping products, it is important to stay fully informed and rational.
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Vaping Benefits: Swapping Cigarettes for E-Cigs

11th Oct 2019

Started vaping yet? As we navigate through Stoptober - whether you’ve started the big quit or are yet to commence your quest to enjoy a smoke-free life, it can be useful to remind our selves of the rewards that lie in wait. Let’s take a look at the very tangible benefits yourself, your body and your loved ones will experience when you quit smoking, and why you should start vaping today to set you on the way to live a smoke-free life.Why You Should Stop Smoking Today It might not come as a
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SMOK Nord Review and Guide

23rd Sep 2019

There’s no question that the pod vaping category has been the fastest growing segment in the vaping industry in 2019. Pod systems have the ideal combination of everything. They’re powerful and satisfying, but they’re also highly portable and very easy to use. Pod systems have been around so long, though, that it’s no longer safe to assume that someone is new to vaping simply because he or she uses a pod system. Some vapers are on their second or third pod systems, and many of those
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What Happens When You Decide to Quit Smoking?

15th Sep 2019

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things anyone can do. But giving up cigarettes doesn’t have to be as hard and lonely a task as it once was.Modern quitters are can enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to support, digest a wealth of digital resources, and understand why giving up can be very, very difficult. So, what exactly makes cigarettes so addictive and what help do you have when it comes to giving up smoking for good?Why Are Cigarettes Addictive? Cigarettes are add
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What is JUULing?

12th Sep 2019

If you’re familiar with contemporary colloquialisms and vaping culture then you may already be familiar with JUULing or ‘’jewelling’. But if you’ve simply heard the aforementioned words in passing and are left perplexed and wondering what they might mean – just what is JUUling? Let us fill you in. JUULing, “jewelling”, or just Plain Vaping? The good news is that Juuling (pronounced ‘jewelling’) isn’t some new dangerous craze that all the kids are into. Juuling is in fact, just
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What is Synthetic Nicotine and is it safe?

11th Sep 2019

The reasons for being a vaper will largely be down top one’s desire to remove the harmful habit of smoking from their lives. Addicted to the high content of nicotine found in tobacco and subsequent experience of smoking, one such way to significantly reduce the risk of harm posed by the burning smoke of tobacco is by vaping. Nicotine extracted from tobacco and used in e-liquid means that technically, vaping falls under the jurisdiction of Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). This means tha
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Flavoured e cigarettes banned in Michigan: What happened and what’s next?

10th Sep 2019

Taking what may be the first step in a nation-wide clampdown on vaping, last week saw the state of Michigan ban flavoured e cigarettes and vaping products. The decision came on the back of two recent deaths in Michigan that followed the use of vaping products. But why did this happen, and should you be concerned about similar bans? What led to the decision of the ban One of the reasons the products have been banned is due to criticism that certain vaping packaging or products
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Get Ready for Stoptober Early

30th Aug 2019

Stoptober 2019 is just around the corner, bringing with it the drive and desire to inspire smokers everywhere to quit smoking and become smoke-free. A notoriously tricky path to traverse, becoming smoke-free is no mean feat, however, there are ways to get there. Acknowledged by Public Health England to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco - vaping nicotine-based e-juice via an e-cig or vaporizer has helped up to an estimated 3.2 million UK smokers to reach the successful smoke-free
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