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Best Small Vapes for Convenience and Discreet Nature

6th Apr 2023

Best Small Vapes for 2023

  1. Smok Propod kit
  2. Freemax Galex Nano
  3. Voopoo Argus Z
  4. Vuse ePod Vape Kit
  5. Smok Solus 2
  6. Geekvape Aegis Mini M100
  7. Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini
  8. Uwell Caliburn Tenet
  9. Smok Nord 5

What’s better than a small vape kit when you want something lightweight, easy to carry and hold while vaping on the go?
While there are tons of vape kits out there that hold different battery capacities and offer a wide range of features, there is something about holding a mini vape in your hand that’s comforting.
So, for that reason, we have compiled a list of the best small vape kits available that don’t just fit in your pocket or bag but provide the innovation and functionality needed to support your nicotine cessation journey.

Top 10 Small Vapes for 2023

Smok Propod Vape Kit

1. Smok Propod Kit - Great Form Factor

Compared to some Smok pod kits, the Propod has a great form factor that’s not too big and very comfortable to hold. With an ace design featuring a two-tone grip, we’re sure many vapers will love it!

This is a nice discreet device with a couple of useful features that make it as safe and reliable as possible. For example, you can lock the fire button to use auto-draw only, so there is less chance of the Propod going off in your pocket.

Key Features

  • 24.5mm x 15mm x 107mm
  • Stylish design with a comfortable rubber grip
  • Great airflow for mouth-to-lung vaping


Freemax Galex Nano Pod Kit

2. Freemax Galex Nano – Tiny Device With a Futuristic Look

We just love the job Freemax have done with the Galex Nano. The device gives us a real Star Wars vibe with the slick out of this world design!

The translucent chipset panel lights up in different colours which are super cool and is available in five themes including red gold and gunmetal to suit any preference.

From a practical perspective, it ticks a lot of boxes too, with a boxed compact nature, an 800mAh battery capacity and leak-resistant pods which vape between 11-22W.

Key Features

  • 53mm x 19.7mm x 76.9mm
  • The awesome flavour from stainless steel coils
  • Cool LED display and design


Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit

3. Voopoo Argus Z – Pocket-Friendly Auto-Adjusted Airflow Pod Kit

The Voopoo Argus Z pod kit is a no-fuss device that is perfect for beginners and experienced vapers. With coils that last ages and compatibility to use the Voopoo P1 pods in the Argus Z, you have multiple options for maximum flavour.

It provides a loose mouth-to-lung vape which works well with a variety of e-liquids, including nic salts.

Key Features

  • 92mm x 27mm x 15mm
  • Innovative U-shaped airflow pod design
  • Large 900mAh battery, lasting for two 2ml refills


Vuse ePod Vape Kit

4. Vuse ePod – Ideal Portable Vape

A compact little vape that easily fits in the pocket or bag, Vuse is known for its reliable starter kits that suit new vapers. With magnetic pre-filled pod cartridges that contain 1.9ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, they are not only ready to puff straight away but contain smoother ingredients and a lower PH level, that is tailor-made for higher nicotine vaping, without it being too harsh on the throat. The design is simple with the Vuse ePod vape kit and it is small enough to comfortably grip and vape in the hand discreetly.

Key Features

  • 350mAh battery capacity
  • Pairs with magnetic pre-filled 18mg nic salt pods!
  • Auto-draw


Smok Solus 2 Pod Kit

5. Smok Solus 2 - Great for Lightweight Vaping

For a very affordable price, the Smok Solus 2 is a definite upgrade on the original and a compact vape that is easy to hold and transport around whatever your schedule.

You can rotate the pods to offer different inhalation experiences and doesn’t require any experience with no buttons to press. It’s the ideal device to switch over from disposable vapes or smoking.

Key Features

  • 107mm x 21.5mm x 13mm
  • Adjustable pod for mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vape
  • Discreet vape with pre-installed coils


GeekVape Aegis Mini 2 M100 Kit

6. Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 M100 – Best Powerful Mini Mod

If you want a Sub-Ohm mod that doesn’t just produce huge clouds of vapour but more importantly fits easily in the palm of your hands, the Geekvape Aegis Mini M100 is the one.

At only 14cm in height, it doesn’t look big at all. But the huge battery size means you can vape direct to lung all day and get excellent flavour too! This is because it impressively vapes up to 100W and also boasts a 1.08” colour screen to see the performance.

Key Features

  • 140mm x 37mm x 27mm
  • IP68-rated waterproof, dustproof and shockproof technology
  • 2500mAh battery capacity


Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini Vape Kit

7. Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini – Large Internal Battery Pod Kit

Vaporesso know how to make user-friendly pod kits that work a treat! The Xros 3 Mini is a small example of that which still produces amazing flavour. The design is simple and you’ll have no problems vaping on the go due to its ergonomic shape and size.

Don’t believe for one second that it will compromise performance. This is because of the uniquely designed Corex heating technology, ensuring great-tasting e-liquids for longer, prolonging the life of the coil.

Key Features

  • 110mm x 24mm x 14mm
  • 1000mAh battery capacity
  • Long-lasting flavour


Uwell Caliburn Tenet Vape Kit

8. Uwell Caliburn Tenet - Great for Easy Filling

This one makes the list on the effort and detail that has gone into the device and packaging. One of the 16 Caliburn devices to date, the Uwell Caliburn Tenet is a bold one-of-a-kind pod kit that easily fits in the pocket.

With a rugged and robust shape, it looks sturdy and unlikely to break if dropped. It is easy to grip, has a useful e-liquid window and has a welcome 750mAh battery capacity. What’s not to like!

Key Features

  • 110mm x 25.1mm x 16.3mm
  • Impressive steampunk design
  • Versatile supporting multiple pods


Smok Nord 5 Pod Kit

9. Smok Nord 5 - Great for Compact Sub-Ohm Vaping

The Nord 5 from Smok is another stylish closely packed vape in a long line of interchangeable kits. Easily fitting in the pocket, it has a comfortable mouthpiece for vaping large clouds whenever you like throughout the day. It’s light to carry and airy to vape. Some other useful features include a lock on the latest set of coils to prevent leaks from happening.

The fifth version of the Nord is different because it’s tailored toward direct lung vaping and not in the slightest bit compatible with beginners who seek mouth-to-lung vaping like you would when smoking. Bear in mind it produces big clouds so be courteous around others with each draw.

Key Features

  • 110mm x 34mm x 25mm
  • The LED screen on the side of the device
  • 2000mAh battery capacity


Which Will You Pick?

After looking through this list we’ve compiled, it barely covers the surface of the vast amount of mini vapes you can select and use on the go without a slight hesitation because you need to fill it up or change the coils with difficulty.

All of these kits are ideal for beginners but resonate with all levels of vaping experience because they require very little maintenance. You can refresh or change the flavours of any e-liquid you like whether at home or outdoors with minimal fuss because these are not bulky devices. To find more kits like these with different features but the same user-friendly nature, head over to our pod kits page or chat with one of the members of our team.