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Top 8 Vapes That Don’t Leak 2021

2nd Dec 2021

Despite the numerous benefits you get switching from smoking to vaping, it’s a potential source of frustration when your vape decides to leak. It can happen for a wide variety of reasons and at any time. The type of e-liquid you’re using, or something as simple as the tank leaning on its side, can cause the vape to leak. Nevertheless, with the innovations of vaping technology we’re seeing in 2021 - with some stellar work from the likes of Caliburn, GeekVape an
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​Uwell Caliburn G vs Caliburn A2 Review - What’s the Difference?

24th Nov 2021

Uwell set the benchmark for quality, excellent design, coil flavour, with competitors such as SMOK, Innokin and GeekVape now playing catch up. But how did they do it in such a short space of time when they only formed as a company in 2015? With flagship brands under the name of Uwell, such as the Caliburn series, the acceleration to the top was inevitable. Two of their core products include the Caliburn G, which precedes the original Caliburn and the Caliburn
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Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

17th Nov 2021

So you're giving up smoking and picking up a vape device - congratulations your lungs will thank you later! Some kits may look the same as a cigarette but they are remarkably different in practice. Inhaling thicker clouds and trying pineapple e-liquids is just the beginning. Although an e-cigarette is highly recommended by many, it can still cause some prickly issues with the throat. Why does vaping make me cough is a question asked by many in the first stages. A frequent reason
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Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

10th Nov 2021

The goal seems simple - keep our teeth in good working order, looking and feeling healthy with no visible stains, colouring, gaps or abnormalities. But there are plenty of reasons why this can go wrong - it's not just sugary foods or fizzy drinks that can cause decay and stains. The dentists (who you should be visiting regularly for checkups) will tell you to cut out cigarettes for good. That’s because the tar from tobacco combustion and nicotine can at its worst cause mouth cancer and at the
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Is Vaping Bad for Your Lungs?

5th Nov 2021

Vaping should be a means to an end. Nobody should pick up an e-cigarette for the sake of it unless they smoke or are tempted to restart. The concern for many is how e-cigarettes and e-liquids together affect the body. Will vaping impact your heart, throat, breathing, weight, mental stability and fatigue like smoking does? Is vaping bad for your lungs and overall health, or the same? These are just some of the questions that cross the mind of a vaper. While it’s recommended by many to vape
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Do E-Cigarettes Have Side Effects?

27th Oct 2021

It’s natural to feel cautious about what we put in our bodies. From the food and drink we consume to the necessary medication prescriptions signed off by our doctors, people are more health-conscious than ever. Scientific research over many years has made us aware of the dangers smoking presents to the body - but what about vaping? Do e-cigarettes cause the same side effects, something more sinister or are they a better alternative to cigarettes, reducing the number of
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​Best Vape Pens for 2022 - UK Guide

21st Oct 2021

The world of vaping is constantly changing and evolving as the demands of the customer shift. However, one thing remains the same - the popularity of the vape pen. You may hear this term discussed a lot among e-cigarette enthusiasts and in passing. It’s just one of many ways to describe a type of device you can use to vape nicotine in the UK. Vape pens come in different shapes but generally hold in the hand like a pen you write with. But what does the best vape p
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Is Second-Hand Vapour Harmful to Others?

15th Oct 2021

Smoking and vaping often get compared. While cigarettes turn combustible tobacco into smoke, e-cigarettes produce vapour by heating e-liquid. Both involve exhaling a substance that lingers in the air. In recent years the dangers of blowing smoke around others has become common knowledge thanks to scientific studies, with a major concern among children and pregnant women. But what of vaping? Is this alternative habit, which is considered far less risky to your health overall, as it does not co
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