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All Highstreet Vape Shops Told to Close

2nd Apr 2020

Last week we saw an update to announcements over shop closures by the UK government in light of the Coronavirus outbreak – listing vape shops among the businesses that were to temporarily close. This built on the initial stance set out by the Prime Minister on the 24th March, stressing a need to maintain social distancing over the coming weeks to fight the threat posed by COVID-19. As a result, only ‘essential’ businesses such as pharmacies and grocery stores were told to remain open. Vape
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Vaping vs. Smoking: What Are the Facts?

25th Mar 2020

Public Health England recently released a report highlighting the price that smokers pay for the ‘false fears’ that surround vaping.This points towards a growing disconnect between the public’s personal beliefs and the factual evidence around vaping that authorities have provided. What exactly have credible, official bodies reported about vaping and why is it so important to bridge this knowledge gap when it comes to smoking cessation?What is This Vaping Awareness Gap? Independently resea
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Best Vape Kit for Smokers

19th Mar 2020

Vaping is an option that many smokers will have seen or become aware of in recent years, but it often seems like a far more complicated option than simply lighting up a cigarette and smoking it. However, it really doesn’t have to be, and with the massive number of options available for smokers looking to move into vaping, there is an option that works for everyone. Whether you’re looking to quit cold turkey, or simply reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis, this i
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PHE Shows ‘False Fears’ Stopping Smokers From Quitting

10th Mar 2020

Public Health England releases a new report stating that concocted ‘false fears’ on vaping are preventing smokers from quitting cigarettes. Commissioned to cover the changing shape of cigarette use in the UK, Public Health England’s (PHE) 2020 report aims to better understand the role vapes, e-cigarettes, and ‘nicotine delivery devices’ can play when it comes to staying smoke free. Now, what exactly does the new report say, and what does it highlight when it comes to cessation? We look
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The ASH & Cancer Research Tobacco Control Report 2019

27th Feb 2020

Has vaping helped you quit smoking? Want to find out what your local government is doing to encourage a smoke-free community and help more smokers quit smoking? Looking into local tobacco control and stop-smoking services throughout England, ASH and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have recently published their sixth annual report detailing their findings. From budget cuts to recommendations made by ASH and CRUK - let's take a look at the talking points from the report and what it means for vap
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XEO VOID: the Best Vaporiser of 2020

24th Feb 2020

Having enjoyed a positive reputation since hurtling onto the market in late 2016, the XEO VOID vaporiser has become a mainstay device in the UK and European markets. But does this award-winning vape by XEO still stack up in the new decade where the competition is fiercer than ever before? We take a look at, what we believe to be, the best vaporiser of 2020. More About the XEO VOID A high quality, sub-Ohm device – the VOID combines German design with a dual purpose functional
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Can You Ship E-Liquid from the UK to the US?

5th Feb 2020

Here at V2 Cigs UK, we’ve happily served customers in the United States for many years. Recently, though, there’s been an influx of new visitors who want to know if we can ship e-liquid from the UK to the US. So, why the sudden cause for asking? That’s because regulations in the US regarding pre-filled vaping cartridges and pods have recently changed. If you’re here because you can no longer find your favourite flavour for your pod- or cartridge-based e-cigarette in local stores, we a
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Does Vaping Affect Male Fertility?

4th Feb 2020

It's common knowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes harm the fertility of both men and women, but how does vaping affect male fertility and is there cause for concern among those who vape and wish to procreate? We all know that smoking cigarettes affects both male and female reproductive systems, but what about vaping? Do e-cigarettes and e-liquid have an effect of fertility? We take a look at the evidence and find out more. The Impact Smoking Has on Fertility You’ve no
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