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The Real Reason You Should Quit Smoking in 2020

18th Dec 2019

It’s come to that time of year where we begin to assess, analyze and take stock of the year that was. As we begin to look with bright eyes, bushy tales and emboldened ambition at the new horizons and New Year that lie in wait, if you still smoke, then now might be the time to take those first few steps and finally quit smoking. Sound like something you’re thinking about? Let’s take a look at how vaping e-cigarettes and e liquid can help you on your way to becoming a smoke-free healthy new you
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Vaping Predictions 2020: Top 5 Things We Learned at the Vaper Expo

6th Dec 2019

Europe’s biggest vaping convention, The Vaper Expo, returned to the NEC in Birmingham recently, where hundreds of the world’s leading vaping brands set about showcasing their new products to the market. Take a look at our vaping predictions for 2020 as well as what we learned while we were there. Expect Lots of New Products If you vape and know how beneficial it has been for you in quitting smoking, then you’ll also know that vaping has helped millions of people around the world give u
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What is a Mesh Coil?

2nd Dec 2019

Looking to find out more about mesh coils? Haven’t got the foggiest what they are or what they do? Let’s take a look at how a mesh coil might maximize your vaping experience and how the overall surface area of your coil might change the way you vapeThe Importance of Surface Area Manufacturers and designers of the vaping community are constantly finding new ways of improving our vaping experience. Whether its battery size or coils, the evolution of vaping devices and their components are an
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What Makes Our E-Liquid Premium

29th Nov 2019

So, what is it that makes Vapour2 e-liquids truly first class, and why is it worth sticking with us… or giving our diverse range of options a taste? In a market flooded with choice, it can be hard to pick out a quality provider for your vaping products. With a wide range of makes and models, our team at Vapour2 have gone the extra mile to provide a premium experience for vapers of all tastes and backgrounds. 1. High Standard ProductWith vaping adjacent lung injuries ravaging America, it is
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Vaping Ban Overturned?: Trump Reverses Position

22nd Nov 2019

After threatening to ban flavoured vaping products earlier this month, President Trump has taken an abrupt U-turn on his decision. This has led to uncertainty about the future of the industry in the US, sparking rancour among his supports and detractors, and confusion about exactly what prompted him to make such a strange decision. So, what caused this to happen and how are things likely to shake out?What happened? Trump’s decision came in the wake of the serious vaping-related illness t
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Can Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

12th Nov 2019

Have you heard about vaping and weight loss? The natural appetite suppressant nicotine, found in cigarettes, has been known for keeping people thin - albeit in an unhealthy way. Is vaping nicotine e liquid a better way to lose weight?  Is Vaping an Appetite Suppressant? A not uncommon stereotype of a smoker is often someone depicted as lean, skinny and pale. Skin-tone aside, heavy smokers will often forgo food due to the quantity of nicotine suppressing their feelings of hu
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National Save Vaping Day

28th Oct 2019

As the US struggles with a mysterious lung illness that has been linked to vaping, the industry has become a focal point for some negative press recently. While e-cigarettes are up to 95% safer than smoking, could the return of tobacco-harm become an unwelcome reality for the US if a countrywide ban is enforced? Let’s look at why vaping needs saving and why smoking tobacco will remain as a not-so-silent killer if it isn't.Why Does Vaping Need Saving?Unless you’ve been blissfully vaping awa
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​Guide To Vape Coils

25th Oct 2019

From navigating PG/VG ratios in your e juice to choosing between an e-cigarette, box mod or vape pod - understanding vaping equipment and the associated terminology can be a confusing experience. While you might understand the basics, how much do you know about vape coils? What are coils in vaping? What are the best coils for vaping? What’s the difference between vape coils? How long do vape coils last?What is a Vape Coil? Vape coils are a fundamental element in your e-cigarette or vaporize
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