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Vaping: Dispelling Myths

17th Aug 2018

Woman thinking about vaping myths

The latest NHS statistics on smoking show that 1.6 million people have stopped smoking in six years and that vaping is playing an important role in helping smokers quit and switch. Whilst this is encouraging news for our nation’s health, the fact is that a multitude of myths about vaping still exist and that more information is needed to dispel the dastardly rumour mill that turns and churns the miseducation of many.

From Merlin, the Magician to the unanswerable question of how we ever got here in the first place - myths, hearsay, and conspiracy have played a part in our lives since the dawn of time. The sensationalist nature of ambiguity and one’s quest for truth can be a tricky path for some. Depending on our disposition, the factual fork in the road can seem a little unclear sometimes.

Here at Vapour2, it’s important for us to know, that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to vaping. So let’s look at dispelling some of the myths that surround the world of e-cigarettes and vaping.

Vaping is expensive

Not true. If you treat e-cigarettes and vaping as you do your typical habitual consumption of cigarettes then you’ll find you could make some significant savings. Say you smoke 10 cigarettes a day at a cost of £9ish for a pack of 20. That kind of habit will be costing you around £150 a month and just shy of £2000 a year. The average vaper may spend £25 a month on e-liquid with a varied outlay for accompanying devices and accessories. Like anything in life, connoisseurs can, of course, indulge in advanced devices, but for the majority, a simple starter kit will suffice. Why not consider refillable e-liquid vape pens and reusable cartridges to keep the cost down?

Vaping is bad for your health

A common misconception among smokers is that nicotine is bad for your health and if you’re vaping, surely you’re still damaging your body. Not so true my friend, as research finds that actually, nicotine carries minimal health risks. While it’s the nicotine that gets you hooked into the habit of smoking, it is, in fact, the thousands of chemicals used in the process of manufacturing tobacco products that cause the real damage. While E-liquid does contain a few of the chemicals found in cigarettes, they do not contain tar or carbon monoxide - two of the most lethal toxins found in cigarettes. In a landmark review, Public Health England declared that e-cigarettes to be around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Vaping will give me popcorn lung

This one’s a popular myth. ‘Popcorn Lung’ refers to a lung condition developed by popcorn factory workers due to high levels of the compound diacetyl. Whilst small traces of diacetyl can be found on the international market of e-liquids, UK customers can take heart from the prohibition of such a substance in e-liquids sold in this country. Travelling abroad? Keep an eye on the contents of the e-liquids, for this prohibitive law is not a global one.

As we merely scratch the surface of this murky myth trail, we’re hopeful that we have allayed some of your concerns and that you’ll soon stop smoking tobacco and start vaping. We’ll bring you more myths to break down in due course, but for the time being, relax, let your mind be free from myths and vape away happy in the knowledge that you now know that it’s good to find stuff out for yourself rather than what your next door neighbour might natter to you in passing.