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​Geekvape H45 Classic Vape Kit Review

27th Jul 2023

Two Geekvape H45 Classic Vape Sub-Ohm Mods

Geekvape H45 Classic Kit Quick Summary


  • Now an IP86-rated tri-proof mod
  • Large 1400mAh battery capacity
  • Generous 0.96 inch TFT display
  • Works with all of the Geekvape B Series coils
  • Excellent quality and design – robust as well as practical
  • Top airflow leakproof design


  • Sometimes challenging to remove the coil from the device
  • Not completely versatile – tailored towards direct lung and restrictive direct lung only despite there being mouth-to-lung coil options

How Does the H45 Classic Compare to Other Mods from Geekvape?

The obvious comparison would be with the first-generation Geekvape H45. With a similar design, the same battery power and wattage capability (45W max), the new Geekvape H45 Classic Mod Kit is a reimagined version of the previous mod with a few useful tweaks. Geekvape is known for its stylish yet robust designs that are IP68 rated – meaning they are shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. You get that with both mods, but the H45 classic has less of a rubber coating than previous designs. Therefore, Geekvape states the new design is 15% lighter than its predecessor, which is handy for carrying around.

Let’s Talk About the Performance

The H45 Classic delivers on multiple levels. It will appeal more to restrictive direct-lung and Sub-Ohm vapers who like to vape purely direct-lung. With steady output technology, you get a consistently smooth and reliable vape with each hit, which optimises the power based on the coil inside the pod.

Geekvape B Series Coils

It's an interesting vape kit which should technically cater to all styles of vaping when you consider the impressive B series of coils that were available with the previous H45 mod. The resistances do go above 1.0 Ohm for mouth-to-lung vaping. However, the mouthpiece with the device (which is removable) is wider and designed to create more airflow for a direct lung vape.

With a restrictive or loose direct lung throat hit from the H45 Classic, you get a smoother vape with more flavour and warmth, although it’s still on the cooler side. The different coil options include 0.2 Ohm best vaped between 50-58W, 0.6 Ohm between 15-25W and 1.2 Ohm between 10-14W (although you would need to change the drip tip to a 510-connection for mouth-to-lung vaping).

For the best restrictive direct lung performance, we recommend the 0.6 Ohm coil, which produces fantastic flavour and a good amount of warmth. There is also a 0.4 Ohm coil that comes with the kit, which is also satisfying, creating some sweet flavour from your high VG e-liquids.

A charging test after first using the device shows that even with a 1400mAh battery which should last most of the day, even if you run out from heavy vaping, it fully charges in about 45 minutes.

Appearance Breakdown

This is one stylish compact device! It’s one of the best releases that fit in your pocket but produces an excellent DTL and RDL vape, and yet does not disappoint in terms of build quality, featuring a smooth silicone coating. With a lighter form factor (15% lighter), it’s super convenient for vaping with the above vape styles on the go and is available in lots of unique colour schemes, including Aqua, Lavender and Sakura.

Compared to the previous mod, like we said the extra visibility on the pod chamber is handy for knowing when your vape juice is running down, while the padded leather grip creates a comfortable grip.

Six Different Geekvape H45 Classic Devices With Varied Colour Schemes

More Details About the Refillable Pods

Good news – whether you had the first generation Geekvape H45 or want to test the waters with the upgraded H45 Classic, they both use the same pod cartridge. But with the newer mod, the tank sits slightly higher so you can see your e-liquid levels with even greater ease than the previous design. With a top airflow design, the top air inlets create more flavour once the e-liquids heat via the coil. Plus, it creates a much easier situation with less chance of leaking vape juice.

Functionality and How to Use the Device

Like with most devices from Geekvape, the UI design, interface and navigation are set up in a way that’s easy to use and go between the various features. Here are some simple instructions to use the H45 Classic:

  1. Click the fire button five times to turn the device on and off.
  2. To lock the wattage but still puff the device, press the up and down buttons together.
  3. Three clicks of the fire button to select the power mode (bypass and power mode).
  4. Press the up button to go up in increments of 1W to adjust your wattage between 5-45W.
  5. Up/down button and fire button together to alter the brightness.
  6. No temperature control on this device.


So, does it tick all the boxes for you as a vaper? If you want to vape direct into the lungs and are seeking something sleek and compact but still easy on the eye, the Geekvape H45 Classic is not just one step up from the previous version but one of the best mods of 2023. Granted, with a Sub-Ohm mouthpiece and the Geekvape B series coils aimed more towards DTL vaping, if you like to vape mouth-to-lung, it may not be the vape kit of your choice. But with a removable 510 drip tip connection and B series coils that are higher in resistance, it could still do a job if customised correctly. Regardless of which coil you choose and the colour scheme you pick, the Geekvape H45 Classic offers an impressive design and functionality to deliver high consistent performance often for a smooth and flavoursome vape.