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Temperature Control vs Variable Wattage - A Guide On Modes

10th Sep 2020

If you’re used to beginner vapes, you might not be aware that the majority of more complex or advanced vapes actually have different modes which affect the overall vape experience and allow you to tailor your vape experience to your own personal preferences.

There are a few big differences between Temperature Control and Variable Wattage mod kits, which we’ll go into in this guide. At a very simple level, however, it’s worth thinking about Variable Wattage as comparable to a manual car, while Temperature Control is like an automatic. Temperature Control gives you a bit more flexibility and variety, but takes more effort, while Variable Wattage is easier to use, but can have a few issues of its own.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Vaping Mod With Temperature Control

Temperature Control vaping is actually a pretty new development in the world of vaping. Even though modern vapes have been around since the turn of the 21st century, the first TC device didn’t appear on the market until 2014, more than 10 years later. This device featured a “DNA Chip”, which makes sure that the internal temperature of the vape doesn’t go outside the parameters set by the user. This was a massive breakthrough in vape technology, and has been incredibly popular with advanced and pro vapers ever since.

Temperature control modes allow the user to regulate the temperature of their vape, which can be used to increase the temperature for a lighter, hotter hit, or taken down to ensure the cotton and coils don’t burn out, leaving you with dry hits or that distinctive burnt flavour. It’ll then help to keep that temperature consistent using smart heating technology and resistance-increase coils, giving you a more consistent vape experience that you can tailor perfectly to your own personal preference.

How to TC Vape

Firstly, you’ll need a vape that supports temperature control. For a long time, the majority of these devices were very expensive and not particularly accessible to the average vaper, but this is starting to change, with more affordable brands releasing temperature control devices. However, make sure you do your research - a lot of the time in the world of vaping, you get what you pay for. At V2 Cigs UK, we take great care to handpick the devices and e-liquids we stock to make sure our customers are getting fantastic value and performance from all of the products in our selection.

Then, you’ll need a variable-resistance coil. This is a coil that increases its resistance as the temperature increases, allowing the device to remain a stable temperature throughout longer vape sessions. While Kanthal is a very popular and affordable option for coils, it has static resistance, so can’t be used safely in temperature control vapes. Instead, materials like stainless steel, nickel and titanium can all be used in temperature control vapes.

Finally, make sure your coils and tanks are screwed in tightly, choose the right wire type on your vape mod display and lock the resistance. Usually, you can do this with the +/- buttons on your vape, but check the manual that comes with your device to be sure. In  some TC mods like the GeekVape Aegis X, you can change the wattage alongside the temperature, while others will automatically set the safest and most effective wattage automatically. If you’re changing your wattage manually, make sure not to go too low, as TC coils need a fair bit of power to effectively heat due to their low resistance. Then, set your target temperature. This will vary depending on the e-liquid you use, your device and your personal tastes. It might take a bit of experimenting to find the temperature range that works for you, but over time you’ll get to know the best target temperature for you! Vaping in temperature control mode makes it easy to experiment as you don’t have to worry about overheating your coil or burning the e-liquid. If you notice any dryness, turn your temperature down and prepare to refill, as you’re probably low on e-liquid.

What is Variable Wattage Vaping?

Vape Mod With Variable Wattage Mode

Variable Wattage vapes are some of the most popular on the market as they are simple to use, affordable and very beginner-friendly when you’re starting out with a mod vape. In general, we recommend you get familiar with variable wattage vaping and what you can do with it before looking into more advanced mods. With that said, a lot of TC mods will also have variable wattage capabilities, so if you don’t want to upgrade more than once, a TC mod might be the right choice for you.Variable wattage mods are battery-powered devices that can regulate their power output using internal circuitry. They are great for beginners, as these safety features prevent it from damage, getting too hot or firing on its own. VW vape mods may well also have other features like adjustable resistance, battery life displays and more, depending on the device you choose.

How to VW Vape

You should always start with a fairly low voltage, to make sure you don’t overload your vape. Then, as you get comfortable, you can gradually increase the voltage as you need to. If you’re finding you don’t get much flavour from your vape, your voltage is probably too low, and you aren’t heating the e-liquid enough to create the flavoured vapour. On the other hand, if you’re starting to taste burnt flavours, your wattage is probably too high and is singeing the atomiser, which can cause damage to your device as well as ruining your inhale.

It’s also easy to VW vape because most coils will have their optimal wattage on them! Of course, you don’t have to follow this to the letter (or number in this case), but it gives you a guide as to where you’re going to get the optimum performance from each coil. A low resistance coil combined with a high-wattage setting, for example, might well exceed the optimum wattage on the coil, but will result in increased vapour production.

How to Vape Safely in Different Vape Modes

It’s important to remember that in both temperature control and variable wattage vape mods, there are several safety features that are in place to help keep you safe and your vape working as it should! For example, they’ll shut off when they get too hot to prevent any damage and make sure they don’t get too hot. They’ll also have settings to make sure they only fire when you need them to, and won’t go off when tucked into a bag or pocket!

One safety measure that you should always take when vaping, particularly when vaping in temperature control mode, is to make sure your coils are compatible with your vape style.

Types of Coil for Temperature Control Mode

When vaping in temperature control mode, you should make sure that you’re using wire in your coils that is resistance-increasing, while in variable wattage mode you should look for a static-resistance coil. Stainless steel, nickel and titanium are all good resistance-increasing wires, which means that their resistance increases as the temperature does, to provide you with a smooth, reliable and consistent vape.

In variable wattage mode, you’ll need a coil with static resistance, made of something like Kanthal or Nichrome. Kanthal is one of the most popular and readily available vape cols on the market, and is very affordable. However, as static resistant coils don’t adjust to the current running through them, they are more likely to overload, overheat and burn out. However, once you have a bit more experience VW vaping, you’ll quickly get to grips with how often and how regularly you should fire to get the best performance form you vape, without burning out or damaging your vape mod.

Which Vape Mode is Right for You?

Temperature control mode is great for experienced vapers who know exactly how they like to vape, and are happy with a consistent experience every time. However, if you’re just getting into more advanced vaping and working with vape mods, or like to experiment with different e-liquids, flavours, temperatures and vape styles, it’s probably not your cup of tea just yet!

Variable wattage mode is the easiest way to vape, and means you can get started quickly, without having to worry about specialised coils, temperature ranges or hitting the textbooks and learning about Ohm’s Law.

The vast majority of vape mods that have temperature control modes will also have a variable wattage mode, making it easy to switch between the two if you’re not sure which is the right mode, or if you enjoy the variety that vaping with multiple styles can give you.

The Best Vape Devices and E-Liquids for Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Vaping

VSAVI 100% VG E-Liquids Generally when it comes to temperature control or variable wattage vape mod modes, you’ll want a higher or 100% VG e-liquid. As many variable devices are designed to produce higher volumes of vapour, too strong a nicotine concentration or throat hit can be overwhelming and even painful if you’re inhaling too much too quickly.

These devices are also perfect for Sub-Ohm vaping, for which you shouldn’t be using high PG or nicotine e-liquids, for many of the same reasons. Instead, a smoother high or 100% VG e-liquid is ideal when using variable vape mod devices.

E-liquids like the VSAVI 100% VG e-liquid are smooth, full of flavour and comes in a variety of different nicotine strengths for all kinds of vapers. If you’re looking for great vapour production with your TC or VW vape mod, look no further than this range of high-quality, affordable range of e-liquids.

Innokin Coolfire Z60 ModIf you’re looking for a sleek, smart device that is easy to use and doesn’t compromise on style, the Innokin CoolFire Z60 is a fantastic option. These vape mods are hard-wearing, long-lasting, beginner-friendly and surprisingly powerful for such a portable and affordable device. A smart zinc alloy casing is available in various colour schemes and the device features an intuitive user interface that is simple to use. This device also has a 6-watt minimum and increased 60-watt maximum power limit, giving you more flexibility from your variable wattage vape compared to the previous Z50. As well as being a great vape in its own right, with this Starter kit, you’ll also get:

  • 1x Coolfire Z60 Mod
  • 1x 2ml Zlide Top Tank
  • 1x User Manual

Suitable for both MTL and DTL vaping, this is a great device for those new to mod vaping, but also for experienced users who want a variable wattage device that will give them all the power they need, without any fuss!

SMOK Rigel Devices With Variable WattageIf you’re after a device that gives you the flexibility to really vape the way you want every time, the SMOK Rigel is an excellent choice. One of the most popular devices on the UK market, and for very good reason! This powerful vape comes with an impressive variable wattage capability, which is ideal for those who like to shake things up.

With a max output of a whopping 230W, Watt mode gives you an excellent preset to start with, and you can customise your output from there until you have the perfect vape experience for you. Like all things vaping, finding the settings that give you the best possible experience is a case of trial and error to start with, but this fantastic preset on the SMOK Rigel makes it easy to get started, no matter how experienced a vaper you are!

Whether you’re a seasoned vape pro or just getting into the world of TC and VW vaping, our wide range of vape mods, e-liquids and vaping accessories will help you get the best possible results from your vape every time!