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GeekVape produces the latest and greatest vape pod & mod kits available in the vaping market. Developed in Shenzhen China since 2015 and loved by UK vapers for the same amount of time, you can pair some wonderful vape kits from the Aegis series with effective tanks that are adjustable and vape coils that create a voluminous cloud for DTL vaping or a generous throat hit for MTL vapers. In addition, their disposable options such as the Geek Bar stand out in an area currently in high demand among vapers.

Geek Bar Disposables

You’ve just found the best place to buy Geek Bar vapes in the UK. Geek Bar is one of the most popular disposable vape brands on the planet. If you’ve been searching for “Geek Bar near me” in an attempt to find a seller close to home, you’re in luck because we have the full range of Geek Bar flavours and models in stock and ready to ship immediately. We also have the industry’s best prices, which will be a great bonus for you if you’re looking for an opportunity to save a little money.

From the classic Geek Bar 575 to the ultra-slim Geek Bar Lite, you’ll find the best disposable vapes in the UK right here on this page. If you’re not sure which device is right for you, read on to learn more about Geek Bar vapes.

Geek Bar 575 Disposable Vape Kit

Sleek, stylish, compact and efficient, the Geek Bar 575 puff disposable is just what's needed for vapers of all levels. It not only looks great with bold colours to match the delicious combination of...

£5.49 £2.49

Geek Bar Meloso Disposable Vape

The latest disposable vape from Geek Bar is the Meloso 600, a back-to-basics vape kit for activating 600 nic salt puffs whenever you like without charging or changing coils. Geek Bar Meloso (2% Nic...


Geek Vape Geek Bar Lite

There is no better compact disposable vape than the Geek Bar Lite from GeekVape. Following the success of the Geek Bar, this stylish slimline Bar boasts a 350mAh battery and 2% nic salt strength...

£4.85 £2.49

GeekVape 1FC Vape Pen

Mouth to lung vaping just got even easier with the GeekVape 1FC vape pen. This leak-proof pod system fast charges in only 15 minutes, meaning you don't have to worry about running out of...

GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 Kit

The GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 pays homage to the original with a similar design and performance at 200W. Slightly smaller and more compact with predominantly silicon and alloy, most importantly it's...

£59.99 £54.99

GeekVape Aegis One Replacement Pods

Holding 2ml of e-liquid, the One Pod is the perfect companion for the fast-charging GeekVape 1FC vape pen or the GeekVape ONE. Experience excellent flavour with the 0.8 Ohm or 1.2 Ohm coil...


GeekVape Aegis X Vape Kit

Introducing the brand new Aegis X Vape Mod Kit from GeekVape. The Aegis X vape mod is a more powerful temperature control box mod from the GeekVape Aegis family that is powered by dual 18650...

GeekVape B Series Replacement Coils

Vape between 10-58W with the B Series range of coils, tailoring the vaping experience to your personal preference by choosing from the collection of different resistances available. Producing...


GeekVape Geek Bar S600

Vapers can enjoy 10 different flavours, each unique in their own right, from fruit blends like mixed berries to sweet options like watermelon, when they pick up a Geek Bar S600 disposable e-cigarette...

£5.49 £2.49

Geekvape H45 Classic Vape Kit

After the success of the Geekvape H45, Geekvape has taken the good points from the original and added a few upgrades with the sleek and 15% lighter Geekvape H45 Classic Sub-Ohm vape mod kit, with an...


Geekvape Sonder U Replacement Pods

Available with 0.7 Ohm or 1.1 Ohm pre-installed coils, these replacement pods for the Geekvape Sonder U are ideal for discreet mouth-to-lung or restrictive direct lung vaping. Geekvape Pods for the...


Geekvape Sonder U Vape Kit

The Sonder U MTL device from Geekvape is the perfect entry-level device for anyone who wants a simple-to-use kit with removable disposable pods, containing preinstalled coils. It's the logical next...


Geekvape Z200 Vape Kit

The Geekvape Z200 boasts up to 200W of power, a large user-friendly 2.4-inch touchscreen and a new XM 0.15 coil for the Z Tank, which supports up to 60ml of e-liquid. This stylish mod creates a...


Geekvape Z Max Tank

Following on from previous generational Z tanks, the latest Sub-Ohm spectacle from Geekvape is the Z Max Tank. This stylish and super-efficient accessory is key for large clouds of vapour and maximum...


Geekvape M Series Coils

For use with a range of Sub-Ohm devices from Geekvape, the flavour turbo M Series Coils are compatible with the high-quality Geekvape Z Max Tank for producing big clouds and extremely good flavour...


GeekVape Zeus Z Replacement Coils

The Geekvape Zeus Z mesh vape coils are designed for use with the new Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm vape tank, which works with Sub-Ohm kits such as the new Geekvape Z200 vape mod kit and the GeekVape...


What Is a Geek Bar?

Geek Bars are disposable vapes that are affordable, long lasting and an absolute pleasure to behold. Before new disposable vape brands like Geek Bar hit the market, most disposable e- cigarettes were nondescript devices that didn’t deliver much in the way of flavour, vapour production or satisfaction. When the Geek Bar brand hit the market, it was a revolution for the vaping industry. Everyone wanted to try the huge selection of flavours, and many people actually ended up switching from refillable vapes to disposables. Geek Bar continues to manufacture some of the best disposable vapes on the market today.

What Are the Best Geek Bar Flavours?

Flavour is everything in vaping, and the makers of Geek Bar vapes are well aware of that fact. That’s why you can always count on the Geek Bar brand to deliver an enormous flavour selection – so enormous, in fact, that you might have trouble choosing which one to try first. Here’s some advice that can help you decide. These are the best Geek Bar flavours on the market at the moment.

  • Geek Berg: If you’ve ever tried a certain famous e-liquid beginning with “H,” you know exactly what type of flavour profile the people at Geek Bar have created with Geek Berg. An enigmatic blend of mixed berries and menthol, Geek Berg is one of those flavours that no two people experience in exactly the same way. This one is a heavy favourite among UK vapers.
  • Banana Smoothie: No fruit smoothie could ever be complete without a banana, and this Geek Bar flavour goes over the top with a bold, sweet banana note to create something that tastes more like a banana milkshake than a traditional smoothie. There aren’t enough banana e-liquids on the market today, and this one is a true success.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: The greatest fruits taste even better with a splash of cream, and that’s particularly true of strawberry. In this flavour, you’ll taste loads of juicy and slightly tart strawberry along with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream.
  • Tobacco: If you prefer more traditional e-liquids, the Tobacco Geek Bar flavour will probably be right up your alley. Smooth and mild with just a touch of lingering sweetness, this is the perfect flavour to choose when you have an urge for something a bit richer and more savoury.

How to Use a Geek Bar

Disposable vapes are the most self-explanatory of all vaping devices, and using one is just as easy as smoking – even easier, in fact, since there’s no need to fiddle with a lighter. To use a Geek Bar, simply take the device out of its package and puff on it a few times as if you were smoking a cigarette. After taking several puffs, put the device down for a while to gauge your satisfaction level. Use the device about as often as you would normally smoke cigarettes.

When your Geek Bar starts blinking, it means that the battery is dead. At that point, you should dispose of the device responsibly and replace it with a new one. When you order Geek Bars, it’s always a good idea to buy one or two more devices than you think you need. You wouldn’t want to run out of vapes unexpectedly, because you might feel tempted to buy a pack of cigarettes while you wait for your new devices to arrive.

How Much Nicotine Is in a Geek Bar?

All Geek Bar disposable vapes sold on this site have a nicotine strength of 2% or 20 mg/ml. That’s the maximum nicotine strength allowed in the UK. Geek Bar 575 and Geek Bar S600 devices contain 2 ml of e-liquid and have a total nicotine content of 40 mg. Geek Bar Lite devices contain 1.8 ml of e-liquid and have a total nicotine content of 36 mg.

How Many Puffs Are in a Geek Bar?

The number of puffs that a Geek Bar will deliver varies depending on the model.

  • The Geek Bar 575 delivers up to 575 puffs.
  • The Geek Bar S600 delivers up to 600 puffs.
  • The Geek Bar Lite delivers up to 400 puffs.

If you’re curious about puff counts because you want to know how many cigarettes are in a Geek Bar, it’s helpful to think in terms of how many puffs you get from a pack of cigarettes. On average, you’ll usually puff on a cigarette about 10 times before putting it out. Therefore, if you only use a Geek Bar when you would have smoked a cigarette, you’ll get roughly the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes for every 200 puffs the device delivers. In that sense, you can expect to use the Geek Bar Lite for approximately two days before replacing it, while the other models will last up to three days.

Note, however, that the puff counts on disposable vapes are always approximations. If you tend to take longer puffs when vaping, your device will deliver fewer puffs than advertised. If you “chain vape” and allow your device to become very hot, that will also reduce the puff count.

Geek Bar in the UK: What Models Are Available?

We offer three different Geek Bar models at V2 Cigs UK. Here’s an overview of what’s available.

  • Geek Bar Lite: Costing just £4.25, the Geek Bar Lite is the smallest and most affordable Geek Bar model. Although the Geek Bar Lite is incredibly tiny and pocketable, there’s still enough room inside the device for 1.8 ml of e-liquid and a 350 mAh battery. The Geek Bar Lite flavour selection focuses on fruits, and there are 10 different flavours available.
  • Geek Bar 575: The Geek Bar 575 is the classic Geek Bar model and the one that helped the Geek Bar brand earn worldwide fame. It’s famous for its striking visual design and for its superb selection of 19 delicious flavours. The Geek Bar 575 has 2.0 ml of e-liquid and delivers up to 575 puffs with its 500 mAh battery.
  • Geek Bar S600: For those who want something a little different, the Geek Bar S600 is a great alternative to the original Geek Bar. Available in 10 tasty new fruit flavours, the Geek Bar S600 has a 500 mAh battery and delivers up to 600 puffs. You’ll also love the device’s eye-catching translucent mouthpiece.