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Best Pre-Filled Pod Vapes to Buy 2023

30th Aug 2023

Mixture of Pre-Filled Pod Vape Kits

  1. Elf Bar Elfa Pro
  2. Vsavi Starter Kit with Prefilled Vape Cartridges
  3. Vuse ePod
  4. Elf Bar Mate 500
  5. Vuse ePen

It’s 2023 and the vaping industry continues to move forward with lots of alternatives to cigarettes. Disposables have proved vital and in demand for vapers who want a like-for-like replacement to use straight out of the pack. However, this means discarding batteries regularly and needing a replacement weekly.

So as a cost-effective upgrade, could pod vape kits with a pre-filled pod of e-liquid be the answer? Is this the sort of entry-level device that can help you switch and watch your money while keeping the battery in the process? The resounding answer is yes! Below we sample some of the best prefilled pod kit options out there this year.

Why Are Pre-Filled Pod Vapes Popular?

Vaping is important to many for a wide variety of reasons. It could be down to cutting costs, improving your overall health or removing that nasty smell of cigarettes! In fact, it could be all three! However, the reason some are unable to quit smoking after trying vaping is because of the initial transition.

With e-cigarettes, you need to think about coil resistances, what wattage to vape at, what type of e-liquid you need and how to fill it. In comparison, you get a cigarette straight out of the pack and smoke. While this is terrible for your health and very expensive, people continue to smoke because it’s a habit they can’t break.

In recent times, a disposable vape has helped many vapers make the switch. While a great entry-level device, they are not the best for the environment and means millions of batteries are wasted every week.

Alternatively, a pre-filled pod kit provides a long-term solution that costs less than a disposable vape and certainly saves you money compared to a pack of cigarettes.

And best of all, it’s a minimum-fuss device. Because pre-filled pods in most cases are closed system accessories that contain a coil, so you don’t need to switch them yourself, and are already prefilled with e-liquid ready to vape and fully saturated, you just buy the pack of pods (often between 2-5 pods/cartridges per pack) and simply add on to your battery-powered device.

Providing it’s charged and ready to go, there is no need to fill up the vape juice. This makes it perfect for vaping while out and about or at home, and you don't need to worry about e-liquid leaking. Which are the best prefilled pod kits right now you ask?

Best 5 Prefilled Pod Kits Right Now to Buy 2023

Elf Bar ELFA Pro Vape Kit

1. Elf Bar Elfa Pro

First up, we have the latest prefilled pod kit option from the ever-popular Elf Bar. Renowned for their collection of disposable vapes, in the past couple of years they have produced some fantastic sustainable options if you want to save on batteries and spend less pennies! The Elf Bar Elfa Pro follows on from the original Elfa Pod kit, which is available in six different colour options. You can still use the previous pods in this new device and vice versa, which is handy!

But with the Elfa Pro, you also get the upgraded QUAQ mesh coil technology utilised in the Elf Bar 600 V2 disposable (released not too far apart). This design rethink produces the best flavour yet and the device itself looks fantastic also, with a shiny two-tone metallic casing. Slim and compact, it’s ideal for vaping in any situation and there are going to be 33 different Elfa Pro pod flavours to pick from in the not-too-distant future!

V2 Vsavi Classic Vape Kit

2. Vsavi Starter Kit

This device needs no introduction – as it’s been a best seller this year with those looking for the closest prefilled pod vape to a cigarette, not only in terms of appearance but familiarity. With 14 different cartridges to pick from, there are tons of different flavour options from traditional tobacco-inspired flavours to menthol and fruity options.

Best of all, you have more nicotine strengths to pick from than most brands that typically go for prefilled nic salt pods of 10mg or 20mg strength, which is handy with heavy smokers but not so much for those looking to cut down. Vsavi has created cartridges that screw in easily, only create a discreet amount of vapour and the nicotine strengths start at 1.8% (18mg) and go down to zero nicotine, with 0.6% (6mg) and 1.2% (12mg) in between.

Vuse ePod Vape Kit

3. Vuse ePod

Vuse is recognised for its entry-level devices that are perfect for beginners. The latest ePod design is super intuitive and ready-made for vaping from the get-go. Very short and compact, it’s the ideal vape kit for those who like something professional, hidden in the hand and not giving too much cloud.

The magnetic pods slot into place easily and contain a mixture of four different flavours, such as Golden Tobacco, Chilled Mint, Tropical Mango or Very Berry. These are only available in 18mg nic salt strength with roughly 275 puffs from a 1.9ml pod capacity but still do a job for heavy smokers. Available in packs of two just over £5, it’s equivalent to a pack of cigarettes at a fraction of the price.

Each ePod kit is simple to use, with a 350mAh battery, which charges efficiently. It’s auto-draw activated too so it feels close in habit to smoking.

Elf Bar Mate 500

4. Elf Bar Mate 500

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is a classic that still sells well in 2023 because it ticks the box of disposable fans who love the iconic Elf Bar 600 flavours. Reimagined in prefilled P1 pods, this was the first taste of things to come from Elf Bar who showed they had a mission to help vapers quit smoking at a cost-effective price and still replicate the same great flavours from the disposables.

Available in packs of two, you can pick between tons of different e-liquid (23 to be exact) options in standard 20mg nic salt strength, which is best suited to heavy smokers who go through more than one pack of 20 a day and need something similar in terms of nicotine from vaping. All pods offer leakproof technology to save every drop of vape juice, as well as a 2ml capacity and 1.2 Ohm pre-installed coils.

Vuse ePen Vape Pod Starter Kit

5. Vuse ePen

Last up for now (watch out for more added to this later) is the Vuse ePen, which is like its sibling ePod but offers something different with a more curved design. Similar in size but shaped at both ends, it feels great in the hand and the pods are magnetic like the ePod. The battery capacity is bigger at 650mAh which is useful for those who vape more frequently, plus it features a battery indication from low to full charge. The pods you can pick contain fewer puffs at roughly 200 and the only flavour to pick from is Master Blend, which is a combination of roasted tobacco notes with cream flavour too.

Prefilled vs Refillable Pods – Final Thoughts

We hope you like our list of the five best pre-filled pod kits for 2023, which still might change before the year is up - considering all of the new innovations that regularly make the headlines from the top manufacturers! Regardless of whether you like something from our picks above, or find something else from our prefilled pod kits page, it’s certainly one of the easiest choices for vaping (especially as a beginner). Simple because you don’t need to worry about changing e-liquids manually yourself. However, if you want more control over what goes in your vape e-liquid pod or tank, and frankly more flavour options from more brands, a refillable pod with a refillable vape kit might be the way to go. If you need any further assistance making your choice or technical support, feel free to reach out to our team of customer advisors