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​A Guide to Nicotine Salts

7th Mar 2019

VSAVI Nicotine Salts 20MG - 30MLYou may have heard the word that nicotine salts are the next big thing. “Nicotine whats?” we hear you say. The e-liquid that you are probably familiar with will typically contain a pharma-grade or ‘freebase’ nicotine, which is what is also used traditionally in cigarettes. Freebase is nicotine in its purest form, but is there another way to get the nicotine we need without having to vape? Let’s find out more about nicotine salts - the natural form of nicotine - and how it can enhance your vaping experience.

Nicotine Salts vs Pure Nicotine

Before we find out more about nicotine salts, it’s essential to get a little context and background information. The pharma-grade or ‘freebase’ nicotine that is traditionally used in both cigarettes and more potent quality e-liquid which is easier and quicker for the lungs and brain to absorb. However, this ‘freebase’ form of nicotine takes the naturally occurring nicotine salts and uses ammonia to strip the salts of its additional compounds and protons. It’s this ‘freebase nicotine’ that provides the harsh throat hit you get when you smoke cigarettes which exponentially increases with strength and heat.

What are Nicotine Salts?

There’s no salt here. Just natural nicotine in its original form. That’s right - nicotine salts are naturally occurring compounds found within the tobacco leaves themselves. Deemed initially to have low bioavailability - e-liquid nicotine salts are blended with the food supplement Benzoic Acid to increase the throat hit experience received when you vape. Considered to be the strongest form of e-liquid, you’ll require less in the way of puffs to get the nicotine hit you need which hopefully means less vaping overall. Ideally suited to low powered devices, e-liquid nicotine salts can enrich the flavour of your vape and enhance your overall experience.

Why Should I Use Nicotine Salts?

While e cigarettes simulate the experience of smoking to a degree, a common complaint often heard, is that the nicotine hit you get from vaping isn’t the same as smoking. One way of combatting this problem in the past has been for vapers to turn up the power of their device, and subsequently the heat that's applied to the nicotine-based e-liquid solution. All well and good, however, the hotter you heat your e liquid, you are of course nearing ever closer to potentially increased carcinogen levels approaching that of burning.

In your bodies quest to re-discover the levels of nicotine absorption that you were used to when you smoked, the likelihood is that you will invariably vape more to abate any burning desires to reach for the cigarettes when your e-liquid’s just not doing it for you anymore.

The probable premise for vaping in the first place was to become smoke-free and ideally nicotine free in the process, which doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with the habitual nature of vaping vast quantities of e-liquid to get the nicotine you need. So what’s a hopeful vaper got to do to satisfy their desires to become smoke-free? Nicotine salts may be the answer. Enjoy increased nicotine levels per vape, and a satisfactory throat hit not dissimilar to your traditional cigarette.

In 2015 Public Health England announced that e-cigarettes were up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco products and that vaping even has the potential to help smokers become smoke-free altogether. Amazing right? With an estimated a number of 3.2 million vapers enjoying the benefits that vaping e-liquid affords there are still some 7 million smokers that need convincing otherwise. Whether misinformed and unknowing of the healthier alternative to smoking that e-cigs provide, or dissatisfied with their previous encounters with vaping – it’s safe to say there is still much work to be done. Will nicotine salts provide the solution to smokers and vapers problems? Watch this space.