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Why Is My Throat Sore After Vaping?

17th May 2019

New vaper with a sore throat  

There’s a bit of an art to vaping. It looks so easy, but if you’re a vaping newbie, getting the rhythm of it right can be a little hard on the throat. Sore throats aren’t nice, but it’s not a permanent side effect of vaping. A few simple adjustments to how you vape can stop it happening.

Let’s look at the reasons why you might be reaching for the water more often.

Quit Smoking

If you’ve recently quit smoking, the chances are that your body is going through some withdrawal symptoms and one of the common symptoms of withdrawal is? You’ve got it — a sore throat.

Time is the only healer for this one. Wait it out, and you’ll be feeling like normal before you know it. In the meantime, try keeping a bottle of water close by while you vape to help your sore throat.

Vape Juice Ingredients

The ingredients that make up the vape juice, specifically PG (propylene glycerol), are designed to soak up moisture. If you have a high level of PG in your vape juice, then it can dry your throat. As you pull the vapour into your mouth, the PG is soaking up all of the moisture around it. This means that it is also pulling moisture in from your throat and giving you that sore feeling.

A lower PG level e-liquid means less moisture is attracted to the vape and therefore you’re less likely to get that dryness in your mouth.

You might need to experiment with different juices until you find the right level for you. Until then, keep yourself hydrated.

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Vape Style

If you’re new to vaping, then chances are you haven’t settled into your natural vaping rhythm. If you’ve been a smoker, then it’s likely you’re vaping as you would be smoking. Take your time drawing the vape into your mouth and hold it there a while.

You might also need to take longer breaks between vaping. Adjust how regularly you vape until you are used to it. Your smoking style will likely be different to your vaping style.

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Dry Hit

A dry hit is when you vape but you haven’t got enough juice to vaporise. This is when you feel the burn. Always make sure you have enough e-liquid to vape to avoid a dry hit. This will also help to prevent a smoking relapse and help you on your journey to becoming smokefree.

Dry hits happen when the heating coil doesn’t have enough liquid on it, and you’ll notice it tastes a little burnt. You can also reduce dry hits by not chain vaping, and turning down the voltage on your e-cig.

Sore Throat After Vaping & What To Do

If you’re still getting dry hits, then try selecting e-juice with more vegetable glycerin (VG), which is the ingredient that makes the vape liquid thicker and the heating coil moist.

If you are getting a sore throat with vaping, make sure you do the following:

● Drink plenty of water

● Check the PG level of your vape juice

● Take longer breaks between vapes

● Adjust your vape style

● Check you have enough juice to avoid a dry hit.