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Can Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

12th Nov 2019

Vaping Can Help You Lose Weight  

Have you heard aboutvaping and weight loss? The natural appetite suppressant nicotine, found in cigarettes, has been known for keeping people thin - albeit in an unhealthy way. Is vaping nicotine e-liquid a better way to lose weight? 

Is Vaping an Appetite Suppressant?

A not uncommon stereotype of a smoker is often someone depicted as lean, skinny and pale. Skin-tone aside, heavy smokers will often forgo food due to the quantity of nicotine suppressing their feelings of hunger and their desire to eat. A not uncommon stereotype of a smoker who decides to quit is the return of hunger and the associated weight gain that may result once you’ve stopped smoking.

Because the nicotine found in tobacco and cigarettes is a natural appetite suppressant, if you smoke because you think it helps with weight loss, there could be a better way to do so without inhaling all the carbon monoxide, carcinogenic materials and tar.

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Vaping is quickly becoming a go-to replacement for thousands of smokers every year in their quest to become smoke-free. Up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco, health officials Public Health England published evidence to suggest  vaping could help smokers become smoke-free. With an estimated 3.2 million UK vapers enjoying the benefits of a smoke-free life, vaping uses a nicotine-based e-liquid that is heated into a vaporized state to be inhaled, similarly to how a cigarette is smoked. While we wouldn't recommend a non-smoker to start vaping, e-cigs are a far safer way for a smoker to get the fix of nicotine that the body is addicted to. The nicotine in the e-liquid will suppress the appetite in the same kind of way that a cigarette does, which means you can finally quit cigarettes and avoid the immediate need to eat all the sweets and cakes you can get your hands on.

Does Vaping Help with Weight Loss?

There is no evidence to suggest that vaping can help with weight loss for non-smokers, however in the event of quitting smoking, it can help those smokers maintain their weight. If a smoker was to go down the  ill-advised route of going ‘cold turkey’ and completely cut out nicotine from their normal routine, then eating more food than normal may be helping to curb those cravings for cigarettes. Depending on how much food is consumed and how little exercise is undertaken a few unwanted extra pounds might be added to the scales over time. By vaping e-liquid, the nicotine continues to suppress the appetite and will keep the body in its current state, but in a far less harmful way.

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The aim of the game is not to vape forever, but to help slowly remove the body’s addiction to both smoking and nicotine. While the smoking part can be dealt with almost immediately, it’s important to reduce the levels of nicotine slowly, so that you don’t put your body under any undue stress.

E-liquid is available in varying strengths of nicotine which means vapers can  slowly reduce the levels nicotine, as well as letting the body’s hunger levels slowly adjust at the same time.

Vaping Sweet and Fruity E-Liquid

The reason that smokers crave sweets and add on weight when they quit smoking is that tobacco and cigarettes contain up to a tea-soon of sugar per cigarette. This means that in addition to your body having an addiction to nicotine, it'll also have somewhat of a sweet tooth too. By vaping a fruit or sweet flavoured e-liquid like grape or cola, you can satisfy both of your body’s cravings at the same time. Hurrah.