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Why Is My Throat Sore After Vaping?

17th May 2019

There’s a bit of an art to vaping. It looks so easy, but if you’re a vaping newbie, getting the rhythm of it right can be a little hard on the throat. Sore throats aren’t nice, but it’s not a permanent side effect of vaping. A few simple adjustments to how you vape can stop it happening. Let’s look at the reasons why you might be reaching for the water more often.Quit Smoking If you’ve recently quit smoking, the chances are that your body is going through some withdrawal symptoms and on
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Free E-cigarettes Could Be Given Out at Food Banks as Part of New Trial

14th May 2019

As many vapers will be aware, quitting smoking brings with it a whole host of positive health benefits, so the idea of having a smoke free UK is certainly an attractive one. Research has already suggested that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking and that more people are able to quit using them, but this new initiative could encourage those unaware of the benefits to give it a chance. Free E-Cigarettes At Food Banks Trial According to The i Paper, the proposed project would allow smoker
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You Could Be Jailed for Vaping in Hong Kong

30th Apr 2019

You may remember from last month’sLatest Vaping News blog, that we touched upon Hong Kong’s draft legislation that proposed severe fines and punishments for those caught with e-cigarettes. In response, UK based charity New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), has submitted documentation for the Hong Kong Bills committee to consider in the hope that some sense may prevail. NNA respond to vaping proposal Recently, NNA submitted a response to a potential legislation, which generally follows the expe
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Celebrities Who Vape and On-Screen Vaping You Might Have Missed

26th Apr 2019

From Hollywood A-listers to humble everyday people like you and I, everybody loves a vape don’t they? Whether you’re celeb spotting on the red carpet or catching a glimpse of a vape cloud in your favourite film, vaping is quickly becoming a significant replacement for traditional tobacco products that were previously a mainstay on our screens. Keen to know who’s who when it comes to superstar vapers? Let’s check them out.Celebrities Who Vape Katherine Heigl Arguably the Queen of H
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The Real Cost of Vaping

16th Apr 2019

Thought vaping was more expensive than smoking? That’s where you might be wrong. We give you the breakdown cost of vaping e-cigarettes so you can make your own mind up. There must a reason why over three million Brits have called quits on cigarettes and are now vaping.How much money does it cost to start vaping? If you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether you’re going to stop smoking and start vaping, worried that vaping is more expensive than smoking, then you may be in
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