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Nicotine Levels for New Vapers

4th Jan 2018

How to Choose the Best Nicotine Levels for New VapersListen up, because this is truly an important topic for anyone new to vaping. Even if you are a veteran of vapour, you may want to read along. We’re going to be talking about nicotine levels for new vapers, but this is also a good refresher for anyone into vaping. Nicotine levels are hugely important when making the transition to vaping.

Why It Will Make or Break You

Let’s start by saying this unequivocally: nicotine levels will make or break you. Think about what first brought you to vaping. Likely, you felt enough was enough. It was time to try something different and finally release yourself of old habits. You may have tried nicotine gum or the patch, but those didn’t work for you. That’s because they don’t provide the physical and emotional sensation you have become accustomed to over the years.

Vaping does just that. It’s why it has taken off and quickly become a mainstay in our society. Vapour products have disrupted a market that nobody thought could ever really be disrupted. But if you think you’re simply going to pick up a vapour product without understanding nicotine levels and make that switch, you’re mistaken. You may get lucky, but without proper knowledge of what your body needs, you’re bound for failure. Getting yourself vaping on the right nicotine levels will make or break your success! This is a point we will drive home time and time again.

What Does That Mean for Me?

As someone new to vaping, your body is still experiencing a great desire for what it has been so used to receiving. That’s why we would never encourage someone to make the switch to vaping with a 0% nicotine level. No nicotine e-liquid may not threaten society like some have absurdly claimed, but it is not the way you want to get started with vaping. It’s like going to battle with your rifle but no ammunition. You may look the part, but you’re woefully unprepared for the challenges ahead.

With that in mind, let’s break down the different levels that could work for you as a new vaper.

  • 0%: As we already mentioned, this is not an option for new vapers. You can work on bringing down your tolerance for nicotine and aiming to not need it at all, but you should certainly never start here.
  • 0.6%: This level is also problematic for all but the most casual smoker. If you are used to smoking ultra-light cigarettes and doing so occasionally, this level could work for you. For most smokers, it still is not enough.
  • 1.2%: Now we are starting to get to a more legitimate point for new vapers to begin. This level would still be in the light category, so certainly it won’t be good if you smoke regular cigarettes. If you smoke light cigarettes, this is a viable level to try vaping.
  • 1.8%: Here is where most new vapers need to be. If you simply consider yourself a smoker and can go with regulars or lights, you will want to start by vaping 1.8% nicotine level e-liquid.

Finding Your Balance

None of what we covered above is a hard and fast rule. You may find that 1.8% nicotine is overwhelming, or that 1.2% is too light even if you are not a consistent smoker. Every person has his or her own body chemistry and needs. However, the general rule of thumb is to shoot higher on your nicotine level than lower. You would rather shoot higher and come down than feel pangs of nicotine withdrawal.

At least in the beginning, you want to make sure that you have enough nicotine in your system so that you can make that switch and never look back. After you are vaping away, you can and should experiment with different levels of nicotine. The most important thing is to find your balance where you are satiated with regard to nicotine, but not overwhelmed by it. If you’re still confused about which nicotine level may be right for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through your decision.