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Organic Vape Juice UK Guide

23rd Sep 2021


There are multiple reasons why organic products continue to drive interest among the UK population. From the ethically minded individual keen to keep tabs on carbon footprint to simply looking at different ways to improve our health and wellbeing, the organic initiative gathers pace as the year’s pass. The 2021 Soil Association Certification's Organic Market Report estimates the UK's organic market at £2.79 billion, following a 12.6% growth in sales in 2020, which is a figure only expected to rise further in the years to come. In addition to the organic bananas and quinoa that you might add to your shopping basket every week, you may have also stumbled upon organic vape juice (e-liquid) in the UK. Let's take a look at the buzz about organic vape juice, what it means and whether it’s safe to use.

Why is E-Liquid Organic?

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘what makes e-liquid organic’? You will not eat or drink e-liquid - and we can’t stress enough that you should avoid doing so at all costs. Nonetheless, a whole host of products across the UK, from the soap you use for scrubbing your face to the clothes you wear fall under the category of ‘organic’, as long as the item in question is natural and hasn’t used any chemicals in the production process.

E-liquid consists of nicotine, water, flavourings and either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) liquid. The last two ingredients determine whether the vape juice you’re consuming is organic or not.

The organic Vegetable Glycerin derived from vegetables (as long as the required growing standards are met and certified) compared to its synthetic counterpart Propylene Glycol. PG liquid is synthetic, so although it's not considered dangerous – it’s not organic. Used in many household items including makeup, shampoo, baby wipes, and even inhalers, PG is multi-purpose. Whether you’re vaping a PG or VG based e-liquid, does it or should it even matter?

Organic Vape Juice - What’s the Fuss About?

The question of whether you should be vaping organic e-liquid is a matter of personal preference. However, there may be instances where vaping a UK-produced 100% VG based organic vape juice is more of a logical choice.

More than just being an organic e-liquid, VG based e-liquids are the preferable option for those looking to create huge clouds of vapour from their e-cigarettes. In addition, the sweeter taste of this chemical, often used in food production, means a thicker and denser vapour. Meanwhile, most new vapers traditionally prefer an e-liquid with a higher ratio containing the PG compound because it helps to accomplish that throat hit similar to smoking.


Plus, the flavours you get from a PG high vape juice offers less sweetener and more what you expected in terms of taste from the bottle, whether that’s traditional tobacco or cherry. Brands will often cater to both needs and combine PG and VG to create a vape juice that blends all the benefits for a vape that ticks multiple boxes. Nevertheless, it boils down to two factors. Do you want to vape to become smoke-free, or keep your ethical compass in check by being organic?


Is Organic Vape Juice Safe?

Any liquid created from chemical products such as PG or VG inhaled into your body poses the question of safety.

Generally, these types of chemicals, although not completely harmless, are used in a variety of products listed above and cause no harm to individuals. However, like with anything, allergies occur and more so when vaping with PG liquid. If you’re suffering from sore eyes and mouth, nausea, wheezing whilst vaping or even experience an outbreak of eczema, the chances are that you’ll have an allergy to PG liquid. Ideally, if you can find a 100% VG e-liquid without any PG and your symptoms are alleviated, this may be the ideal blend for your vape, getting as close to an organic vape juice as possible.

What’s the Best Organic Vape Juice?

So it all boils down to finding a 100% VG organic vape juice that has no extra additives, preservatives and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free. It should be made with 100% natural ingredients and contain high-quality nicotine if you wish to vape with that to help give up smoking. The best way to do this is by finding a brand that tests their products accurately, highlighting the ingredients they use succinctly so that the customer can source what’s in the product they vape. You can find nicotine-free e-liquids too but they often contain a mixture of PG and VG.

Therefore, it’s better if you do your research and don’t buy impulsively - instead, search for the right organic vape juice that is pure, prepared in a clean and safe environment, eco-friendly and tastes as good as it looks. Each country has different laws on vaping and e-liquid manufacturing, so truth be told, it’s difficult to find a product online that truly demonstrates a quality organic vape juice. However, in the UK, one of the best organic vape juices available that appeal to vapers because of these traits has to be Vsavi, with their Gourmet range 100% VG e-liquid certified for those allergic to PG or simply chasing big clouds and even better flavour. Below is some of the other key selling points with this organic vape juice:

  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine from the world’s largest distributor
  • Medically tested high quality VG bases
  • Natural aromas
  • Completely GMO free
  • Have not been tested on animals
  • Prepared in a “clean room” laboratory
  • Eco friendly production
  • Integrated supervision by chemical engineers to ensure consistency and safety

Available in a range of flavours, Sub-Ohm enthusiasts will love not just the variety of flavours but the quality and measures in place to ensure this organic vape juice is 100% authentic. For more information, the V2 Cigs team is happy to explain in further detail the 100% organic vape juice range from Vsavi or something else that may be of interest. You can also tell us or like-minded vapers in our social channels what you think of organic vape juice, why it appeals to you and how it differs from a 50VG/50PG blend.