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​What Are the Benefits of Using a Nicotine-Free Vape?

17th Aug 2023

Mixture of Vape E-Liquids and Cartridges With 0% NicotineDid you know that a significant percentage of those who vape do so without actually using nicotine? That may come as a surprise to you if you switched to vaping to quit smoking, but using a nicotine-free vape has several unique benefits that you can’t get any other way. Nicotine-free vapes are tasty, and they’re often surprisingly affordable. Depending on your situation, you may even find that using a device with nicotine-free vape juice is just as satisfying as using one with nicotine.

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Why are nicotine-free vapes so popular? In this article, you’re going to learn the answers to that question. Before we go into further detail, though, we’d like to discuss the wide range of non-nicotine vaping options that we offer here at V2 Cigs UK.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss the reasons why so many people are using nicotine-free vapes in the UK.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Allow You to Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

The first thing to understand about zero-nicotine vapes is that you don’t have to use them on a full-time basis – many of the people who use vapes with no nicotine do so only part of the time. Using a nicotine-free e-liquid may be useful to you because you’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake. Some people do that by reducing the nicotine strength of their e-liquid gradually, and others switch between e-liquids with and without nicotine throughout the day.

In addition to being a midpoint in your trek toward nicotine-free vaping, non-nicotine vapes can also be your ultimate destination if your long-term goal is to stop using nicotine entirely. Once you’ve stopped using vapes with nicotine, you can continue vaping just for the enjoyment of the flavour, or you can quit vaping entirely.

No-Nicotine Vapes May Improve Your Sleep Quality

Did you know that nicotine has a half-life of about two hours in your bloodstream? That’s a fairly long elimination time for a substance that you probably use almost constantly throughout the day – and it means that if you vape right before going to bed, most of the nicotine is still active in your body.

Perhaps you’ve been using nicotine for so long that it no longer gives you a noticeable rush – and if that’s the case, you probably think that you’re essentially immune to the effects. That, however, definitely isn’t the case. Nicotine use is associated with a wide range of sleep problems including difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep and a reduction in REM sleep. The result is that nicotine users often feel sleepy and insufficiently rested when they wake up in the morning.

Switching to a nicotine-free vape at night can give the nicotine that you’ve consumed during the day some time to work its way out of your system before you go to bed. Try switching to nicotine-free e-liquid about two hours before bedtime every day for a couple of weeks. You’ll probably find that your sleep quality improves noticeably.

Nicotine-Free Vape Liquid Lets You Vape for the Flavour

Nicotine is the reason why you initially started vaping – you wanted an alternative to cigarettes that was just as satisfying but didn’t require you to inhale smoke. The fact that you’re still vaping today, though, may not have much to do with nicotine. You may vape more for the enjoyment of the experience and the flavour more than anything else.

Even if you don’t think that you could ever enjoy vaping without nicotine, you should still give nicotine-free vape juice a try if you’re a flavour chaser. Nicotine has a slightly peppery flavour of its own, and the peppery note can tend to cover the flavours of sweeter e-liquids. Vaping without nicotine can allow you to taste many of your favourite e-liquids much more clearly – and if you try a nicotine-free vape, you may end up discovering that you don’t need the nicotine at all.

A Woman Vaping on a Footpath

Nicotine-Free Vapes Often Cost Less

Most people find that vaping costs significantly less than smoking, but you’d likely be happy to save even more money if you could – and buying nicotine-free vapes is one of the best ways to do that.

Every good vape shop has an ample selection of zero-nicotine vapes and e-liquids because the demand for vape gear without nicotine is quite robust. Nevertheless, the majority of those who vape do use nicotine – so it’s typical for the nicotine-free version of a product to be the last to sell out. For that reason, you’ll often see products without nicotine when you examine the clearance bin at your favourite vape shop – so why not take advantage of that and save a little money? Buying nicotine-free products can be a great way to test new flavours and products without spending full price.

Nicotine-Free Vape Juice Lets You Vape at Lower Nicotine Strengths

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find e-liquids with extremely low nicotine strengths? You can generally find vape juice in strengths as low as 3 mg/ml – but at that strength, you’re still consuming quite a bit of nicotine if you use a sub-ohm vaping device. If you’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake, there’s a big jump between using a 3 mg/ml e-liquid and going nicotine free.

If you’ve ever wished that you could enjoy your favourite e-liquid flavours in lower nicotine strengths, buying nicotine-free vape juice is an easy way to accomplish that. All that you need is a bottle of non-nicotine e-liquid and a bottle of vape juice with a strength of 3 mg/ml. Mix the two in equal portions, and you’ll have an e-liquid with a strength of 1.5 mg/ml. If you need an even lower strength, you can just change the ratio of the two e-liquids. As you add less and less nicotine to your mixture, you can slowly work your way toward vaping without any nicotine at all.