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Life Insurance Lags Behind on Vaping

13th Aug 2018

Vaper's Life InsuranceNobody likes to talk about life insurance, and why would they? We’re basically bringing up the topic of death, at least that’s how a lot of people see it. You might be especially surprised to see this topic come up on a vapour blog. What’s the connection between life insurance and vapour? Well, we’re here to inform you about all topics related to vapour and the vaping community at large. Life insurance has come up as a topic because, unfortunately, they are lagging way behind when it comes to vapers.

This has come up as a story recently in The Daily Mail Online as they looked a recent price comparison of life insurance rates. What they found is that these insurance companies were still treating vapers the same way they treat smokers. Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert quoted in the Daily Mail article, said: “Using nicotine in any form, including patches and gum, means you’ll be regarded as a smoker – you have to be nicotine-free for 12 months to get the lower premiums”.

Of course, most of us vapers use a level of nicotine in our electronic cigarettes or vapour devices. That doesn’t mean we’re smokers! Being charged somewhere between 65%-100% more than non-smokers because we vape is rather outrageous. Yet, this is still the world we live in. Mr. Pratt goes on to advise, “If you already have life cover and successfully give up smoking, it’s worth telling your insurer to see if they will adjust your premiums accordingly.

Alternatively, you could run a fresh quote as a non-smoker to see what prices are available.” Apparently, the term “successfully giving up smoking” means you aren’t using one of the different methods recommended by Public Health England. If you use the patch, nicotine gum, or e-cigs, you’re out of luck.

Vaping Still Isn’t Smoking

No matter how hard some segments of society try to draw a line between vaping and smoking, they still are not the same. There have been so many different claims to link the two in a way that makes vaping just as bad, but all have failed. The idea that there is second hand vapour just isn’t real. Neither is the one that says e-cigarettes are tobacco, we’ve understood why that’s not the case.

Yet somehow, we are back in these same, silly arguments. The Association of British Insurers deemed that health data on e-cigarettes was inconclusive, thus the approach toward life insurance for vapers. Wouldn’t it be better for an organization like Public Health England (PHE) to chime in on the health data, rather than insurance companies? It’s a good thing they already did; as PHE has long ago taken the stance that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

We aren’t ones to disagree with Public Health England, but we’re also not selling life insurance. What we did do was find a partner who can help vapers with this frustrating situation.

It appears to be the one company that isn’t doing what the rest of the life insurance industry is doing: lagging behind on vapour. That type of behaviour is not something that is new to us, but we hope one day that all sectors of society will truly understand what vaping is. Until then, we have to stick together as a community to get what’s right. This time, it’s vapers getting cheaper life insurance . What will it be next time?