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Brits reveal their top dating turn-offs

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The dating world can be a brutal place, with the tiniest things making a massive impression – and not always for the best.

Our latest survey of 2,000 singles uncovered that three quarters of Brits think having terrible teeth is the most undesirable quality when it comes to choosing a romantic partner.

V2 Cigs UK Survey - Brits reveal their top dating turn-offs

And those gruesome grins were closely followed by people who talk with their mouths full and people who chew with their mouth open (65%) at the top of the unwanted list.

Mouths, and what comes out of them, certainly play a huge part in today’s dating culture.

Personal traits that negatively affect dates

A quarter of those that we surveyed even admitted to splitting up with their other half due to an unpleasant habit or physical trait.

Two thirds confessed that annoying voices were a pet peeve with the Scouse accent labelled as the most irritating (34%), followed closely by the Brummie (32%) and Glaswegian (30%) respectively.

In contrast, the Irish accent was voted the sexiest accent, with a third of Brits in agreement.

Favourite accents for a first date.

A surprising finding was that, despite popular belief, height wasn’t such a huge issue for women. In fact, a quarter of ladies wouldn’t mind dating someone shorter than them.

Surprisingly, 29% of men wouldn’t see body hair as an issue when it came to a potential date.

Brits in general, however, were found to be picky about a number of other things such as 51% who would be put off by facial piercings, and 49% who weren’t fans of over-plucked eyebrows.

Smoking is another major sticking point for daters, with 56% of women and 54% of men saying they wouldn’t see someone who was hooked on the habit.

With smoking such a repressor, just under three thirds of those addicted to tobacco, were willing to quit to secure a date.

For those with a partner who smokes, just over a quarter (28%) have tried to convince them to ‘packet’ in.

Asking theming directly to quit (58%) was found to be the most popular approach to the subject, followed by dropping hints (44%) and hiding their cigarettes (8%).

Top Smoking rates in UK cities

14% of pushy partners have opted to restyle their other half’s appearance, whilst a quarter have told them to lose weight.

Dating apps such as ‘Tinder’ are in demand at present, but when it comes to turn offs, 34% would swipe left when it came to gym selfies on a profile, whilst just under a third (32%) don’t find drunken photos appealing.

Having a single photo, and photos of children were found to be other reasons to not connect online.

With Brits so choosy about their ideal partner, it’s no surprise that the dating scene can be tough.

Smoking, unsurprisingly, was found to be the bane of many daters’ love lives, so it’s certainly within their best interests to find themselves a healthier alternative.

Most disliked traits and habits

Bad teeth 75%

Annoying voice 69%

Talking with their mouth full 65%

Chewing with their mouth open 65%

Annoying accent 57%

Smoking 55%

Facial piercings 51%

Being overweight 50%

Over-plucked eyebrows 49%

Balding or thin hair 45%

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