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Best Pod Vape 2022

13th Jan 2022

Pod Vapes Including the Elf Bar Mate 500, SMOK Morph Pod-40 and GeekVape 1FC

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years, partly down to more people becoming aware of the health benefits when compared to cigarettes, as well as increasingly advanced vape technology. How we vape and the devices available to you from V2 Cigs today are so much more diverse than they were even just a few years ago. From vape pens and electronic cigarettes designed to resemble the real thing to the vape pods we know today, vaping devices have become much more user-friendly. Gone are the days of clunky vape pens and unreliable batteries, as they’ve been replaced with slick, portable pod vapes designed to make vaping easier and more enjoyable.

The wide variety of kits available means that you can always have a modern and efficiently working device that is always there when you need it. If you’re new to vaping or aren’t clued up on the new trends, there are a few things you can learn about pod vape systems and why they’re so popular.

The Best Pod Vape Kits of 2022

At V2 Cigs we have a huge selection of popular vape pod kits from a range of reputable brands. Our product range and website is dedicated to user experience and helping you find the best vape pod for you. On each product, you’ll find a reviews section that allows you to see what other customers think as well!

To get you started and point you in the right direction of some of the best pod vape kits we’ve stocked up on for 2022, we’ve listed a few of our top picks below. Accounting for style, functionality and usability, we recommend choosing a vape kit that caters to your lifestyle before anything else, as that’s what will help you stay off traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Best Pod Vape for Beginners - Voopoo VMate

VOOPOO Vmate Pod Vape in Silver

The VOOPOO Vmate is a simplistic kit that’s ideal for those just starting in vaping due to its size, performance and easy setup. With a steady low fixed power output of 12 or 17 watts based on your pod of choice, they offer just enough power for a generous mouth to lung throat hit that’s similar to a cigarette. Compact and available in silver, red or green, it’s a discreet device that easily fits in the pocket or bag and feels great in the hand. The 0.7 Ohm coils are built into each VMate/VThru Pod so that the vaper doesn’t need to change the coils manually. This makes the whole process of changing your e-liquid and coils a lot easier, creating a pod system that becomes second nature. The side fill port on each pod makes topping up your e-liquid a breeze.


  • Auto-draw
  • Large 900mAh battery
  • Choice of resistances at 0.7 Ohm or 1.2 Ohm which is more restrictive than MTL
  • Type-C USB charging


  • No adjustable airflow, but it does have a couple of holes on either side of the device
GeekVape 1FC Pod Vape in Silver & Blue

Best Pod Vape for Fast Charging - GeekVape 1FC

One of the most important aspects for any vaper - whether just starting or done so for years to combat the habit of cigarettes - is finding a convenient alternative. A vape that’s straightforward to charge, pick up and maintain. It needs to always be available and ready for action. That may be one of the best selling points about the latest pod vape system from GeekVape - the 1FC. Because of its small stature and a ridiculously quick full charge in just over 15 minutes, even if you vape on the GeekVape 1FC all day, it won’t take long to power up again.


  • Great taste from the pods
  • No nonsense top-fill pod system
  • Option of draw activation and fire button
  • Leakproof to prolong the life of the pods
  • Stylish Aegis design in a slim pod kit format


  • Indication of remaining e-liquid not very clear
  • With the GeekVape 1FC, it would be nice if you could turn off the fire button function to just use auto-draw, or vice versa!
Caliburn G Pod Vape in Red

Best Pod Vape Kit for MTL - Caliburn G

The Caliburn G sums up everything that’s great about Uwell. They’ve released a fantastic pod vape where each pod kicks out truly awesome flavour. A mouth to lung experience that may be one of the best available in 2022. That’s because of the interchangeable experiences you get when you rotate the pods. You can pick one side and get a nice tight draw or flip it around and test out a slightly looser MTL draw. The Caliburn G looks great, has the coils already inside and produces the right amount of cloud and warmth for a smooth texture and throat hit.


  • You can swap the coils unlike the first Caliburn and Caliburn A2
  • Powers quickly when you hit the button or auto-draw
  • Cool design with curved edges and an indented textured grip
  • Type-C charging port at the bottom


  • The drip tip could be slightly less curved and wider for an even tighter draw
Caliburn A2 Pod Vape in Green

Best Refillable Pod Vape UK - Caliburn A2

Following on from the Caliburn G, Uwell designed the Caliburn A2 which is another great pod system and makes our list for the best refillable pod vape right now. It’s got a bunch of features that create an efficient experience any vaper will appreciate. It boasts a clear transparent pod with each kit, meaning you can always see how much e-liquid is left through the window after magnetically attaching the pod to the 520mAh battery, which clicks and holds in place well.

The top-fill design is easy to add more e-liquid when you run out and after a few uses, once the coil runs out you just throw it away and grab another fresh one as the coils are always pre-installed. What we like most is how simple the pods come off the A2 battery. With a click of the opposable thumb, it snaps right off so you can change pods or top up your vape juice on the go. Such an easy pod system for any vaper in any situation!


  • Tighter mouth draw than previous models in the Caliburn series
  • Cool design with a smooth shiny finish, which is available in a range of colours
  • The cloud production is great and it creates a clear consistent flavour with each hit


  • Same as the Caliburn G it would be handy if there was an option to turn off the fire button while using auto-draw
Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Vape in Blue

Best Pod Vape Kit for Nic Salts - Elf Bar Mate 500

Elf Bar Mate 500 pods and the vape kit including the battery are flying off the shelves in 2022 and for a good reason! They’re super smooth from inhale to exhale and offer vapers some delightful prefilled flavours that are a near carbon copy of the disposable Elf Bar 600, which vapers loved for simplicity.

The P1 Pods offer new vapers an easy transition into vaping from smoking if they were a heavy cigarette smoker in the past. That’s because the pods are super easy to use due to their prefilled nature and preinstalled coils, meaning you don’t need to carry around an e-liquid bottle that may spill in your bag or pocket or spare accessories such as coils. The P1 Pods are neatly stored in a sealed plastic package.


  • Cool vapour is a nice refreshing change for a low wattage high nic salt device
  • Pods are transparent showing how much vape juice is left
  • 2mg nic salt is ideal for new vapers switching from smoking wanting smooth yet high nicotine strength


VOOPOO Drag S in Red

Best Pod Vape for Battery Life - Voopoo Drag S

The Voopoo Drag S doesn’t just get brownie points for style, great flavour and compact nature but impresses in terms of battery life. Even with using a high VG e-liquid, the coils have a long life and the mod pod has the longest battery on this list with 2500mAh for all-day vaping! Plus, each PnP coil with a PnP Pod provides a leak-resistant mechanism to prevent spills and save every drop of vape juice for vapourising your favourite e-liquids. Made with mesh material, the coils can be vaped between 40-60W for large clouds and fantastic taste from a compatible e-liquid.

Key advantages:

  • Best paired with high VG or 70:30 shortfills, vapers can expect maximum flavour which is adjustable via the triple airflow function
  • Advanced GENE.TT Chipset means a quickfire up (0.001 seconds) and coil recognition which adjusts the wattage accordingly based on the coil selected
  • Pods are refillable


  • Bottom fill design, meaning the potential for leaks
SMOK Morph Pod-40 Pod Vape in Red

Best Pod Vape System for Flavour - SMOK Morph Pod-40

We love the flavour on the SMOK Morph Pod-40. The RPM mesh coil system in place is on point and offers a nice restrictive direct lung hit with outstanding taste whatever the e-liquid. You can mix up the airflow with the easy switch that can be moved between tight, loose or in between based on personal preference.

Thanks to the impressive 2000mAh battery on this adjustable 40W device, you can vape RDL all day on a full charge. Granted it’s not quite as large as the Drag S above but overall we believe this is ideal for intermediate vapers. The pods hold in place well with a solid grip and the screen is a bonus feature that rotates horizontally or vertically at multiple angles depending on how you hold the device.


  • Nice flexibility between loose RDL hit and smooth mouth to lung
  • Adjustable airflow helps to boost the flavour
  • Overall great mod pod for all levels, fire button on the side, reversible screen and strong hold pods all excellent features


  • Goes up in increments of 0.1W with adjustable settings so takes a bit of time to get a maximum of 40W
Drag X Mod Pod in Blue

Best Pod Vape Kit for High VG Clouds - Voopoo Drag X

As we already discussed earlier, the PnP coils with the Voopoo range are world-class, giving the Uwell coil system a hard-fought contest for some of the best in the vaping business in terms of flavour and performance. Because of the enhanced power from the Drag X compared to its sibling the Drag S at 80W max compared to 60W and single 18650 battery, it’s not only more powerful to perform bigger clouds but easy to switch. Just keep one 18650 spare, charged up, and replace when you’re done.


  • Adjustable 80W of power output
  • Gene TT chip system
  • Adjustable airflow and voltage


  • Some vapers running thick e-liquids at high power may need to change batteries often and prefer a large internal battery like in the Drag S
SMOK Nord 4 Pod Vape in Blue Armour

Best Mod Pod Kit - Nord 4

Fantastic flavour, awesome cloud production, up to 80W of adjustable power, pod detection and it only stands at a height of 104.9mm and 33mm width. That can’t be right?

Well, SMOK created one of the best mod pods you can buy in 2022 for versatility and practicality packed into a user-friendly kit. It’s useful for all levels of vaping - whether you’ve just started or a connoisseur of vape e-liquids - because of features like the adjustable airflow ring to find the right performance and OLED display to tweak your settings.


  • Everything you could need in a compact mod pod vape kit - equally easy to hold and use for an affordable price
  • 2000mah battery and 5-80W adjustable output
  • Fits a range of SMOK coils for DTL, RDL and loose MTL with high VG or balanced PG/VG vape juices


  • Pods are quite dark, difficult to see e-liquid levels

What are Pod Vape Kits?

Pod Vapes are a product of advanced vaping technology, delivering all the same benefits as the classic “box mod” vaping devices but in a much smaller, more streamlined design. The compact design makes these devices more portable and a sensible choice over the clunkier designs if you’re always on the move.

What are Vape Pod Kits

Some pods come prefilled with e-liquid for an easy pick-up and go solution with no hassle. These are referred to as closed pods and when they run out you simply replace the pod in your device with another compatible pre-filled pod. These pre-filled pods are the easiest way to vape, making them a popular choice for those who are looking to quit smoking. The all-in-one design takes the stress out of refilling and changing parts on your vape device so you spend less time altering your kit and more time enjoying your vape. The other type of pod kit you can get are refillable kits, which come with some devices and allow you to insert your favourite flavours of liquid without being tied to one brand. The refillable pods give you more control over the liquid you’re vaping in terms of flavour and nicotine content, making them a better option for some vapers who are looking to reduce their nicotine intake.

How Do They Work?

Vape pods work the same way as other vape devices, with the pod holding the liquid which is then heated and then the vapour inhaled through the mouthpiece. The actual pod component in these devices replaces the tank which can be found on other devices such as vape mods and, as part of the slimmer, sleeker design, are often smaller in capacity.

The device will come pre-fitted with a coil, which is used to heat the e-liquid encased in the pod to turn it into vapour. The coil is encased in a small amount of cotton which soaks up and holds the e-liquid and holds it allowing it to be vaporized when the coil heats up. It’s quite common for the coil to burn out due to overuse or over long periods, but they are easily replaceable - simply switch out the pod!

How Do Vape Pods Work

The rest of the device operates similarly to other vape pens and e-cigarettes, usually with a single button that powers on the vape pod, heating the e-liquid. Depending on whether there are other controls, this button can also be used to change different settings, such as air intake or to boost the wattage. Increasing the airflow dilutes the vapour making inhalation much smoother, while a lower air intake will result in a thicker, more dense vapour which is often much hotter.

Batteries on vape pod devices are often smaller than ones you'll find on larger devices. While still reliable, these batteries aren’t made for long, continuous vape sessions but they will keep you going nicely throughout your daily use. Various vape pod devices also have a screen that can display data such as battery percentage, giving you an indication of how long it will last between charges.

Why You Need a Vape Pod Kit

The reasons why you may need a vape pod kit will vary depending on your lifestyle and vaping preferences, but the benefits they offer are undeniable. The compact design makes them perfect for storing in a bag or pocket without occupying too much space. The sleek design also makes vape pods super user-friendly, as there aren’t too many controls and settings to fiddle with, making operation easy for anyone, especially those new to electronic vape devices.

One factor which is often overlooked with vape pods is their affordability when compared with other portable devices. The lack of huge batteries, tanks and other (sometimes unnecessary) additions drive the cost down and with a refillable pod, upfront costs will be kept to a minimum. Even with a closed pod system, which is the more expensive way to vape in the long run, you’ll be saving a huge amount of money compared to cigarettes, meaning you can benefit from hassle-free operation as well as a great value price.

Vape pods allow you to enjoy your vape whilst remaining discreet. The pods produce smaller and less dense clouds for use in public locations. As a smaller device, they more closely resemble cigarettes, making them more satisfying to hold than larger devices. Part of the compact design means that leakage from the e-liquid tank is also minimised! If you’ve ever experienced leakage from your vape tank with another device, you’ll know it’s extremely annoying and inconvenient!. Since each vape pod is designed to fit perfectly into the corresponding vape device, a pod kit can help prevent extra costs from wasted e-liquid and keep your belongings free from the sticky, nicotine-filled fluid.

Perfect for Beginners

If you’ve been a smoker for a long time, you’ll know that habits can be hard to shake and trying to learn how to use a complicated device can make kicking that habit even more difficult, especially when you consider how easy it is to pull out a cigarette and light it up, even if it does cost a lot more. This is why vape pods are perfect for beginners looking to adapt their habits to incorporate a more healthy alternative. Not only is the design of the vape pod created to be simple and easy to use, but its size and weight are also designed with the user in mind and what feels the most comfortable. After all, if you were smoking any more than 10 cigarettes a day, trying to operate a clunky and complicated device is going to prove time-consuming and likely lead to you giving up on the idea.

Not only is the design favourable to those looking to kick smoking, but it also caters to those who like control over their nicotine intake. Depending on how much you used to smoke, your body will be used to a certain amount of nicotine per day and starving your body of that nicotine instantly isn’t healthy and can result in some unpleasant side effects.

By choosing the right pods and flavours of e-liquid that suit you, the more likely you are to stick with vaping and resist the temptation to pick up another pack of cigarettes. With the various pods available at different nicotine concentrations, you can gradually wean yourself off nicotine altogether and enjoy the health benefits. Choosing the right vape pod for you can do wonders for helping you change your lifestyle and act as your companion on your journey to becoming smoke-free.