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Vaping News & E-Cigarette Reviews

What's the difference between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

7th Dec 2022

Need a hand navigating your way through the world of pods and mods? Whether you're a veteran vaper or want to stop smoking and start vaping, the choice presented to you when it comes to vaporizers, e-liquid and the array of accompanying accessories can at times seem a little overwhelming. As many different devices are made available, let's take a look at the key differences between Pods and Mods, as well as the best vape juices to use with each device. The critical differences between
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UKVIA: Vaping is the ‘gift to public health'

2nd Dec 2022

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) recently held their annual forum inviting over 200 industry and consumer representatives to London to discuss the future of vaping. From discussing the key focus of vaping as a ‘gift to public health’ to ensuring that a unilateral and informed message from the industry is offering consistent advice to smokers looking to become smoke-free - let’s take a look at the finer details of the forum.Vaping a “Gift to Public Health” Looking to play their par
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Vape Coils Explained and How Long They Last

30th Nov 2022

Vape coils play a vital role in any e-cigarette kit. Heating the e-liquid in your vape tank or pod vape system, coils turn that vape juice into the clouds vapour seeks. Different types create a wide range of flavour profiles, warmth and throat hit from your chosen e-liquid. For instance, you can find low resistances Sub-Ohm vape coils from 0.1 Ohms to 0.4 Ohms for maximum cloud volume at a higher temperature, as well as high-resistance MTL coils of 1.0 Ohm and rising, which provide a s
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Voopoo Argus XT vs MT - What are the Key Differences?

23rd Nov 2022

The Voopoo Argus series offers a long line of vaping kits, ranging from the Voopoo Argus Pro to the Voopoo Argus GT 1 and 2 that appeal to the masses. With 11 different creations that differ in not just dimensions and style but practical features, there is truly something for all levels of vaping. Futuristic and extravagant, there are plenty of pod kits but also a few mods are thrown in for good measure. The latest in the collection are the Voopoo Argus XT and Voopoo Argus MT,
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Why is My Vape Spitting, Popping and Gurgling?

16th Nov 2022

So you’ve picked up your vaping device, ready to inhale away on your new e-liquid and suddenly some hot e-liquid jumps up at your mouth? Or perhaps you’re hearing a loud crackling sound every time you vape? Not to worry, ‘spit back’, crackling noises, popping and even gurgling sounds are common issues that often occur regardless of the device, vaper using it, technique preferred and their experience level. Rest assured there are ways to fix minor setbacks such as these - you just need
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How To Clean Your Vape Tanks & Coils

9th Nov 2022

To maintain the performance of your vape kit and enjoy consistently great flavour from your e-liquids, you need to clean the vape tank and vape coil thoroughly and regularly. Thick vape juice or leftover residue can clog these key components, reducing the flavour of your favourite e-liquid. Without regular maintenance, you'll have limited vapour production and reduced airflow too, thanks to gunked-up coils and the blocked airways of your tank. Below are some simple steps to save money and
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Q & A to End Stoptober - Was it a Success?

2nd Nov 2022

The tenth month of the calendar year is recognised for a few reasons in the UK. The final Sunday of October is when the clocks go back with the end of British Summer Time, the 31st of October is Halloween and the whole month in the past few years has been dubbed Stoptober. Renamed as a national campaign by the Department of Health in England, it’s dedicated nationwide to the idea of challenging millions to put down cigarettes for good - to improve the health of
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Nyx Shortfill E-Liquids Review

26th Oct 2022

The reasons for quitting smoking are clear. Not only does it lack taste and dull the senses but it's also a major risk to your health. Many turn to vaping e-liquids because they can control the nicotine level and eventually hope to quit both simultaneously. Shortfill e-liquids like from the Nyx brand are one of the solutions if you seek big clouds and max flavour. There are two types of vaping techniques - mouth to lung, known as MTL vaping, which is often the
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