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​Xeo Void Review – Can This Classic Vape Pen Suit Any Level?

6th Sep 2023

Two Xeo Void Vape Devices

Xeo Void Kit Quick Summary


  • User-friendly e-liquid tank with leakproof design
  • Coils for MTL and DTL vaping - both with the kit!
  • Minimum fuss one-button operation
  • Deceptively large 1500mAh battery
  • Multiple safety protection functions
  • Made with high-quality materials in an ergonomic shape


  • Micro USB takes time to charge
  • Adjustable airflow doesn't alter performance too much

There is logical thinking behind millions quitting cigarettes for a vape device. They not only provide a similar nicotine sensation but cost less, are more customisable and frankly better for your health.

From our dedicated blog, we review lots of different vape kits that have various features and appearance. A device might feel great in the hand or puff just the right amount of e-liquid for one person, but not everyone reaches the same verdict.

Today, we look at the Xeo Void, which is a crossover device that could benefit all levels, acting as a tester for different styles at an affordable price. We will review its different features, how the device looks and operates, as well and who this device might be suited for. By the end, you the reader will know for sure if it’s the right vape kit – regardless of whether you have just started vaping or looking for something new.

How Unique is the Void from Xeo?

With the Xeo Void, three distinct advantages catch the eye compared to other vapes. One - the design, which we will break down in detail later on but certainly has a simplistic yet futuristic vibe.

Two, the way the mouthpiece, coil and e-liquid port work in one smooth motion. Because the coil easily screws into the drip tip, and you have two different options, it gives the vaper within one kit the ability to try not only mouth-to-lung but direct lung vaping too.

And finally, the Void stands out because of the way you can fill e-liquids. Instead of a vape tank or pod to fill, which can sometimes be tricky depending on the brand, with the Xeo Void the tank is part of the battery at the top. So you simply drop in the e-liquid and there are literally no chances of spilling a single drop or creating leaks/spit back when vaping.

Key Features And Specifications

  • 1500mah battery capacity
  • Unique ergonomic shape
  • Multiple levels of protection (short circuit, battery cut off, low battery indicator)
  • Unique top-fill design
  • Leakproof
  • MTL & DTL with different coils for each style
  • Adjustable airflow

Let’s Talk About the Void Coil Options

Nice and simple with the Xeo Void. Not wanting to overcomplicate things with too many options and resistances, the Void offers two choices, which cater to different styles. 

If you want to vape directly into the lungs and achieve slightly bigger clouds, the 0.6 Ohm atomiser is the best choice. However, if you want a sensation closer to smoking with a tighter draw, go for the 1.0 Ohm.

While it is a versatile device that works with both styles, this is more of a tester vape for Sub-Ohm vaping using the 0.6 Ohm coil and doesn’t massively impress, in terms of flavour or cloud production. This is because it can only be vaped up to 28W, with a max output of 30W from the device (which automatically adjusts based on the coil chosen and how hard you draw). 

Therefore, as the wattage is quite low, it’s expected that you will not get huge volumes of cloud as it’s not intended as a cloud-chasing device. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal kit for trying both styles and upgrading to Sub-Ohm after starting with MTL as most smokers do.

For a mouth-to-lung vape, Xeo has designed it just perfectly, with a draw in between loose and tight for a smooth inhalation of vapour. It matches up with the coil resistance well and works nicely with a high PG e-liquid.


Xeo Void – Appearance Breakdown

Looking for something discreet, comfortable to hold, and not too big or flashy? The Void ticks all of these boxes because it’s a back-to-basics vape pen. With no screen or unnecessary gimmick features displayed, you have less to think about or ‘show off’. Instead, it’s the ideal vape kit for a professional who just needs a few puffs of nicotine now and then. 

The triangular shape of the pen means it ideally doesn’t roll off the table in the office, while the structure and materials are top quality for a reliable device that should last with good maintenance. And because it has short circuit and low voltage protection, you have peace of mind too that it’s well built inside as well as outside. 

A light inside the tank and the fire button itself light up blue when vaping, which is a nice minor touch to the device's craftsmanship. Check out its full design below with our short video review!

Functionality and How to Use the Device

Using the Void is straightforward and designed to meet the needs of all levels, but particularly beginners. As we stated earlier, it’s a nice little vape pen that can act as a gateway into the world of Sub-Ohm vaping, which is a different style to smoking but can feel over-complicated with some devices that have too many features such as variable wattage and temperature control. With the Void, operating is simple:

  1. To turn on the device, press the fire button five times in quick succession. The same process to turn off.
  2. There is no locking switch with this device but there is an adjustable airflow ring attached to the mouthpiece.
  3. The device will shut off if no button is pressed within 15 seconds when switched on.
  4. If the battery flashes 40 times, this means there is a low voltage and will turn off automatically.
  5. With a passthrough function, you can still vape while charging.
  6. The light indicator will flash when the battery is low and remain lit when charged and pressing the fire button.
  7. After the Xeo Void is fully charged, the red light will stop.
  8. If the light flashes at a slow pace, this could mean the device won’t fire because the resistance is too low or high.


As a final outcome after testing the device and understanding feedback from previous customers, we can see that the Xeo Void is popular for several reasons. Sure it has a couple of flaws and may not be the ideal vape pen for everyone. 

As an example, we wouldn’t recommend for Sub-Ohm vapers who want to truly customise their experience and puff huge clouds of vapour. But it is a jack-of-all-trades device that can do a solid job for all styles and levels. 

The design is excellent and we love the fill port for simplicity (perfect for beginners and those in a hurry who want to avoid any mishaps) while the overall functionality of the device is straightforward enough that anyone can use it without any prior knowledge of vaping. All in all, we believe it would be a good addition to any vape kit collection and certainly provides excellent value for beginners to intermediate vapers.