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Vaping News & E-Cigarette Reviews

Best Disposable Vape Flavours (2022 Update)

19th Oct 2022

Because of their convenience, portable size and ready-to-go nature, disposable vapes are the ideal device for new vapers plus the experienced who want something that requires no maintenance or setup. But how do you decide which flavour is the best when picking a disposable? Selecting the best disposable vape flavours is a tricky subject to tackle because everyone has different taste buds and thoughts on what they like the most. Finding the right e-liquid
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Uwell Caliburn A2S Review - Introducing Side Fill Pods

12th Oct 2022

The Caliburn series continues to deliver with its ninth version from the Caliburn range when Uwell announced the introduction of the Caliburn A2S to the market. Although it has a similar look to previous pod kits, there are a couple of notable features that are worth analysing in this review. Whether you’re a brand new vaper hoping to quit cigarettes, an established mouth-to-lung vaper that hasn’t found the right kit or a DTL vaper that needs a secondary MTL kit, this A2S pod vape
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Buying Your First Vape Device Advice - Q & A

7th Oct 2022

To help people quit smoking, we want to guide customers so they can understand the different e-cigarette options available. But with so many amazing devices to pick from and tons of accessories to mix and match from a whole host of brands, recognising what you need the most is a challenge. Especially in an industry packed full of innovative ideas and technical features, providing plenty of follow-up questions. Thinking about why you want to quit and what you’ll need to do is key, during a
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10 Benefits Of Vaping vs Smoking

3rd Oct 2022

Almost all of us know the dangers of smoking these days, and for good reason! It damages the airways of your lungs, irritating them and causing multiple diseases. Smoking in the UK is the leading cause of preventable death with decades of research to back up the danger it does to your health. With 12mg of nicotine in a vape kit equalling one cigarette on average while bearing a similar resemblance in stature and routine, the argument between smoking vs vaping as an alternative is
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​Does Vaping Increase Blood Pressure?

28th Sep 2022

High blood pressure is a cause for concern regardless of age and it's certainly a red flag that needs attention if it occurs while resting. It will fluctuate throughout the day but should remain low when not exerting too much strain. Multiple factors can cause high blood pressure and smoking cigarettes is a clear indicator as proven by tons of medical studies. But does vaping also lead to increased blood pressure? If so, what is the contributing factor that leads to that danger regardless of wha
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Buyers Guide - Which Vape Device Should You Pick?

21st Sep 2022

Vaping as a means to quit smoking is proving more and more popular by the day with over four million now picking up an e-cigarette in the UK alone. But like with so many purchases in life, it’s a welcome yet intriguing challenge trying to find and decide what’s the ideal product that fits your needs. Whether you smoked 20 a day or a couple, each vape device is different in its own right. To begin with, which technique will you use to vape? Traditionally mouth to lung (MTL) vaping is pref
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​Voopoo VMate E Review - Better Than the Original?

7th Sep 2022

A debate is emerging between three major pod devices released by Voopoo - the classic 2021 VMate and the new duo for 2022 - the VMate E and VMate Infinity. What do you prefer; style or substance? The undoubted winner of the best looking kit goes to the Voopoo VMate E, which is a slick leather/zinc alloy combo, but what about performance, flavour, durability and comparing the features? We decided to do a side by side comparison to determine if there is a clear winner and loser overall.Voopoo
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​Smok RPM 25W Review - A Reliable Upgrade?

25th Aug 2022

Smokers new to vaping and even those who have successfully used it as a cessation tool for some time are always on the lookout for the latest slimline kits that are easy to manage and control. The new Smok RPM 25W from the RPM range has recently joined the discussion as a potential mouth-to-lung kit worth trying. Compact, simple to grip and adjustable from 5-25W, it could be the ideal device for anyone wanting a discreet vape offering a small amount of cloud. But does it perform u
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