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9 Reasons Vaping Beats Smoking

25th Aug 2017

e-cig vs cigaretteWe can think of millions of reasons that vaping beats smoking. Well, maybe not millions. But at least hundreds. Yet, every day, we seem to come across someone who asks us why we are vaping. They know about this vaping thing and that it has become popular, but they don’t truly understand it. They don’t get why so many people have made the switch to vaping. So, they ask: why do you vape? What’s better about it? From that pool of hundreds of reasons, these are the top 9 we usually come up with for why vaping beats smoking.

  • It’s Safer. This is always the first reason that comes to mind. Making the switch to vapour has a lot to do with it being safer. This may have been up for debate years ago, but that debate is over . Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. That means it beats smoking hands down.
  • It’s Cheaper. Smoking has become increasingly more expensive. That’s because as less people smoke, Big Tobacco has to raise their prices to compensate. Not to mention tobacco taxes that are an easy target for raising money by the government. Vaping beats smoking where it hurts most – your bank account.
  • It Doesn’t Smell. It may not bother you now, but it will when you make the switch. Smoking smells. A lot. The people in your life will tell you how much they don’t like your stench, but you won’t really understand it until you start vaping. Vapour doesn’t smell, and thus it beats smoking badly in this category.
  • It’s Got No Ash. Smell is one thing, but dirty ash is another. When you burn a cigarette, you release a lot of bad chemicals into the air, and you’re left with a not so nice residual called ash. Nobody likes ash, not even smokers themselves. Switch to vaping and you can throw away your ashtray.
  • It’s Tastier. You might love the taste of your cigarette. That’s normal, but it’s more than likely just because it’s familiar. Once you switch to vaping, your dulled taste buds will be able to breathe again. That’s when you’ll be able to really feel the amazing e-liquid flavours that are out there. You’ll be blown away by how much tastier vaping is.
  • It Won’t Stain. We’re talking about your teeth. You can spot a long-time smoker from far away simply by the colour of their teeth. Tobacco cigarette are known to yellow a smoker’s teeth. It’s not a very good look for anyone, and you can avoid it by making the switch to vapour.
  • It Provides Variety. When you smoke, you know what you’re getting every time. You can also vape and choose the same flavour each time, but there is so much variety for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of flavours out there to keep things fresh. Vaping gives you variety, which we all know is the spice of life.
  • It’s Winter. Yes, winter is coming. You may be (somewhat) comfortable smoking a cigarette in the summer, but you won’t be in the winter. It’s cold and you have to go outside to get your fix. With vapour, you can choose to vape in the comfort of your living room. The vapour has no smell and dissipates quickly, making winter that much easier for you.
  • It’s Official. We’re no longer in the period where vapour is up for debate. It’s become accepted, especially here in the UK. To put the official stamp on vaping being a part of society, and even a recommended one, is its recent addition to the Tobacco Control Plan. The UK now officially supports vaping as an alternative to smoking.

The truth is, there are more than 9 reasons vaping beats smoking. We didn’t even get into the fact that vaping has no secondhand vapour , unlike smoking. There are many more reasons why vaping beats smoking, but the above 9 are some of the strongest cases for it. There’s a reason why millions have already made the switch and millions more are expected to. If you’ve thought about trying vapour in the past, there’s no time like now to experience for yourself why vaping beats smoking.