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5 Worst Countries to Vape In

12th Jul 2018

Vaping when you are travellingWe’ve got it good here in the UK, don’t we? Free health care, great pubs, and even a football team that hasn’t disappointed us this year. As a vaper, we have it even better. The UK is probably the best place to be in the world right now for someone who vapes. Where else are we seeing vaping taken so seriously that it is in the national tobacco control plan ? There is no denying that the UK vaping policy is pushing all the boundaries that are in place in other countries.

Whether you are on holiday or currently living away from home, it can be tough to vape abroad when you don’t know what the laws or public sentiment are. While you should take your vape with you just about everywhere you go (there are some exceptions as you’ll see below), it’s good to know where to be extra cautious. At the very least, you should know what you’re up against. So we’ve compiled perhaps our most negative topic ever, and without further ado, here are the five absolute worst countries to vape in.

  • Thailand. It should be no surprise that Thailand tops this list. Although the country is pretty much a paradise, and a hotspot for Brits to go on holiday, they are not kind to vaping. Technically vaping is strictly forbidden in the country. Enforcement is hit and miss, and we’ve heard plenty of police simply asking for cash to look the other way. Yet, we’ve also heard horror stories of vapers getting tossed in jail. You’ll want to be incredibly careful if you decide to vape in Thailand.
  • Singapore. This country is almost equally as bad as Thailand, since vaping is also outlawed here completely. The only silver lining is that enforcement is a fine and not time in jail, but that fine can be thousands of pounds. Just like Thailand, getting into the country with vapour products at all is tricky since customs could catch you and confiscate them.
  • Dubai. Technically Dubai is an emirate and part of the UAE, but it’s the most famous one and where most foreigners travel to and live in. Also technically, all vaping is outlawed in all of the UAE, not just Dubai. Again, we’ve heard enforcement can be lax. If caught and the police decide not to look the other way, you’ll probably just have your vapour gear confiscated. Not as scary as the above two countries, but still no fun.
  • Australia. This is a country where it’s mainly bad to live there as a vaper, but not as big of a problem visiting. They do outlaw vaping where smoking is outlawed, but not outright. The problem in Australia is that they still prescribe to liquid nicotine’s bad name and have banned its sale. The loophole is that you can order nicotine-based e-liquid from outside the country and have it shipped to you. Importing up to 3 months of a “personal supply” is okay. But you must plan ahead, because if you run out there is nowhere to turn locally! As a tourist, keep that in mind and bring enough for your holiday.
  • Finland. Surprised to see a European country on the list? Technically vaping isn’t outlawed in Finland, but it is under an intense microscope. There are various sets of laws against vaping that really hamper where and how you can vape. It can get quite confusing and intrusive. Which is why Finland received the unenviable title of worst place to eat, drink, smoke, and vape in the EU .

There are some other countries where vaping is frowned upon or restricted, but the above five are the worst. If you’re planning on taking a trip to any of these countries, keep in mind their individuals laws and plan ahead. On the plus side, it’ll make you appreciate what you have here in the UK. We feel worse for vapers that live in these countries, locals or expats. The same goes for smokers there who are looking for a lifestyle change. Hopefully these countries will see the light sometime soon, and we’ll get to take them off the list.