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3 Factors for Choosing Your First E-Cigarette

20th Apr 2018

Are you ready to choose your first e-cigarette? It’s a question that comes to the mind of many new vapers before they make their first purchase. Although vaping has been around now for years and millions have made the switch away from cigarettes, there are still many new to it. For one reason or another, they have held out on joining this vapour revolution. Eventually the time comes for them to dive in and make that lifestyle altering decision. Now that you’re ready, it’s best to understand what will make for a great first e-cigarette for you. Here are three main factors to consider before purchasing.

The Experience - Try the V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Starter Kit

This is definitely the first factor to consider when choosing your first e-cigarette. It can also be the hardest. The experience you have with your e-cigarette or other vapour device will be what sets you up to have a successful transition. There are a few things that will define your experience. The first is how it will affect your day to day. If you want something that will seamlessly mimic your experience of picking up a pack of cigarettes, then you want a 2-piece or cartridge-based e-cigarette . There’s no fuss here as you just use your cartridge up, throw it away when done, and screw on a new one.

The other option is to choose a refillable tank system, like vaporizers. They’ll give you more control and more opportunity to tinker. They’ll also typically give you better performance. The cost for that is the time you spend maintaining it. The second is flavour. For this, you really want to choose a premium e-liquid that will ensure a great taste that will satisfy you. If you’re going with a cartridge-based e-cigarette, that means you should chose a brand that fills their cartridges with premium e-liquid.

The Huge Cost of Smoking

We’re living in a material world, as Madonna famously sang. That means we need money to buy the things we need or just want. Price will always be a consideration for anything you buy, so it’s no surprise that it is an important factor in how you’ll end up choosing your first e-cigarette. Yet, as with any product, you’ll want to weigh the cost versus the quality and value you receive in return.

This is actually highly important for a first time vaper. If you choose a cheap, poor quality e-cigarette, you may come away with the impression that THAT is what vaping is. It could turn you off to vapour and lead you back to where you don’t want to go. Beware of “too good to be true” cheap or even free e-cigarette deals. They aren’t worth it . You can still get a high quality product at a very good price, and get your vaping experience started off the right way. Doing so is vital in your making that successful switch to vapour.

The Look - Try the XEO Void Vaporizer

There’s just something about how a product looks, isn’t there? We’re only human after all, and the desire to choose something that looks good and fits our tastes can be a strong one. Don’t discount how important it is for a product to look good to you. Sure, there is a superficial element to it, but there is also a practical one. We are more likely to use something that we are drawn to visually, so think of it as a way to enhance your commitment to making the switch to vapour.

There’s also another practical element in that some people prefer it look like they are smoking a cigarette, while others don’t. You may want something that really mimics smoking in its look too. Or you may want to be sure that it looks like something completely different, both for yourself and those around you. A 2-piece electronic cigarette will look more like a typical cigarette, whilst an e-cigarette, vaporizer or box mod will clearly set itself apart.

Those are the three factors everyone should consider when choosing an e-cigarette for the first time. There are certainly other things that can be taken into account, but you should think of the experience you want, the price point that you are comfortable with, and the look that fits. That will guide you to making that first entry into the world of e-cigarettes and other vapour devices.