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A Guide to Mixing Your Own E-Liquid Flavours

7th Dec 2016

At V2 Cigs we pride ourselves on the quality and flavour of our Platinum E-Liquids and you seem to love them just as much as we do, which is why our high VG e-liquids are consistently in our best-selling products! We’re always looking for ways we can help you get the most out of your vaping experience with V2 Cigs products, so today we’re going to be discussing something that’s becoming more and more popular amongst vapers: mixing your own e-liquid flavours.

We’re not going to be delving into creating your own e-liquids from scratch as it’s something that should only be attempted by professionals, so please don’t attempt to create DIY e-liquid unless you’re a trained professional. Instead, we’re going to be showing you how to can create delicious cocktail blends by mixing flavours you already have to hand. It’s simple, fun and easy to customise each recipe to create a brand new taste.

Mixing Basics

Before you begin, something to bear in mind is the nicotine levels that you’re going to mix together. For the most consistent results, choose two (or three, if you’re feeling adventurous!) liquids that have the same nicotine level before you create your e-liquid cocktail. It’s also worth noting that you’ll always get a better result if you mix e-liquids from the same brand, as each company uses a slightly different ratio of ingredients that can impact the taste of your e-liquid blend.

So, where do you start? We suggest starting off by choosing flavours that you know will blend well together. It’s best to start off simple, so a 50/50 blend of two e-liquids is an easy way to get used to creating your own flavour.

Look at the flavours you already have in your stash and decide which two will complement each other best and taste delicious at the same time - something like a 50/50 Chocolate and Peppermint blend will have the familiar flavour of dinner mints; perfect for that after dinner vape. Another popular first-time cocktail is Cherry Coke, which (as you’d expect) combines both Cola and Cherry.

Once you’re confident mixing flavours then you can start playing around with ratios to create your perfect blend. Is a 50/50 Chocolate/Peppermint blend a little too heavy on the minty flavour? Try scaling back to 70/30 and see if that’s more to your taste. The joy of mixing flavours is that you have full control and can cater to your exact preferences.

Our top tip is to keep a little notebook handy when you start blending your own flavours. That way you can jot down the exact ratio that really hits the spot so you can recreate it time and time again, without trying to guess exactly what you did the time before that made it taste so great.

Now you know how to mix your own flavours, we want to share a few of our favourites that we’d love you to try if you’re looking for a new taste. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, mad about mint or consider yourself a total chocaholic, we’ve got you covered.

Coffee Cup


Cola Black

(An intense dark brew for the coffee purist.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Coffee

0.05ml Platinum E-Liquid Cola


(It tastes like a sweet, mellow coffee with cream.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Coffee

0.05ml Platinum E-Liquid Vanilla


(A boldly rich chocolate and coffee combination.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Coffee

0.05ml Platinum E-Liquid Chocolate


Candy Cane

Bah Humbug

(This sweet, minty combination will hit all the right notes.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Peppermint

0.05ml Platinum E-Liquid Vanilla

After 8

(Reminiscent of the classic after dinner treat.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Chocolate

0.02ml Platinum E-Liquid Peppermint

0.03ml Platinum E-Liquid Cola

Candy Canes

(This candy cane-inspired flavour is made for those in the festive spirit.)


0.06ml Platinum E-Liquid Peppermint

0.03ml Platinum E-Liquid Cherry

Chocolate Pralines


Hot Chocolate

(The perfect warming treat for a cold wintry night.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Chocolate

0.05ml Platinum E-Liquid Vanilla

Chocolate Biscuit

(Try this blend to keep you satisfied throughout your morning tea break and beyond.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Chocolate

0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Sahara

0.01ml Platinum E-Liquid Cola

Chocolate Log

(This sweet flavour conjures up the taste of a decadent yule log.)


0.04ml Platinum E-Liquid Chocolate

0.02ml Platinum E-Liquid Sahara

0.03ml Platinum E-Liquid Vanilla


To prepare any of the above recipes simply take a clean EX Blank, use the drip gauge labelled in ml to measure out the ingredients the recipe calls for, then let the wick soak for a few minutes. After that, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your personalised e-liquid blend.

Do let us know how you get on with these recipes if you decide to try any, we’d love to hear what you think!