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Delivering great vaping taste & flavour direct to your door

Whether you want easy to use prefilled cartridges or money saving refillable tanks, V2 Cigs UK offers the same exciting range of flavours to choose from. There are 15 flavours in total and the most popular are traditional tobacco (Red), bold tobacco, menthol and bold menthol tobacco. There are four minty or menthol flavours. Our Sweet and Fruity flavoured e-liquid range includes cherry, grape, vanilla, coffee and cola. You can have a lot of fun finding your favourite flavour with the throat hit that feels right for you.

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At your preferred strength

As well as the difference in taste, every flavour comes in four nicotine strengths: 0%; 0.6%;1.2% and 1.8%. This puts you in complete control of the nicotine you inhale, increasing or reducing the strength as you wish.
If you’ve ever been a tobacco smoker the box below gives you an idea of some cigarette types that these strengths are similar to. The amount of nicotine in each tobacco cigarette is normally shown on the side/back of the cigarette packet.

Your rough guide to nicotine strength

  • 0% (0mg) to 0.6% (6mg): "Mild" low nicotine tobacco cigarettes
  • 1.2% (12mg): Medium strength nicotine cigarettes
  • 1.8% (18mg): Stronger high nicotine cigarettes and rolling, moist & pipe tobacco

Those are the conclusions that our e-liquid tasters came to. But individual taste is always different, so please use this as an outline guide only.

And remember that a standard cigarette gives you about 6-7 puffs. We suggest that you use your V2 Cigs vaporiser in the same way.

Quality, flavour and freshness you can trust

Quality, taste and flavour is at the heart of everything we do at V2 Cigs UK. You can be sure that V2Cigs/Vapour2 flavours are made from the best ingredients. In fact, unlike some other vaping manufacturers before TPD, V2 Cigs has always been happy to say what goes into every flavour. See the eliqud ingredients for yourself.

You can even find out when your V2 Cigs e-juice or ecig cartridge was made using the batch number and date on the box.

  • V2 Red Tobacco FlavourRed: strong tobacco hit
  • V2 Congress E-LiquidCongress: smooth Virginia-style tobacco
  • V2 Sahara FlavourSahara: think French or Turkish tobacco
  • Menthol e-liquid Menthol: very cool
  • V2 Peppermint flavour e-liquidPeppermint: an icy blast
  • Green Tea E-LiquidGreen Tea Menthol: refreshingly subtle
  • Coffee flavourCoffee: mellow yet invigorating
  • Sweet Vanilla e-liquidVanilla: sweetly satisfyingColaCola: wow!
  • Grape Grape: a taste of summer
  • CherryCherry: very fruity
  • Chunky ChocolateChocolate: yummy ...
  • Gold Tobacco FlavourGold Tobacco: robust Virginia Tobacco
  • Bold Leaf MentholBold Leaf Menthol: crisp and refreshing