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Flavours & Strengths

Delivering great vaping taste & flavour direct to your door

VSAVI e-liquid flavour and strength varietiesWhether you want easy to use prefilled cartridges or money-saving refillable tanks, V2 Cigs UK offers the same exciting range of flavours to choose from. There are 15 flavours in total in our range of high-quality e-liquids, including our exceptionally popular range of tobacco flavours - available in traditional Red tobacco, congress tobacco, Sahara tobacco and Gold tobacco. We also offer four different flavours in the menthol family, ideal for those who like a cool, refreshing flavour or are used to smoking menthol tobacco cigarettes. For those of you with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of sweet and fruity flavours available in our range as well, it’s just up to you to choose your favourite! You can have a lot of fun finding your favourite flavour with the throat hit that feels right for you, and as always, if you need a helping hand along the way, the team at V2 Cigs will be here to advise you on the best products for your needs and preferences.

As well as an excellent range of exciting different flavours, we also offer each of our e-liquids in four nicotine strengths: 0%; 0.6%;1.2% and 1.8%. This puts you in complete control of the nicotine you inhale, increasing or reducing the strength as you wish.

If you’ve ever been a tobacco smoker, the box below gives you an idea of some cigarette types that these strengths are similar to. The amount of nicotine in each tobacco cigarette is normally shown on the side/back of the cigarette packet, so you can compare.

  • V2 Red Tobacco FlavourRed: strong tobacco hit
  • V2 Congress eLiquidCongress: smooth Virginia-style tobacco
  • V2 Sahara FlavourSahara: think French or Turkish tobacco
  • Menthol e liquidMenthol: very cool
  • V2 Peppermint flavour eliquidPeppermint: an icy blast
  • Green Tea E-LiquidGreen Tea Menthol: refreshingly subtle
  • Coffee flavourCoffee: mellow yet invigorating
  • Sweet Vanilla eliquidVanilla: sweetly satisfying
  • V2 ColaCola: wow!
  • V2 GrapeGrape: a taste of summer
  • V2 CherryCherry: very fruity
  • Chunky ChocolateChocolate: yummy ...
  • V2 Gold Tobacco FlavourGold Tobacco: robust Virginia Tobacco
  • V2 Bold Leaf MentholBold Leaf Menthol: crisp and refreshing
  • V2 Black TobaccoBlack Tobacco: a delicate tobacco blend

Your rough guide to nicotine strength

0% (0mg) to 0.6% (6mg): "Mild" low nicotine tobacco cigarettes

1.2% (12mg): Medium strength nicotine cigarettes

1.8% (18mg): Stronger high nicotine cigarettes and rolling, moist & pipe tobacco

Those are the conclusions that our e-liquid tasters came to. However, individual taste is always different, so please use this as an outline guide only.

And remember that a standard cigarette gives you about 6-7 puffs. We suggest that you use your V2 Cigs vaporiser in the same way.

Quality, flavour and freshness you can trust

Quality, taste and flavour are at the heart of everything we do at V2 Cigs UK. You can be sure that V2Cigs/Vapour2 flavours are made from the best ingredients. In fact, unlike some other vaping manufacturers before TPD, V2 Cigs has always been happy to say what goes into every flavour. See the liquid ingredients for yourself! You can even find out when your V2 Cigs e-juice or e-cig cartridge was made using the batch number and date on the box.

We utilise pharmaceutical and medical-grade bases and flavours to create incredibly high-quality e-liquids that offer you optimum performance and great value, without any compromise.

Our Platinum E-Liquid Formula

e-liquid productionAn Optimised PG/VG Mix

Our prefilled cartridges and e-liquid bottles contain our premium Platinum E-Liquid, which comes in a 75/25 PG/VG mix, making them a great choice for beginner vapers and more experienced users looking for a high-quality and comfortable vape juice. PG and VG are two of the main ingredients in the vast majority of e-liquids, and the balance of PG & VG can have a dramatic effect on your overall vape experience. They are the carriers for the flavouring and nicotine in your e-liquid, and have a significant impact on vapour production and the throat hit sensation of your e-liquid. So, what are they, and how do they make a difference to your e-liquids?

PG, which stands for propylene glycol, and VG, which stands for vegetable glycerin, are substances you’ve probably found in lots of other household and consumer products without even noticing. They are chemically pretty similar, which means that they combine well and are stable in lots of different concentrations, so that manufacturers can offer a variety of e-liquids with different PG/VG ratios to give you as much choice as possible. They’re both colourless, odourless substances that are classed as sugar alcohols (though they are very different to alcohol as we might recognise it, so they won’t get you tipsy!), and they release vapour when heated, which is where those classic fluffy vapour clouds come from.

However, there are some important differences, which have a big impact on your experience, so it’s important for beginner, intermediate and advanced vapers to have at least a basic understanding of their properties when choosing their e-liquids. PG has a thinner consistency and is completely flavourless, making it a better carrier of flavours and of nicotine. PG is the part of your e-liquid that will provide the “throat hit” sensation, so is a necessity for many ex-smokers and new vapers to get the most authentic, satisfying vape possible. VG, on the other hand, is much thicker and has a slightly sweet taste, so e-liquids with a high VG concentration are better suited to sweet flavours. VG is the part of your e-liquid that creates the thick, fluffy vapour clouds so well-loved by many vapers.

As well as personal preference, understanding different e-liquids is particularly important for intermediate and advanced vapers, as there are some devices that are optimised specifically for use with high-PG or high-VG e-liquids, and won’t give you a satisfying experience. The wrong e-liquid can even damage the inner workings of your vape if you’re not careful.

You’ll have seen PG before far more often than you think - it’s present in all kinds of regular household products, and is totally safe to consume. You can find PG in toothpaste, baby wipes, shampoo, other nicotine replacement therapies like inhalers, certain medicines, and even pet food! There have been cases of PG allergies, however, this is very rare. More common, though still unusual, is a PG sensitivity, which can make some people feel unwell when vaping with high-PG e-liquids. If you know you have a PG allergy or sensitivity, a high VG or 100% VG e-liquid will be the best choice for you. However, if you haven’t vaped before, a 50/50 mixture is ideal for helping you get started without overloading on either PG or VG. PG can also be toxic to cats when consumed directly, so while you should make sure your e-liquids are out of the way of your pets, it is perfectly safe to vape around them.

PG is the substance that provinces you with the “throat hit” sensation when you vape, so for those who like an intense tingling feeling when they vape, PG is a necessity in their e-liquid composition. PG produces less vapour than VG, so higher PG liquids are better for vapers who prefer slightly more unobtrusive vapour clouds, rather than the thick, dense clouds loved by (often) more advanced vapers. After all, while vaping is allowed in many public places, sometimes it is simply courteous not to blow large clouds onto the faces of passers-by!

VG, or vegetable glycerin, is the substance that makes up the other 50% of our e-liquid base formula. Vegetable glycerin is derived originally from vegetable oils, making it perfect for both vegetarians and vegans. It is also one of the least reactive substances on the planet, making it ideal for users who may have a PG sensitivity or allergy, and provides users with a smooth, easy-to-use vape. VG is a physically thicker substance than PG, which smooths the vape experience, resulting in less of a throat hit, and allows for more vapour production when combined with increased airflow. This makes high-VG liquids more suitable for most people, but does not provide the same throat hit sensation, which can put some ex-smokers and beginner vapers off high-VG e-liquids. However, these same properties make them increasingly popular with advanced vapers and those who sub-ohm vape or who vape direct-to-lung. This vaping style is said to be more intense as you don’t hold the vapour in your mouth, and instead inhale the vapour directly into the lungs, which lets users create those signature fluffy vapour clouds. However, VG is less effective as a flavour carrier than PG, as it has it’s own slightly sweet flavour. In high-VG e-liquids, which needs to be balanced out using certain flavouring techniques, and you might find that some savoury flavours, like authentic tobacco, are more difficult to find in high and 100% VG e-liquids. When PG and VG combine, the PG takes on most of the role as a flavour carrier and helps to balance out the natural sweetness of the PG to give you both excellent vapour production and delicious flavour, without compromising.

VG, like PG, can be found in all manner of regular household products, including sugar replacements and other sweeteners de to its own natural sweetness. You can also find it in makeup, deodorant, soaps, toothpaste, medicinal creams and capsules, baked goods and hand cream, to name just a few! VG is vegan friendly and safe for human consumption, making it an excellent choice for base vape formulas. However, there are some drawbacks to high-VG e-liquids. As VG is thicker and more viscous than PG, and if you’re using high-VG liquids in a device that isn’t well optimised for it, it can shorten the life of your coils and mean you need to replace your parts more often. It can also be fiddly to switch between flavours regularly, as the sticky liquid can be hard to clean out.

e-liquid ingredients including vg, pg, flavours, and nicotine to determine strength

We use a 50/50 PG/VG formula in most of our Vapour2 e-liquids as it offers a brilliantly balanced experience that can be enjoyed by all kinds of vapers. This is also what makes them an excellent choice for use with starter kits and for new vapers. The great variety of flavours on offer, combined with our high-quality base and extensive selection of nicotine concentrations makes these e-liquids some of our most popular products, and for good reason.

When you start vaping with any new type of e-liquid, whether you’re a brand new vaper or trying high PG or VG liquids for the first time, it’s common to find your mouth and throat feeling a little dry to start with, until your body adjusts. This isn’t anything to worry about, and you should try to stay hydrated when trying new e-liquids. However, if you do find yourself feeling lightheaded or otherwise unwell, we recommend you take a break from vaping and try a different e-liquid - you may have a PG sensitivity or simply be taking in too high a concentration of nicotine. However, vaping is very safe for most people, and is estimated to be 95% safer than smoking by the NHS.

A Guide to Vapour2 E-Liquid Flavours

With so many flavour options, it can be tough to decide on the right one for you. Do you want something that will effectively emulate the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes? Or maybe the fresh flavours of menthol are your favourite? Perhaps you’re after something completely different? With our selection of sweet and fruity flavours, you’ll be spoiled for choice! If you’re struggling to pick, our team can be reached on the phone or by webchat and will be able to advise you using their extensive knowledge of our product range to make sure you get the best products for your vape!

Tobacco Flavours

Tobacco flavours are incredibly popular with new vapers as they authentically and effectively emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. Particularly when combined with one of our “cig-a-like” starter kits, you might even forget you’re not smoking! We offer several tobacco flavours to satisfy plenty of different tastes: 

  • Vapour2 tobacco flavoured e-liquidsRed Tobacco - Our bestselling flavour, and for good reason! This strong and bold flavour expertly emulates hearty and sweet Virginian tobacco, with a strong throat hit to boot. The flavour profile of Red Tobacco e-liquid is similar to that of Marlboros, Pall Mall Winstons, Luckies and Chesterfields, so if you’ve smoked any of these, or similar cigarettes and want something that gives you that familiar taste, Red Tobacco is the one for you!
  • Congress Tobacco - This flavour (as the name might have suggested to some of you!) effectively mimics the experience of smoking Parliament cigarettes. Our number two bestseller just after Red Tobacco, Congress is a much lighter, milder and smoother kind of flavour, while still giving you that depth of flavour that comes with classic Virginian tobacco. Benson & Hedges also have a very similar profile to this e-liquid.
  • Sahara Tobacco - For those of you who know and love the taste of many European tobacco brands, this is a perfect choice. Less overtly bold than our Virginia tobacco varieties, this complex, mature and bittersweet flavour perfectly copies the distinctive flavours of French and Turkish tobacco. Similar to many European tobacco brands like Camels, Gauloises, Venus and Gitanes, this flavour combines sweet and light with warm and rich to create a truly unique and exciting flavour profile.
  • Gold Tobacco - One of the boldest and punchiest tobacco flavours on offer, this robust and mature flavour packs a certain punch, perfect for cigar smokers. Gold Tobacco has a real richness and has a strong deep profile. Not for the fainthearted, but perfect for anyone who wants real depth and strength of warm, well-cured tobacco flavour in their vape.

Menthol E-Liquids

With Menthol cigarettes having been banned in May 2020, many previously staunch menthol smokers had to decide whether to switch to unflavoured tobacco or to quit smoking altogether. Vaping fills a perfect gap, giving you the same great menthol tobacco flavours, and you don’t have to switch to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We have four menthol flavours in our range to suit every taste: 

  • Vapour2 menthol flavoured e-liquidsMenthol - The closest e-liquid to the taste of classic menthol cigarettes like Cool or Benson & Hedges menthols, this e-liquid is not overpoweringly minty, but still gives you that cool, bright hit. Combined with eucalyptus and tobacco flavours for a vape experience with great depth and warmth. This is one of our favourite e-liquids for its fantastic and authentic flavour profile - perfect for menthol smokers.
  • Peppermint - A much lighter and brighter option, Peppermint is a sweet and cooling combination of peppermint and spearmint. The spearmint delivers smoothness and coolness, while peppermint notes add a spicy warmth and refreshing kick on top! The perfect palate cleanser.
  • Green Tea Menthol - A highly unique e-liquid, perfect for those who love to experiment with new flavours and combinations. Refreshing mint and distinctive green tea combine to give you an e-liquid that contains sweet, bitter, invigorating and relaxing notes, as well as a slight nuttiness at the end of the draw. An innovative and inventive flavour combination, Green Tea Menthol is perfect for anyone looking to be a little more adventurous with their e-liquid choices.
  • Bold Leaf Menthol - As the name suggests, this is an e-liquid for the bold. Strong, punchy menthol combines with rich, Virginia tobacco notes to create a profile similar to that of More or Marlboro menthols. Perfect for ex-menthol smokers who are used to a cigarette with a bit more kick, Bold Leaf Menthol is an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate and advanced vapers alike.

Our Fruity Flavours

If you want to try something a little different from traditional tobacco flavours, our selection of fruit flavours is a great place to start. These familiar flavours will bring back memories of summer and childhood, with delicious sweetness and without compromising on flavour complexity or intensity. These e-liquids also have a satisfying throat hit and efficient nicotine delivery, making them a great choice for all kinds of vapers: 

  • Vapour2 fruit flavoured e-liquidsGrape - The ultimate choice for those of you with a sweet tooth but who still want a natural, fruity hit. This mild and bright e-liquid is a brilliant pick-me-up throughout the day and will have fellow vapers and non-vapers alike asking what the delicious scent is! With pharmaceutical grade flavourings and a high-PG base for brilliant throat hit and complex flavour, the Vapour2 Grape e-liquid is a fantastic sweet choice for all kinds of vapers.
  • Cherry - We tried plenty of artificial fruit flavours before we found the perfect one for our Cherry e-liquid. This liquid has no “fake” or chemical flavours, only the sweet and vibrant flavour of fresh-picked cherries! This liquid is a delicious flavour on its own, but also meshes well with several of our other flavours including Vanilla, Chocolate and Cola, to give you amazing customisation options and help you try plenty of exciting vape flavours, without breaking the bank!
  • Vanilla - An absolute classic flavour, Vanilla is another option that can be mixed with any of our e-liquids to help add that hint of sweetness and smoothness to all kinds of flavours. Light and creamy, this vanilla e-liquid has been created with the distinct and well-loved taste of engine Madagascan vanilla. Mix with menthol flavours for added smoothness, sweet flavours for an indulgent treat or fruity ones for a true taste of summer!

Sweet E-Liquids

For delicious dessert flavours that give you an exciting kick, the Vapour2 range is a fantastic option. Complex and layered flavours combine to give you a truly delicious and authentic-tasting experience that can be mixed and combined with other flavours in our range for a truly vibrant flavour explosion! 

  • Vapour2 sweet flavoured e-liquidsCoffee - The classic pick-me-up, this coffee flavour is based on a classic Colombian blend, with added sweet noted from notes of cream, sugar and cocoa. Ideal for vaping all day, not just first thing, and the perfect accompaniment to many of our other liquids, such as Vanilla and Chocolate. With no “fake” or “plastic-tasting” flavours or any bitter aftertaste, this authentic blend will get you up and keep you going all day!
  • Cola - A sweet, syrupy and inherently mixable e-liquid, this flavour is a real blast from the past. Based on the flavour profile of the classic bottle-cap candies from the 1970s, this e-liquid is a great choice for anyone looking for a hit of nostalgia, or just for a delicious and versatile e-liquid. Try mixing with Cherry, Grape or Vanilla for a sweet treat that brings you back to your childhood!
  • Chocolate - The ultimate sweet treat, no one can resist chocolate! This e-liquid gives you subtle flavours that are still rich, creamy and satisfying. The delicious milk chocolate taste of this e-liquid combines with lots of other flavours such as peppermint, menthol, cherry and coffee, to add an indulgent layer to your usual vape! 

With so many different exciting flavours and strengths to choose from, you can be sure you’ll get the best possible vape experience with the Vapour2 e-liquids. And if you’re struggling to choose your next exciting vape flavour - simply get in touch with our helpful team who will be sure to put you in the right direction!