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What Vaping Does To The Body

10th Aug 2017

Vaping ManThe impact vaping has on the body is a discussion that's still widely open everywhere, and nobody seems to be able to agree on exactly what happens to the body when you vape e-cigarettes. There is plenty of ongoing research to study lung capacity, toxicity, blood and oxygen levels in vapers, so we always recommend beginning your own personal research by reading proven scientific studies from trusted outlets.

The changes you will notice after making the switch to vaping can be staggering, with many vapers reporting that they enjoy a better sense of taste and smell, a disappearing smoker’s cough, as well as the ability to breathe more deeply and cleanly than before.

Every body is different, so everybody will enjoy different results and benefits; the information we’re sharing below is based on our own research into studies that discuss how vaping and nicotine impact the body. We urge anybody considering switching to vaping to speak to a medical professional for guidance and support if appropriate.

What Does Nicotine Do to the Body?

We’ve blogged about nicotine in the past, so you can catch up on our earlier posts here:

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  • When you vape, nicotine is absorbed into the body through the mouth and throat, (according to the Royal College of Physicians' study, rather than through the lungs as with traditional smoking. There are some suggestions that this is why vaping is often less addictive than traditional cigarettes, as the nicotine takes longer to be absorbed into the blood.

    When nicotine reaches your body, you may notice your heart rate raises, your attention focuses and you feel a slight ‘high’, which is down to nicotine acting as a stimulant. That said, deeper drags on your e-cigarette may allow the nicotine to act as a relaxant, whereas shallow drags will continue to bring about the stimulating effects. Nicotine is biphasic, meaning it can act as both a stimulant and a relaxant, depending on how it reaches the body.

    What Happens When You Switch to Vaping?

    Everybody notices different results when they switch to vaping, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer we can give here. However, there are certain benefits that the majority of people notice when they make the switch.

    The first thing that happens to your body is that oxygen levels in the blood return to normal, thanks to the fact e-cigarette vapour does not contain any carbon monoxide. Within eight hours of switching to vaping, the levels in your bloody may have halved already.

    After your first full day of switching to vaping, all carbon monoxide should have been removed from the body, allowing your lungs to start working to get rid of any mucus and build up that might have accumulated through smoke inhalation.

    It’s said that vapers may notice their sense of smell and taste improving around the forty eight hour mark, as tastebuds and scent receptors in the nose begin to repair themselves after being damaged by smoke. Up until this point you may have struggled to taste your e-liquid flavour properly, so you might notice the flavour intensify.

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    Within the next six months or so vapers will often notice their lung capacity increasing, as well as any leftover smoker’s cough or wheezing improving or disappearing all together.

    New research about the effect vaping has on the body is coming to light every month and we’re delighted that the results so far have been extremely positive. Here are just a few studies that we recommend vapers read to learn more about vaping and the human body:

    Vaping can boost lung function in ex-smokers

    Nicotine delivery via e-cigarettes

    Vaping is around 95% safer than smoking

    As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about today’s blog topic or any other element of vaping. Visit our online store to learn more about our range of vaping products and the vape kits we have on offer.