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‘Tis the Season to Switch

29th Nov 2018

Bad Santa smoking a cigarThe scurrying of flocking feet on high streets as the Christmas dash gathers momentum, squeals of delight from the family as guests arrive from far and wide, dates in your diary double and triple booked for yuletide tipples and day trips... With a ‘hi’, ‘ho’ and hurrah, the great festive furore tips into full effect. Temptations are aplenty, but the idea of quitting smoking as the Christmas party season comes a-calling, really doesn’t have to be one met with caution. It's a perfect time to do it. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to ditch cigarettes and switch to e-cigarettes this Christmas.


Let’s get straight to the point. The cigarettes you’re smoking are causing your body all sorts of grief. Accounting for 16% of all deaths in the UK annually, if you didn’t know already, burning something and inhaling the highly toxic smoke is bad for you.

E-cigarettes and vaporizer devices are designed to simulate the experience of smoking by using a rechargeable battery to power an atomizer found with an e-liquid cartridge that heats said e-liquid to a vaporized state, to be subsequently inhaled by you the vaper.

Whilst e-cigarettes simply haven’t been in existence for long enough for us to determine any real long-term consequences, importantly for you and your health, the entrusted and esteemed folk over at Public Health England declared e-cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and that these devices have the potential to help smokers quit.

More Spare Money, More Giving

Along with the potentially grievous consequences of smoking may have on your health, the rising costs of tobacco products are something that is beginning to affect your pockets and the presents you’re able to give those nearest and dearest to you this Christmas.

By ditching the cigarettes and switching to vaping you’ll save yourself some pennies in the process, which means that by this time next year you’ll be able to contribute all your accumulated money and get little Nephew Nigel that Millennium Falcon that you couldn’t quite muster the cash for this year.

'Tis the Season to Smell Nice

If you’re a seasoned smoker, it is more than feasible that you have forgotten quite how nasty tobacco smoke is. Let us tell you - it’s bad. By quitting smoking, you’ll gain a heightened sense of smell to that of what you’ve been used to and remember how good it is to smell nice. Because e-cigarettes don’t burn anything, you won’t have the nasty lingering smell tobacco smoke leaves.

Stay Warm, Stop Smoking

Braving the cold for a quick cigarette is part of what being a smoker is. The bold bravado of belittling an arctic blast to a brisk chill in the air just for a hit of nicotine are the kind of seasonal moments you’ll no longer need to endure should you make the switch to e-cigarettes. As long as it’s okay with the company you keep, you’ll be able to vape inside without the nasty smell of cigarettes affecting your friends and family (always ask before you vape – that’s just nice).

New Year, New You

Where once the stresses of the season would be met with a dash to the back door for a ‘breath of fresh air’ or where you may have chain-smoked your way through the annual office party, alas times are a-changing. The idea of healthy you with more money in your pocket is the perfect opportunity to switch things up. As we merrily approach the advent of Christmas, let the season of goodwill bestow on you your very own gift – the gift of a smoke-free new you.